How To Rank Medium Competitive Keywords In [Updated 2022]

Think about ranking on a search engine, and you have 'keywords' at its core. Keywords are integral in getting the most of your SEO - whether short or long.

Long-tail keywords refer to specified keywords that are longer with low competition, used by search engine users to find their search entry. Short-tail keywords are shorter in length and highly competitive.

What is often left out when discussing keyword types and their lengths is medium competitive keywords. What are medium competitive keywords, how can you find them, and how do you rank for such keywords? This article contains essential information about taking your SEO to the next level. It discusses how to rank medium competitive keywords in 2022 with optimal results.

Before moving into the main points, let's discuss what medium competitive keywords are. We will also discuss some of its related key-terms that set the tone for the main topic.

What are Medium Competitive Keywords?


Medium competitive keywords are search engine queries consisting of 3-4 words.

Often referred to as chunky or broad match keywords, Medium-tail keywords are moderately competitive search query entries with medium ranking difficulty. These keywords have medium search volumes, hence medium conversion probability.

When compared to long-tail and short-tail keywords, medium-tails creates an ideal balance between traffic and cost. One can expect a decent amount of traffic with a moderate level of competition by using these keywords. Websites that use medium-tail keywords position themselves in a vantage point as they have lesser competition.

'Keyword volume', also known as 'search volume,' describes the number of searches for a search query within a given time. The search volume is critical in determining how well a keyword will rank.

Keyword competition measures how difficult it is to rank a keyword. As mentioned earlier, long-tail keywords have lower competition than highly competitive short-tail keywords.

In general terms, you should remember that medium competitive search terms have an increased search volume than long-tails, lesser competition than short-tails, and are more specific in getting users to their search queries. How then can you find these keywords?


Finding Medium Competitive Keywords in 2022

As keywords are integral to effective Search Engine Optimization, so is keyword research. Thanks to SEO advancements, there are tons of tools for effective keyword research online. Here are some tools that will help you find medium competitive keywords and rank for them in 2022.