Best SEO Software To Rank Your Keywords In 2021

Hey guys, it's me Josh here. Today, I will let you show my campaign structure on how I build my keywords on top and my Youtube Video. This is a combination of manual link building and SEO automation tool. This is for expert and had experienced in some of the software, or this will be so much complicated to understand and in worse case scenario, you will probably not getting any good results if you don't follow my campaign structure. The purpose of this blog is to show you how we dominate ranking using some SEO software power and how we manipulate the metrics using the tool. And of course, for those clients that have the software but doesn't know how to structure the campaign.

Strategy #1

Start With The On-page Optimization

We all probably know's that on-page optimization first before doing ranking or boosting up your keywords. My suggestion is, if you're ranking for a specific keyword, you need to search for the long tail keywords. And also, you need to focus only one keyword per page. For example, you are ranking for the keyword " how to rank your keywords" then you should be focusing on that keyword, so you need to make sure you have these on your page:

1.) Alt text image with keywords focuses "how to rank your keywords."

seo software

2.) Add your focus keywords on your H1 or in your post title if you're creating a blog post

rank your keywords

3.) If you're creating a blog, then you should have it in your body and do not overuse the keywords

4.) Page title optimization, meta description, and URL link. Add your targeted keywords just like the image example below.

rank your keywords

5.) Once you're all set, then we can proceed to strategy 2.

Strategy #2