Why you Must Invest in Guest Posts in [Updated 2022]?

Guest posts are one of the best online marketing strategies in 2022 that will ensure your online success. From boosting targeted traffic to improving your online authority, your business will enjoy major benefits with guest post writing. That is why businesses nowadays are making it a part of their marketing plan.

Invest guest post

What exactly is a guest post?

In simple words, a guest post is an article written by you or your service provider published on a different site. It gives your business exposure to a new audience, and allows it to help potential customers reach your website in an indirect way. Through this strategy, your business thus reaches out to more people, builds its brand and also gets a number of other benefits.

Guest Posts Give You an Edge over Your Competitors

According to Forbes, guest posts are one of the best ways to elevate yourself above your competition. Having a great post that people would love to bookmark and refer to again and again is the way to go when it comes to guest posts. A professional service with proven experience in guest blogging can help you create the perfect article that would allow you to get a number of benefits through a single write up.

Guest Blogging Statistics

Here are some interesting statistics and facts that will help you have an idea about the importance of guest blogging:

  • 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts monthly.

  • Guest posts are in higher demand particularly in June, July, and August.

  • 3% of blogs write more than one hundred (100) guest posts a month.

  • According to 79% of the editors, guest posts are very promotional.

  • Just 6% of bloggers publish most of their content in the form of guest posts.

  • 62.96% of readers consider blogs with many authors to be really credible.

  • Guest posts are in higher demand particularly in June, July, and August.

  • The average blog post is 1151 words.

  • Guest blogs with images get 94% more views compared to those having no images.

  • 71% of bloggers use visuals as a part of their marketing strategy.

With such stunning stats you must be sure now to make guest blogs a part of your marketing strategy. Are you not?

But remember you need services from a professional guest posting firm such as hybrid outreach, Globex Outreach so that you can make the most of this strategy. If you want to work on your guest posts, here are some tips that can help:

Guest Post Writing Tips

Here are some quick tips that can help you when you start writing guest posts:

1.) Be clear about your goals

Why are you writing a guest post? What is your goal? You need to be clear about what you want to achieve through each post.

The typical goals for a guest blog are:

  • Building awareness of your products, services or brand

  • Increasing email subscribers or your social media follows

  • Driving traffic to a specific landing page or your website to boost leads and sales

  • Improving SEO through inbound links