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Wix Review 2023

Have you tried pitching your business idea, product, or service to a client(s), and then they ask, "do you have a website"? It sure does not feel right when you cannot find an answer to give, which is pretty embarrassing.

Customers want to see your website for a couple of reasons: to find your portfolio, contact, and skill set. Your website adds credibility to your work. And this is just the customer's side to things. Think about the marketing possibilities you can achieve with a website, and you'd realize a website is integral to achieve your business goals.

Wix Review

One other thing you probably would have realized is that creating your website is not as simple as eating a slice of cake-or is it? Maybe it is. Besides the fact that you need the services of a web developer to help you build a unique website of your taste, you also discover that it costs a fortune to host and launch one. I mean, have you heard the amount web developers are calling these days? What about after paying for the website only to have them do a poor job? That can be infuriating.

While it can be stressful when you think about it, it is quite easy to build a website even without the basic knowledge of programming and web development. One of such outstanding platforms where you can create and launch your website or blog with just a few clicks is Wix. This article Reviews Wix in 2023 and highlights reasons to consider it for your online business. But first, let’s discuss how Wix works.

How Wix works


Wix uses a drag-and-drop building feature in the web creation process. Mainly for small websites, it offers over 800 customizable templates and themes for any industry setup. Also, Wix offers free and paid domain name registration services along with hosting. Users can extend the functionalities of their websites from the app market to add booking forms, online stores, photo galleries, and membership. Wix optimizes easily for mobile and has tons of impressive visual layouts for small businesses, online stores, and portfolio websites. Here are some of the standout features of Wix:

  1. App Market: The app market hosts tons of extensions to increase the functionality of your Wix website. Here, you will find online booking widgets, live chat programs, newsletter software, and many other tools to boost site engagement.

  2. Adding Animations: You can add animations and videos to your web design. WIX is one of the few web developing platforms that let you do so.

  3. Automatic Backup: Imagine designing a website, and you accidentally leave the page without saving your progress. All your work could be lost. With WIX this is different. It automatically creates backup points for your website for easy restoration. You can restore your changes to ensure that you do not lose any information.

  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Now, let's say you have finished building your website and are about to launch it. Knowing that there are many websites in your sector, you may wonder how your target audience will find your website. Well, WIX solves that problem for you because it helps you build a website with SEO integrations to feature easily on Google. All you need do is answer a few questions about your website, the location of your business, and keywords you would like to trigger your website, and it will auto-generate an SEO plan for your website.

  5. Advanced Features: Having the option of adding more features to your website is key to building a captivating website, and WIX gives you lots of options to choose. It guarantees creativity, so if you are looking for a web-developing platform to build your website, WIX remains an outstanding choice to consider.


It is clear why Wix remains a popular choice for users who want a website on the get-go. And you can actually do all these things stated above for free. Interesting right? Well, it is true. If you like to access more unique features, you may need to subscribe a premium package. The premium plans are as follows:

  1. The free plan ($0): This is the free section to customize your website for free. The only condition to it is that you can't have a personalized domain name.

  2. Connect Domain Plan ($5): This pricing package lets you connect your personalized domain name to WIX. A Wix banner remains on the website afterwards, but the plan is cheap. However, the Connect Domain package is not available to all countries.

  3. Combo Plan ($14): This plan is brilliant for small websites, and it combines with increased storage space.

  4. Unlimited Plan ($18): This plan is like the combo plan but the upside to it is that it offers more storage space (up to 10GB).

  5. Business and E-commerce Plan ($23): If you would like your website to be integrated into an app, this is for you. You can also use it to build an online store. This plan is basically for business owners and E-commerce sites.

Each of these pricing plans lasts for a month. Therefore, you may need to renew your subscription after the time elapses.


  • Easy to Use: As earlier implied, you do not need to have basic knowledge of programming to design your website. All you need is WIX and the design you have in mind for your website. It sounds simple right? In case you have no design in mind, Wix offers several templates for customizing a unique website.

  • Creative Freedom: This platform gives you the freedom to create and design your website exactly the way you want it.

  • Mobile view: You may notice some websites look great on a computer screen but do not load very well on a mobile device. WIX lets you see how your website will look on a mobile screen, helping you design a website that all devices can easily access. This opens the way to larger audiences for you.


  • It is not optimized for mobile by default, the user must take several steps to make it mobile-friendly, which is not always perfect.

  • Its mobile load speed is still not at optimum speed

  • Although changing a design with a template is seamless, switching between template is not possible.

Getting Started with Wix

You can start using WIX with 5 easy steps:

  • Click on your browser

  • Click get started

  • Fill in the form provided and click sign-up

  • Next, you may need to answer some questions to determine the type of website you want to build, and the features you would like to add to it

  • Finally, click on start now if you would like WIX to automatically create a website for you in minutes, or click choose template if you would like to customize your website yourself.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a business owner, social media influencer, digital marketer, or blogger, you need an online platform to showcase your products and services to your potential customers. For online platforms, the point of interest isn’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites. Granted, you need a couple of these accounts to boost your brand awareness and visibility, but a website makes you stand out from the competition.

In summary, if you are looking to create a website without going through the stress of hiring a professional who will probably charge you an enormous sum of money and may not design the website to your taste, Wix remains a superb choice. Some professionals do quality jobs for affordable rates, but why go through all that stress when you can do it yourself for free and on the go? This is Wix's brand message.

Wix is free to use, easy to set up, offers affordable professional/premium plans, and you can host your custom domain name with it.

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