How To Increase Ahrefs UR And DR Metrics 2021

Ahrefs is a renowned SEO tool for checking backlinks. Its dependence on big data and focus on data quality sets it apart from the competition. It finds its use in keyword research and competitor analysis by content professionals and SEO experts. Ahrefs, no doubts, remain one of the most effective ranking tools by companies from all over the world. For starters, it is a great tool -one of the best- for obtaining higher Google rankings.

Ahrefs metrics

Ahrefs uses metrics to rate a website’s backlink profile. These include the UR and DR metrics. A high UR and DR value have shown to improve SEO rankings, which is great in reaching the right audience. Before learning how to increase Ahrefs UR and DR metrics, we must first know what they are.

What are Ahrefs UR and DR metrics?

What are Ahrefs UR and DR metrics

URL Ratings (UR)

URL Rating shows the level of strength of a page’s backlink profile. It does this on a scale of 0 to 100. This suggests that the larger the number, the stronger the page’s backlink profile. The UR scale is logarithmic. This also means that moving from UR 20-30 is easier than moving from UR 70-80 according to Ahrefs.

UR has a clear statistical relationship with Google rankings. This is seen as a high UR page ranks very high in the organic search results of Google.

The URL Rating calculation is like Google's PageRank. And this is because you need the same PageRank rules to calculate UR. These includes:

  1. Counting links between pages

  2. Respecting the 'nofollow' attribute.

  3. Having a ‘damping factor’.

  4. Crawling the internet to the farthest extent possible.

However, this does not mean that the UR is a complete replacement for the PageRank. This is because Google's PageRank formula has highly developed since its conception. And Ahrefs UR formula remains simple.

Domain Ratings (DR)

DR or Domain Rating is one of the popular SEO metrics across several platforms and not just Ahrefs. This metric aims at determining a website’s quality. While UR is a page-level metric, DR is a domain-level metric. Domain Rating (DR) shows the level of strength of a website’s backlink profile. It does this on a logarithmic scale of 0 - 100. The objective of the DR is to assess the link popularity of a website. To calculate the DR of a certain website, the following rules apply:

  1. The observation of the outstanding domains with a minimum of 1 ‘dofollow’ link to the website.

  2. The consideration of the linking domain’s DR.

  3. The number of outstanding domains each of the website links to.

  4. Assigning math and coding skills to calculate the raw Domain Rating scores.

  5. Plotting the scores on a scale of 0 - 100. This will extend over time because it is naturally dynamic.

How to increase Ahrefs' DR and UR Metrics

Ahrefs Metrics

Increasing Ahrefs' DR Metric

To increase the DR metric of your website, all you must do is create more followed links. If the site that a link is gotten from is low in Domain Rating, the DR’s increase will be insignificant.

Note that creating more links to random pages will not always help in increasing the rankings. Hence, you should create the link directly to the page you want to increase its rank. This will help in increasing the rank and organic traffic.

But it is not easy to create links to the desired page on Google. Hence, the need to indirectly increase your DR. And this is done by:

1. Building content that others would be interested in getting links to

Such content must be non-commercial, helpful, and must have a record of getting links. Here is what this means:

  • Non-Commercial -

This is because some persons would prefer to link to content that is not always about money-making.

  • Helpful -

You can create helpful content in several ways. The first way is by building a utility tool. A free tool such as Ahrefs' backlink checker is a good example. And the second way is by building something that can be cited. Such as ideas, studies, and stats.

  • Possess a history of getting links

To look for content with such history, install Ahrefs SEO toolbar. With the Ahrefs toolbar installed, search Google for topics with a decent amount of links. This will show that it is a link-worthy subject. And that it has the potential to attract links.

2. Pitch authoritative and relevant websites

After getting a suitable topic, you also need to tell people they exist. Because nobody will be able to link to a topic they never knew existed in the first place.

There are several ways to find people to contact. You can contact:

  • The persons that are featured in the article you wrote.

  • People who have written similar articles before.

  • The persons who linked to similar articles in the past.

Keep following the process above to increase the Domain Rating and improve SEO.

Increase Ahrefs Metrics

Increasing UR metrics

Pages with a high UR metric tends to feature higher on the organic section of search engine result pages (SERPs). Apart from this, the ability to measure UR metrics makes it appealing when compared to Google's PageRank- which can only be calculated by Google. The good thing is that Ahrefs has never made the URL Rating calculation a secret. As earlier mentioned, this SEO metric works on a page-level. This means that checking a website’s UR on the site explorer of Ahrefs will reveal only the UR of the site’s homepage. However, several factors determine the UR metric including both the external and internal links. The correlation between the organic rank of a website and its UR can be hardly disputed. Still, aiming at increasing one's UR all begins at getting internal and external links of the top pages of your website. Also, before requesting to link to other sites, review the UR of the page you want to link, and not only the website’s DR. Doing so will increase your chances to qualify for link opportunities.

Increasing UR metrics

Wrapping Up

Ahrefs remains one of the widely used tools in achieving optimal SEO results. Its dependence on big data sets it apart from the competition and this will likely not end soon. Here, we have discussed what the URL Rating (UR) and Domain Rating (DR) are. Also, practical ways on how to increase Ahrefs UR and DR metrics have been discussed. These are only some of Ahrefs’ metrics used by SEO professionals and creatives in taking their rank to the next level. This great SEO resource will keep meeting the demands of internet users for the foreseeable future.




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