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Ubersuggest Review

Keyword research is integral to Search Engine Optimization. Once upon a time, SEO experts and digital marketers found keyword research to be a hard task. This stemmed from the lack of adequate tools available for the process. Now the reverse is the case. With many cutting-edge tools to drive SEO, SEO enthusiasts can now smile as they work. Realizing that they can get results using easier and effective tools. And these tools save time too! Moreover, any business that must maintain relevance must keep track of useful tools. This will improve their online presence and digital marketing strategies. Talking about digital marketing, blogging and content creation remain two core aspects. These digital marketing types work in tandem with SEO. So, any marketer will want to make use of every available resource to get results.

One such tool that assures results and is making the round is Ubersuggest. What exactly is it, how does is drive SEO efforts and how can you adapt it to your digital marketing tactics? Here is all you should know.

What Ubersuggest is

Ubersuggest review

At the core of every SEO strategy lies keyword research. It is an important and essential SEO element. In fact, the keyword research process is what gets you profitable keywords. Such keywords will drive traffic to your website, thus, increasing your chances for conversions. So, where does Ubersuggest come in?

Although you are likely to link Ubersuggest to Uber at first, they are different. Unlike Uber, which offers transport services, Ubersuggest heads in a different direction. It is a content marketing tool designed for keyword research.

It gives more access without the restrictions found in similar tools. Think about the popular keyword research tools available for use and Ubersuggest comes up the list. What makes Ubersuggest stand out is its practicality across the board. Ever since Ubersuggest got acquired by Neil Patel, it has seen tremendous changes and has gone on to adopt a brand-new user-interface. Here is how it works!

How Ubersuggest works!

When it comes to getting suggestions for valuable Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords, Ubersuggest is the go-to tool. So, here is how it operates.

Like some other keyword research tools, including unpaid ones, Ubersuggest makes use of search keywords. Through API, it inserts keywords attached with prefixes and suffixes populated from the search dictionary into the search engine. Then, the results are revealed to help users make their keyword choices.

Built upon the philosophy that a comprehensive keyword metric system to drive SEO is available to use for all, Ubersuggest is now the bedrock of most marketing campaigns. There is no denying that other paid-alternatives to Ubersuggest exist and they can offer additional functionality for big content projects. Nevertheless, a simple, attractive, comprehensive, and lightweight free tool such as Ubersuggest will kickstart any SEO campaign with success. It provides keyword performance information based on these criteria:

Keyword Overview One of the best features of Ubersuggest is its keyword overview. What it lets you do is to have a peek on the way the competition uses a particular keyword. This includes the social network shares and estimated visits. Each competitor gets assigned a domain score by the overview feature to tell you how well they make use of the keyword. This approach gives a bird-eye view on the number of sites your selected keyword has to compete with. Such information will only get you prepared and help you know your chances of excelling with certain keywords.

SEO difficulty SEO difficulty simply measures how difficult it is for a keyword to rank on Google's SERP. Increased difficulty simply means you will find it more difficult to rank with your keyword of choice. This can be as a result of the activities surrounding the keyword. Also, competitors with high-traffic can be a reason why the keyword is difficult to rank. To ensure you rank easily when using high-volume keywords, you must ensure that your website is filled with quality-content around that keyword.

Search Volume Ubersuggest gives an estimation of the number of persons scouring Google for your preferred keyword. It ranks the volume of searches from low, medium to high. Your target should be getting keywords of higher volume.

Cost per click Cost per click is the cost incurred for each click on your ad services. This is an important stat that is featured on Ubersuggest and you must pay attention to it if you are embarking on the route of paid advertising. It will give you a fair idea of how much you will be dishing out on each paid campaign.

Paid difficulty Ubersuggest also gives an estimate of how difficult it is to rank on Google using paid advertising (pay-per-click). This is a core advertising tool on the internet and a lot of marketers use it to drive their business goals. Hence, you will find this area of Ubersuggest to be highly competitive. Nevertheless, you can still control your organic rankings better than paid rankings. This should be at the back of your mind when deciding on what keywords to use for your SEO strategy.

These are the major features offered by Ubersuggest. However, this setup and layout are quite simple and straightforward. It effectively gives users a preview of the performance of their 'choice keyword'. Ubersuggest uses Google's suggestion algorithm. So, you can rest assured that the data is comprehensive and updated.

Another interesting aspect of Ubersuggest's armory is the complete SERP analysis it provides. It reveals the first hundred results per selected keyword inputted into the software. This provides you with an overall picture of how you will rank on Google with a certain keyword. You can export the complete SERP into an excel sheet to help you examine your results comprehensively and to do so closely.

The major thing that requires your attention is the "domain score". But as earlier mentioned, Ubersuggest gives the domain score based on the activities on a keyword. The big websites that have built a reputation online around any keyword will find it easier to rank higher on certain keywords than smaller sites that are pumping their contents with keywords. The fact remains that comprehensive keyword research and knowing the level of competition around it is the most important and easiest means for small websites to rank higher on Google.

Now that the ways through which Ubersuggest operates have been fully discussed, here are some reasons why you should adopt it into your SEO strategy.

Why you should use Ubersuggest

SEO can be a demanding and daunting task. What makes Ubersuggest more appealing is that it provides keyword suggestions comprehensively with the revolutionary suggestion feature by Google at its spine. And it does this all for free. So, with this, you can achieve a higher rank on Google without spending and needing to have extensive SEO experience. Yes, it is tailored for easy usage by inexperienced content creators as well. Here are specific reasons why Ubersuggest should be included in your SEO armory:

1.) Real-time Suggestions of keywords Google search engine is powerful, producing comprehensive results in real-time. Ubersuggest is built on Google's suggest engine, which ensures that the results are produced in real-time. This includes statistics derived from real-time servers on the search queries of Google Users.

2.) No-login required Ubersuggest does not require any registration of any form before use. All you have to do is visit the site ( and make your search. There is no login or registration whatsoever standing between you and your search evaluation. Apart from this, Ubersuggest is straightforward, meaning that you can get your keyword research in the quickest possible time without any hassle.

3.) Easy to Use The easy-to-use, attractive and well-designed Ubersuggest interface will get even the most basic user up-to-speed without breaking a sweat. Apart from the comprehensive research of keywords offered by the site, including information on seasonality, CPC data, search volume, etc., users can access the SEO training offered by Neil Patel.

4.) Reveals how certain keywords are effective for your website The competitive overview section of Ubersuggest reveals every other website that competes for a certain keyword. You can get a glimpse of how these websites are performing using the keyword, access their ad copy, and know which websites employ paid advertising. This is essential to mapping your content strategy.

5.) Tons of Analytics With the aid of Ubersuggest, users can determine how likely a keyword will rank higher on Google. It also gives insight into the cost of using certain keywords, especially when you have to compete for it. This simply means that you can get a perfect picture of what keyword to use. And you can be rest assured that each keyword comes with its difficulty rating to help you make a decision.

6.) Free to Use It is one thing for an SEO tool to be effectively functional and another thing for it to offer its services for free. And that is what Ubersuggest is all about! Its free services make it a familiar choice among digital marketers. Unlike other popular SEO analytical tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush that charge per results or monthly, Ubersuggest goes through a different path.

How to use Ubersuggest to drive SEO

After knowing exactly what to get from using Ubersuggest for free, you must know how to go about it. For one thing, you will not harness the power of this great tool by simply searching words on random. So, here is what you must do.

Once you input a 'seed keyword' that you want to incorporate with your content, you will get phrases that come as prefixes and suffixes to the seed keyword. For instance, you input 'bags' as your seed keyword on Ubersuggest. The SEO analytical tool then offers extra phrases as results to help you rank, such as "best bags for women".

Taking a closer look, here is how the step-by-step process is:

Seed Keyword Selection As described earlier, this is the first step in getting comprehensive keyword research done on Ubersuggest. It involves picking out a relevant seed keyword and getting great suggestions that will match your content.

Suggestion Listing A tracking tool to help you track your ideas and analytically stack them up against each other has been incorporated in Ubersuggest. This section is powerful and will help formulate an effective keyword list that is based on rank performance.

Content creation around keyword After developing a list of effective keywords to your niche, the next step is to create your content around the keyword suggestions populated from your research. Some of the few suggestions to help you optimize your keywords include inserting them in the meta description, page title as well as H-tags.

On creating your content around the target keyword, all you must do is to focus on your analytics to determine how well you are using the keyword. If your ranking on Google does not improve after all these, your keyword selection might be way off. At this point, returning to the drawing board will do you a whole lot of good. You need to be a bit more flexible and realistic about the domain scores of your competitors and your SEO difficulty.

With the aid of Ubersuggest, you can also obtain LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. LSI keywords are matched by a mathematical algorithm to determine their relevance to a set of keywords or topics. Using LSI keywords will increase your chances of ranking higher on Google over time. Getting LSI keywords follows the order of getting other keywords on Ubersuggest. You just have to enter your target keyword and it lists each LSI keyword that is associated with your target keyword.

Wrapping Up

The inclusion of Ubersuggest as an essential SEO toolkit can be hardly argued. Keywords are the core of SEO strategies and this SEO analytical tool puts you on track. Although it does not yet provide mobile app support and can be limited in some target markets, Ubersuggest does a whole lot more - all for free! Now, you can embark on comprehensive research of keywords and even monitor the steps the competition is taking to great use. You also get the opportunity to predict the performance of your target keyword to help increase your rank on Google's SERP. There are plenty of paid and free SEO analytical tools available for use, however, most cannot match the power and ease of Ubersuggest. And it offers all these for free!


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