Niche Blog Comment SEO Strategy - Does It Still Works?

Do you have a business online? If yes, do you own a blog? If you do, then without a doubt, you are on the right track to boosting your SEO and SERP ranking. Blogs do more for your business than serve as read-ups for site visitors. With a good blog, a relationship can be formed with other individuals who are in the same niche as you. This is possible with blog commenting. Hence, in the course of this article, we will discuss how you can get niche blog comments for your site, how you can post comments on the site of others, the pros and cons of allowing blog commenting, and its value in SEO. We will also consider how you can build solid blog commenting and provide an instance of good blog commenting.

Niche Blog Commenting

To start with, we must first understand what blog commenting entails. Blog commenting is quite a simple concept which involves posting a comment which relates to the topic of the blog on a blog post. These comments in turn form relationships between the blog owners and blog readers. However, using this simple concept for the benefit of your business is no simple process. Let us now delve into all you should know about blog commenting.

Steps on how to gather niche blog comments

In what ways can you prompt individuals who visit your site to drop a comment? You could try the following steps.

  1. Make open-end requests- Ask open-end questions which leave room for participation rather than closed-end questions which require a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

  2. Make your blog consist of mostly video content as this increases your audience's interest and SEO.

  3. Be active in the comment section yourself. You can do this by replying to comments or by generating comments yourself.

  4. Aim to reach out to the emotions of your audience.

  5. Employ catchy headlines.

  6. You could take out the time to personally email those who subscribe to your blog.

  7. Make your content unique.

How can one post a comment?

Posting comments on most blogs is made very easy by the blog owners. In most cases, it takes not more than two simple steps.

  • There is a space provided for you to drop a comment and other details at the end of the blog.

  • Write your comment in the comment box and click on "submit".

It would not suffice for you to write any random message that comes to mind. Your comment must be well-thought-out. In a subsequent subheading, we will see some vital elements to include in your comment.

NOTE: On some blogs, comments have to be moderated before they are posted. So, do not bother reposting your comment when it does not immediately appear on the blog when you have a good internet connection.

Pros and Cons of blog commenting


Blog commenting allows you to build an extra community with your audience aside from that on your social media pages. This means an inclusive sense of credibility that one cannot come across easily.

Let us leave spanning aside for a bit and acknowledge that some comments contain useful information. Blog commenting creates room for guest posting as relevant links can be shared. Also, useful tips and tricks may be shared as well.

Comments serve the function of livening a blog up. Yes, blog comments allow your audience to start-up relevant conversations which make your blog more than just a read-up but more of a community.


With comments, spam is almost inevitable. Whether you own a small or big blog, be sure to expect spam especially from bots. However, with a WordPress blog, you can filter out spam from bots. Having done that though, you still have the problem of human spammers.