Which Backlinks Are Important For SEO in 2022

Although most persons feel backlinks no longer have any value in one's SERP ranking, backlinks still prove to be as relevant as they have always been. Also known as inbound links, they are a very important part of site optimization efforts.

If you have no idea what backlinks are, then simply put, they are links that you as a site/blog owner put in one of your pages to link to your main site. The pages you link to your main site could be a social media page for your blog, a page on another website, or an online directory.

What exactly is the point of enriching your site with backlinks? Research shows that sites with more backlinks get more organic traffic and in turn, have a higher SERP ranking.

With all that said, it is key to note that not every backlink is a quality backlink. To boost the relevance of your site using backlinks, you need quality backlinks. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the type of backlinks you should get on your websites in 2022.

  1. Contextual links

  2. Editorial backlinks

  3. Business social branding profile backlinks

  4. Guest post links

  5. Author bio links

  6. Blog comment links

  7. Footer links

  8. 301 redirect links

1.) Contextual Links

Contextual Links

These are, perhaps, the most natural forms of links. And naturalness is a huge plus in the link-building sphere, especially for Google. Algorithms for search engines place a premium on semantics and context. As such, any connection between your website and proper context gets you some form of recognition from the search engine.

What are contextual links anyway? They are links placed in context, within the content body where they are found. That is, the link has the same context as the idea(s) surrounding it. You can get these links by doing any or all of the following –

  1. Interviewing persons related to your niche and being interviewed by sites relevant to your niche

  2. Finding content curators that are in your niche and ask them to backlink your original resource or research in their content

You may also get contextual links in free by creating quality, optimized web 2.0 and build your own network and make them power. But for us we do upgrade the strategies by creating domain authority stacking, google stacking strategy, tiered link building strategy and link booster strategy in order to boost and power up the network with a little mix of manual traffic.