How Do I Spy On Competitor's Keywords?

Competition is essential for every business, yours inclusive. Such a presence points you to your weaknesses and strengths. Working on your strengths and weaknesses leads to business advancements.

As even more businesses embrace technology, the competition for online dominance and space is getting high. Therefore, getting ahead of your competitors is essential. And what better way to get ahead of them than analyzing and knowing their tactics? This article answers the question: "how do I spy on competitors' keywords?" Here is what you should know.

Spy On Competitor's Keywords

How to spy on competitors' keyword

There are a lot of tools that can give you a peek into the competition's keywords. These tools give an added advantage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The following are 5 tools that can spy on the competitor's keyword. They are sure to help you.

1. Ahrefs

2. SEMrush

3. Ubersuggest

4. Google Keyword Planner

5. SimilarWeb

1. Ahrefs

tool competitor

One of the most popular SEO tools is Ahrefs. Ahrefs provides detailed information regarding your site and that of your competitors. You can also analyze your site using this tool. With Ahrefs, you get to compare your competitor's page ranking with yours. It also allows users to check the reviews of the backlink profile of their competitors. Though Ahrefs is a premium tool, it's free trial gives a peek into its functionalities. In short, it is one of the best tools that is great for any aspect of SEO. It is also the best for analyzing backlinks.

As mentioned earlier, Ahrefs provides detailed information concerning your competitors. Below are some of the information Ahrefs provides.

  • A competitor's latest referring domains.

  • Their domain authority.

Ahrefs also has a site exploring tool, a rank tracker, and foremost a Keyword Audit tool.

Ahrefs’ ‘latest referring domains’ tool helps you know just how frequently your competitor gains new links. You can compare the daily gained traffic of the competitor's site with yours.

2. SEMrush