Review: All You Should Know In 2022

Are you interested in increasing your involvement online in terms of content creation? Do you have views and opinions you would like to share with an audience? If you thought yes to even one of these questions, this article has you in mind. At this point, you must be wondering how you can do either of these. Well, the answer is blogging. No worries, it is not as complex as it sounds.

Simply put, blogging entails creating content for a site (blog) where you get to post this content (blog posts) for your audience to read. An informal tone is normal when creating content for a weblog. Therefore, all you need to share your thoughts with your audience are these self-published online write-ups. However, blogging without properly setting all you need up can get quite messy. Here in this article, we will review one of the top blogging platforms that make blogging easy; Blogger.

Blogger What is it about?

blogger review

Blogger is an online blogging platform that Google acquired in 2003 after its first launch by Pyra Labs in 1999. Although Blogger is the platform on which you post your blogs, the site hosting and domain name (the name that appears after www. in your URL) are made available by Google Blogspot.

Blogger is among the first free websites of its kind. By signing up with Blogger, you receive a digital/identity certificate, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This certificate is a part of HTTPS which pretty much secures your site against online threats. On this blogging platform, you gain access to powerful and efficient links. These links are good for link-building across your posts. Implementing effective backlinking is sure to rake profits in somewhere along the line.

Pros and Cons of working with Blogger


  • Starting your blog up with Blogger is straightforward. All you have to do is sign in, choose a display name, then create your page URL. Next, you must confirm your display name and complete sign-up by clicking Finish. It is that easy. Such ease makes it especially good for beginners as it does not require prior digital skills

  • Content creation is made easy as Blogger has a workable layout that millions of users can easily find their way around.

  • Blogger offers you its services at no cost and requires no more than your Google account.

  • Available templates and themes are adjustable to suit you.


  • Immediately you are past the beginner stage, blogging with Blogger becomes quite limiting. Once your needs go beyond blogging, you should consider getting some coding skills. For instance, if you need to create a website, you would be starting almost from scratch.

  • The thing about receiving services at no cost does not extend to customized domain names and some other third-party services. In other words, to integrate these, you have to pay.

  • Blogger has a limit on how many blog posts it accommodates per account, this limit being 100.

Why should you give a shot?

blogger review