What Is Niche Or Link Placement Strategy?

Whether you are embarking on niche placement or link placement, the fact stands that you are attempting one of the most vital steps in developing the rank of a webpage or site. Remembering that a higher ranking on Google- the world's top search engine site- equals increased visibility, more traffic, and improved conversions makes the process even more crucial. Because of this, SEO's, digital marketing experts, and business owners must pay closer attention to their niche or link placement strategy. Here you find out why the rave about the niche or link placement, exactly what link placement is, and how to do link placement. Also, we will mention why you need a niche placement strategy as we delve more into the topic. But first, what exactly should you know about niche placement strategy?

What is niche or link placement about?

Why the rave about link placement? One might ask. Well, link placements, which are also referred to as niche placements are authentic backlinks placed on authority websites. These authority sites are not just any sites but they exist in the same industry as yours. Also, proper link placement demands the insertion of the backlinks in existing relevant pages. That said, a great niche placement strategy is quite rewarding. Its benefits include increasing the rank of your website on Google, increasing your referral traffic, establish a connection with tons of sites and you get to receive contextual links from old sites with indexed articles.

Link Placement

But why is there a need for a link placement strategy in the first place? A niche or link placement strategy simply describes your overall plan. It does not refer to a one-time act but your entire approach to link placement. Because of the numerous ways of approaching link placement, you must identify and develop a strategy that works best for you. So, how do you get to do niche or link placement and come out on top as a winner? Here is what you must know.

How to do niche or link placement

1.) Outreach

Link placement strategy

This involves getting in touch with persons in your industry and letting them know about your content. This process is integral to any great link placement strategy. You can get to do this even without having any content beforehand. All you need is a link-worthy item. This can either be a product, brand, business, service, or profile. So, you see, it is not so difficult after all, especially now that you know what will suffice.

One principle that you can adopt is to create value. Once your audience finds something that you offer to be valuable, then you are in business.

But take note that not just anything will suffice. You are better off reaching out with linkable assets. What this means is that you will be presenting useful content to the persons in your niche like infographics, tools, or big blog posts to get their attention.

Should you reach out to just everyone in your niche? Not necessarily. An outreach to every person in your niche is tasking. It can be almost impossible in some niches. Hence, the need to narrow down your list of persons to reach out to. You can opt to include persons who have similar content on a particular topic to start with. You can also include those persons who have articles that mention the target keyword that you have an interest in.

2.) Building broken links

Niche placement

Building broken links involve three vital steps. You need to find broken links on your website that still holds relevance. Now, you need to recreate a lookalike content to the resource that is broken. Then, you can take the link building a step further by reaching out to persons linked to that broken resource to link with yours instead.