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List Of Word Counter Checker Tool Online

The net is flooded with several writing tools that help users develop high-quality write-ups. Whether it is for a landing page, an ebook, or a blog, as a user, you'll need these tools to increase the quality of your writing. Tools like grammar and plagiarism checkers will help you create engaging and unique articles. And word counter tools are effective for tracking your progress.

As a user, you may wonder whether online word counter checker tool are necessary. If so, this article is sure to benefit you. It discusses a list of word counter tools online. But before that, what exactly are word counters, and why should you use them?

word counter checker

Word Counter Checker Tool - Meaning and importance in SEO

As the name implies, word counter tools are online tools that help users calculate the total number of words and characters of a text. Hence, as mentioned earlier, it is suitable for tracking your progress. And believe it or not, it is an effective SEO tool. Surprising, isn't it?

Over the years, it has been proven that word count affects SERP rankings. And this is because search engines believe that long-form content offers more value to users than shorter articles. And that's true. Just think about it:

If you were to write an article on "top 10 SEO tools, you would no doubt provide a detailed description of each tool if you had a word count of 3,000 words. On the other hand, if you were to write five hundred words, you may not even cover all ten tools.

Hence, long-form articles provide more info and value to readers. As such, search engines like Google rewards them with higher rankings. As a matter of fact, a majority of content on Google's top result page are all long-form with a word count of at least 1,500 to over 2,000.

Thus, website owners have made effort to create longer content. But when doing so, note that while longer articles rank higher, they will only affect your SEO negatively if they are lacking in quality. Hence, many have chosen to focus more on quality than word count.

As an SEO writer looking to develop long-form articles, you will have to keep track of your word count. Of course, you also need to do so even if you are creating shorter content. And what better way of doing so is there, than using word counter tools.

Why choose online word counter checker?

But why are word counter online tools necessary? After all, various writing software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word have a free in-built word counter. Well, here's one reason why you should consider using online word counters.

Unlike writing software, online word counter tools are not limited to a specific file format. You can paste any text, be it a blog, academic essay, or even social media post, to find out the total number of characters it contains.

It is easy to use and displays your results in seconds. And like in-built word counters, online word counter tools are free of charge.

Now, you know the importance of word count in SEO and why you should consider using online word counter tools for your writing. But this leads to yet another problem.

There are several online word counter tools out there. Hence, deciding on them may prove challenging. Not to worry, as mentioned earlier, this article discusses a list of online word counter tools to take note of. So, without any further delay, below are five effective online word counters.

List of word counter checker tools online

But why should you choose these online word counters? To answer that, let's see in detail, the features of each of these five tools.

Word Counter Free

This word counter by Fossbytes is a simple and easy-to-use online tool. In just a click, it displays the total characters of your text, with and without spaces. But that's not all. You can make use of this tool without having to sign up or anything. With only an internet connection, you can ascertain the word count of your text.

Yet another impressive feature of this tool is that it is multilingual. Yes, Word Counter Free currently supports a total of eight languages. Some of which include French, German, Spanish, Turkish, and English. And you can rest assured that the languages it supports will increase with each update.

Without a doubt, Word Counter Free by Fossbytes is an impressive tool. It doesn't limit users to a certain number of words. And above all, it is free. If you are searching for an online word counter, this tool may be just right for you.

Like the first on this list, is free and easy to use. But unlike Fossbytes' word counter, it offers more features to users. It doesn't only display the word count and characters of your text but also lets you know the total amount of paragraphs and sentences. What's more, it calculates the reading and speaking time of your text. Interesting, right?

Furthermore, also features a grammar checker (optional) and thesaurus. In addition to the reading time, this tool shows the educational level a reader needs to understand your text under 'reading level. All these features will no doubt go a long way in helping you to create engaging and easy-to-read content.

Furthermore, also offers a feature particularly suited to SEO writers. And this is the keyword density feature. It allows users to know which keywords they are often using. This will help you, as an SEO writer, to avoid overusing certain words. And this, in turn, will help you create optimized content. Whether you're an SEO writer or not, you'll find this tool appealing.

Yet another noteworthy online word counter tool is Similar to, it displays the total number of words, paragraphs, sentences, and characters present in your text. It also provides a grammar checker to spot any errors in your content. Furthermore, it offers a keyword analyzer that displays your most-used keywords.

But unlike others, it comes with a page counter. This feature allows you to determine your article's length. As the name shows, the page counter displays how many pages your text is.

Additionally, this tool allows users to compare the length of their text with popular web standards, such as Google's meta description (300 characters) and Twitter's tweet (140 characters). By so doing, allows you to track your progress more efficiently.

Is "1" really a word? Should it be counted amongst your word count? If you don't think so, you might find Doc Word Counter intriguing. It analyzes your content and displays the word count in three different categories, which are:

Standard words. This consists of all real words present in your text. All words that you can find in a dictionary are considered standard words.

Non-words. In opposition to 'standard words, non-words consist of numbers, emails, codes, bullets, addresses, and so on. Anything that does not fall in the other two categories is placed here.

Ideograms. The ideogram category is no doubt, Doc Word Counter's most unique feature. It consists of any Japanese or Chinese characters found in your text. Isn't that interesting?

Doc Word Counter may not be the most outstanding online tool, but its features should not be overlooked. Although, it has some downsides. A major one is that it does not make provisions for users to paste their text. Instead, you have to upload your article (it also restricts file format. That said, it supports major file formats such as word, excel, pdf, txt, etc). But despite that, it remains a top online word counter today.

Saving the best for last, is another outstanding online word counter. Like every other tool discussed above, it offers the basic functions of word counters which includes characters, sentence, paragraphs, words, lines, and page checkers. But it also goes as far as to include punctuations and numerals counters. With Countwordsfree, you can also ascertain the average spelling and reading time of your text. But that's only the beginning.

Countwordsfree allows users to upload any article in various file formats. Such formats include pdf, epub, and HTML. Not to worry, it also supports the regular copy-and-paste method. What's more, you can edit any text you upload or paste. Or even still, you can write your text with this tool.

And when you are done with your article, you can export the text in a format different from the one you uploaded it in. For instance, if you upload an HTML file, you can export it as a pdf file using the 'save as' option.

Since it is easy to use and offers all its features for free, you may find to be the perfect online word counter for you.

Wrapping Up

As seen throughout this article, word counter tools are essential for developing high-quality content. They help users track their progress. And above all, they are crucial for SEO writing. You may choose to opt for word counters that are built within writing software.

But as we've seen, there are lots of benefits to using online word counter tools. They do not only offer users unlimited access, some also come with other SEO writing tools like grammar and spelling checkers.

Though they are not flashy, the five tools discussed in this article will help you improve the quality of your writing.


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