Social fortress SEo

Social Fortress consists of social media profiles, where we will be locking down the brand name of sites /blog, brand identity, reputation. Social profiles are imperative for reputation management purposes so we can control as many spots as possible on Google.


The key here is to build massive social media accounts to increase authority and popularity and brand awareness. We also use the link wrapping strategy, building and interlinking our social media
properties to maintain the foundation and power of the website.

Power of social signals

What can social fortress do?

  • Create relevant URL addresses

  • Focus on your brand name

  • Produce personal or branded links

  • Link wrapping & interlinking socials accounts

  • Create custom logo and banner

  • Be consistent with NAP and descriptions

Why choose Hybrid Traffic?

  • High list of accounts

  • Low cost package, unlike any other services

  • Quality build

  • On site optimized

  • Live reporting

  • Our team is dedicated

Social fortress is the key for branding awareness to your money-site. Social properties will always be part of the ranking factors.

Work Results

social fortress seo hybrid traffic
social fortress hybrid traffic
social fortress hybrid
social fortress seo
social fortress
Watch how it works

social link wrapping

Interlink your social properties to get more power ups and authority.

Our team are capable to handle the link wrapping strategy and interlink up to 300 + social properties to any site links.

Link wrapping is used to assist ranking and a buffer sites to help protect the money-site against back-links spam.

What does it do?

  • Build up your site's authority

  • It will help you maintain in top SERP ( there will be ups and down) when it comes to ranking.

Social fortress packages

Total accounts created

Frequently asked questions

What Is Social Fortress?

Social fortress is high authority list of accounts that are popular which increased your sites authority, power, metrics and social popularty. We will be creating each account with tailored to your brand name which we believe will pass a contact power to your domain, they will be highly optimized and input more details as much as possible such as address, phone, description, logo, background etc.

Is this for new site or established site?

This service is intended for both new sites or established site. So, if you haven't build yet your authority links and claim your branding then you should get it for your new or established site.

Are those manually created?

Yes, all accounts are manually created. It will take like 5 - 10 minutes per account to create,optimize and interlink. We have the best team and expert in creating social properties.

What about the IP's?

We are using U.S private proxies.

Are they index in google search?

Some accounts don't index, but we assure you that all links will be 95% indexed. We are using the expensive indexer tool with 2 indexer services + 1 Crawling service. We will run your links until it indexed.

Can we order custom package?

Yes, we do offer custom package! Just feel free to contact us

What results am I expecting?

You will have your brand name listed in social properties and this is good for brand reputation, brand awareness, visibility and popularity. You may also build T2 links to your social properties with SEO software and tool to make them more powerful and to balance the anchor text.

What package should I choose?

That really depends, the more social properties you have, the more you will have your brand reputation increased. But for a starter blog or moneysite, you can choose the premium package for about 180 social properties which is popular package.

Does it alllow any links?

Yes, we recommend it Moneysite.