Wordpress 5.8 Review

WordPress remains one of the largest content management systems from around the world–and for good reasons. With over 455 million websites using WordPress, it remains a favorite for web developers, designers, marketers, and business owners. The good thing is that its outstanding features are in plain sight. From its massive responsiveness to easy usability, WordPress is easy to set up and scale. Whether it is a small blog site, portfolio, booking website or large CMS, or eCommerce platform, WordPress got you covered.

To increase its efficiency and boost security, several upgrades come to WordPress from time to time. The latest of such updates is the WordPress 5.8 Tatum. Named after Art Tatum- the famous Jazz pianist- WordPress claims this is its "greatest release." At least, for now. Soon, we would find out why. This article is a review of WordPress 5.8. It contains all the changes that are coming to WordPress from aesthetics, performance, and security. Let's dive in.

WordPress 5.8 TATUM Features

An update to the template editor

WordPress aims at creating a site-wide editing system with the block editor. Hence, the introduction of its new template editor. With this feature, users can create a template on their WordPress website when an edit to a page or post takes place. However, editing a template is a theme-dependent feature. This simply means that only supported themes allow users to access the feature. Despite its ability to add blocks across the website, the new template editor maintains the appearance and style of your present WordPress theme.

To set up, click on the 'new' button and give your template a title for easy identification. WordPress automatically switches to the editor mode to give access to non-content areas, letting users insert blocks in the new template.

The new template editor features several new blocks to enhance performance and improve the design. These include: Site title, tagline, and logo; Post title, content, excerpt, date, tags, categories, featured image; page list; query loop; as well as login and log-out blocks.

Media Library

If there is a change that will affect every WordPress user, it is the new adjustment to the Media Library. In times past, users can scroll infinitely through their media library as they seek older files. The WordPress Tatum introduces a 'load more' button in the grid view, thereby letting users view a limited number of media files at a time.

Another change coming with this update is the ability for users to copy the URL of the media file when loading directly from the 'Media>Add New' directory. In the past, it required manual copying of the image URL after manually editing the image. The 5.8 Tatum introduces a 'copy URL to clipboard' button after a media upload for the site-wide use of the file.

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