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Social fortress SEo

Social Fortress consists of social media profiles, where we will be locking down the brand name of sites /blog, brand identity, reputation. Social profiles are imperative for reputation management purposes so we can control as many spots as possible on Google.


The key here is to build massive social media accounts to increase authority and popularity and brand awareness. We also use the link wrapping strategy, building and interlinking our social media
properties to maintain the foundation and power of the website.

Power of social signals

What can social fortress do?

  • Create relevant URL addresses

  • Focus on your brand name

  • Produce personal or branded links

  • Link wrapping & interlinking socials accounts

  • Create custom logo and banner

  • Be consistent with NAP and descriptions

Why choose Hybrid Traffic?

  • High list of accounts

  • Low cost package, unlike any other services

  • Quality build

  • On site optimized

  • Live reporting

  • Our team is dedicated

Social fortress is the key for branding awareness to your money-site. Social properties will always be part of the ranking factors.

Work Results

social fortress seo hybrid traffic
social fortress hybrid traffic
social fortress hybrid
social fortress seo
social fortress
Watch how it works
Social Fortress SEO

Social Fortress SEO

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social link wrapping

Interlink your social properties to get more power ups and authority.

Our team are capable to handle the link wrapping strategy and interlink up to 300 + social properties to any site links.

Link wrapping is used to assist ranking and a buffer sites to help protect the money-site against back-links spam.

What does it do?

  • Build up your site's authority

  • It will help you maintain in top SERP ( there will be ups and down) when it comes to ranking.

Social fortress packages

Total accounts created

  • What Package Should I Choose?
    It really depends on how competitive is your targeted keywords. These are our estimation ratio: Easy keywords = Starter package Mediium keywords = Premium package Hard keywords = Expert package If you don't know how competitive your keywords is, we have our team of expert to help you out which package to choose. They will audit your site and your keywords and they will tell you what package should they recommend. Just don't be shy to chat our support or ask in email support.
  • What type of guest sites are you posting?
    We are posting to general guest niche, but of-course they are legit sites because they have social engagement, high value organic traffic and keywords, powerful metrics and they are blogs/news sites with no spam links.
  • Do you have any example links?
    Yes, we do. Please check links below: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.)
  • What are the metrics of guest sites?
    Usually, we listed a minimum of 30 + DA, PA, CF, TF, UR, DR metrics. But it will be much more higher than you expected. You can audit this and as they have high power metrics and traffic.
  • How many guest sites you have?
    For now, we still have 345 active guest links with high metrics and traffic. We are authorized to do post in their network in exchange for a quality content outreach.
  • Refund Policy
    Once the links are delivered there will be no more refund.
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