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Why you Must Invest in Guest Posts in [Updated 2023]?

Guest posts are one of the best online marketing strategies in 2023 that will ensure your online success. From boosting targeted traffic to improving your online authority, your business will enjoy major benefits with guest post writing. That is why businesses nowadays are making it a part of their marketing plan.

Invest in Guest Posts

What exactly is a guest post?

In simple words, a guest post is an article written by you or your service provider published on a different site. It gives your business exposure to a new audience, and allows it to help potential customers reach your website in an indirect way. Through this strategy, your business thus reaches out to more people, builds its brand and also gets a number of other benefits.

Guest Posts Give You an Edge over Your Competitors

According to Forbes, guest posts are one of the best ways to elevate yourself above your competition. Having a great post that people would love to bookmark and refer to again and again is the way to go when it comes to guest posts. A professional service with proven experience in guest blogging can help you create the perfect article that would allow you to get a number of benefits through a single write up.

Guest Blogging Statistics

Here are some interesting statistics and facts that will help you have an idea about the importance of guest blogging:

  • 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts monthly.

  • Guest posts are in higher demand particularly in June, July, and August.

  • 3% of blogs write more than one hundred (100) guest posts a month.

  • According to 79% of the editors, guest posts are very promotional.

  • Just 6% of bloggers publish most of their content in the form of guest posts.

  • 62.96% of readers consider blogs with many authors to be really credible.

  • Guest posts are in higher demand particularly in June, July, and August.

  • The average blog post is 1151 words.

  • Guest blogs with images get 94% more views compared to those having no images.

  • 71% of bloggers use visuals as a part of their marketing strategy.

With such stunning stats you must be sure now to make guest blogs a part of your marketing strategy. Are you not?

But remember you need services from a professional guest posting firm such as hybrid outreach, Globex Outreach so that you can make the most of this strategy. If you want to work on your guest posts, here are some tips that can help:

Guest Post Writing Tips

Here are some quick tips that can help you when you start writing guest posts:

1.) Be clear about your goals

Why are you writing a guest post? What is your goal? You need to be clear about what you want to achieve through each post.

The typical goals for a guest blog are:

  • Building awareness of your products, services or brand

  • Increasing email subscribers or your social media follows

  • Driving traffic to a specific landing page or your website to boost leads and sales

  • Improving SEO through inbound links

  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche

When you have a clear goal in your mind you will be able to write better content for your guest blog and enjoy better results.

2.) Look for website for contribution

It is also important to find sites for contribution before you write a guest blog post. You need to look for sites that need the content you have to offer and those that accept guest authors. You can simply look for sites using Google. Use search queries such as:

  • [topic keyword phrase] + “guest article”

  • [topic keyword phrase] + “write for us”

  • [topic keyword phrase] + “become a contributor”

Another simple way to find websites for contribution is to check where your competitors are guest posting. You can get this information by following them on social media or subscribing to their email newsletter.

3.) Write outstanding content

Start with a catchy headline and create content that is great. Use action oriented words, craft titles and content with emotional appeal.

You must also research keyword phrases so that you can rank well in search engines and get traffic to the site.

Using high authority links is also essential so that your post gains credibility. However, you need to make sure that you follow any linking guidelines that are set out by the owner site.

Including images is also essential as blogs with images attract more viewers. Use relevant and high quality images so that they create a good impression.

Formatting your content is also imperative so that it becomes more reader-friendly. Use subheadings, capitalization, lists, etc. you can see to the other content on the site to have an idea how others have used formatting.

4.) Use the Bio Well

The bio is what you must attend to as it is the payoff for all the work you’ve done. This is your chance to link back to your own website. Some options that you can explore are:

  • A link to your home page

  • A link to any page/resource on your site

  • Your website link and a social media link

5.) Be Responsive

You need to be responsive as that will help to keep your audiences engaged. Always try to respond to comments on and mentions of your post. It helps to create a good impression and also makes your readers feel connected.

6.) Promote Your Content

Once your content is ready you need to focus on content promotion. The idea is to get more people to read your content and follow your website of course. That will also please the site owner as they will get more traffic.

You can promote your blogs using the same channels you use for the promotion of your content such as emails, social media channels etc.

Benefits of Guest Posts

Guest post 2021

1.) Hook More Targeted Traffic

One of the major advantages of guest posts is that they help you reach out to your target audiences. For this, make sure that your write up is a top-quality post, and should be according to the interest of your target audience. A professional guest post service provider can help you by creating stellar articles that would grab the attention of your audiences instantly.

2.) Increases Social Media Shares

Guest posts that provide interesting, engaging and useful information always go viral on social media. So your guest posts, if they are well-written of course, can get more shares and as a result your business will get more customers. A professional guest posting company will make sure that they post your well-written content on websites that have plenty of social media activity so that you get maximum shares.

3.) Expand Your Network

Another plus of using guest posts in your marketing strategy is that they help expand your personal network. You can get in touch with influencers in your industry and look for partnership opportunities with them so reap the most benefits for your business. For this you must be active and a professional guest posting firm can be ideal for looking after all such work.

4.) Get more Social Media Followers

In addition to getting you more shares, guest posts also allow you to get more followers on your social media pages. As in most blogging opportunities, you can customize your contributor profile so you get a chance to add your social media accounts. This way you will win the trust of your target audiences and then turn them into your followers.

5.) Win Online Authority

Having online authority can take your business to a whole new level. When you contribute excellent write ups to credible blogs and websites you get a chance to improve your own credibility as well. Your target audiences will feel that since you are trusted by trustworthy brands they can trust you as well.

6.) Strengthen Your Backlinks

Backlinks are no doubt the backbone of any business. Most blogs allow contributors to have at least one link to their website so here you get a chance to build backlinks. That means you will get a boost for your SEO efforts by having backlinks from an authoritative blog through your guest posts.

7.) Build Your Brand

Guest posts also offer a simple way to build your brand as you get more authority in your niche. While designing your guest post that’s why it's important to use the voice of your brand. A professional service will be great for this service since they deal with hundreds of companies and know how to do it for you.

8.) Generate Leads

When you choose to include guest posts in your marketing strategy you must go for the most relevant websites. It's important to choose websites in your particular niche, and also those that have good traffic. So you will not have to put in much effort and you can easily reach out to your potential customers.

9.) Get Valuable Feedback

When you submit guest posts you also get feedback from your readers. This way you get a chance to improve your product, review your business strategy and learn what’s your potential buyers think and feel. You should always welcome all sorts of feedback and use them for your good.

10.)Competitive Edge

By establishing you as an authority a particular niche, guest posts help you enjoy competitive edge. You must make sure to use each guest post in the right way so that you can make sure your potential customers trust you more than your competitors. If you are not a good writer you can always look for services with experience and expertise in guest blogging.

Choosing a Reliable Guest Post Services

While there are hundreds of services that claim to provide you with top notch guest blogging services, you must not settle for any company randomly. Here are few quick tips that will help you pick the best guest post service:

  • Experience: Always look for a service with profound experience in the field. A company that has served hundreds of customers for years is certainly in a better position to manage your guest post than one which has just started out.

  • Proven track record. You must also see the profile of a guest post service before counting in it. What customers have they served? Do they have any success stories to share? What is their credibility in the market? Ask all these questions before you make a choice.

  • Team. Remember it is the team of a firm that makes it worth it or not. Look for the profile of the team members of the guest posting provider so that you know who you will be dealing with. It will give you an idea if your project will be in safe hands.

So if you are in the processing of redesigning or designing your marketing strategy make sure you include guest posts. They would do miracles for your business only if you use them rightly. So always trust the best and most reliable guest posting services that will not let you down. Happy guest blogging


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