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Grammarly Review Tool For SEO

As a writer, you are continually searching for an online proofreading tool that can do the job.

It has to be accurate and would make your writing error-free and easy to read.

Typos and grammar mistakes are quite embarrassing for a writer.

Bryan Collins from Become a Writer Today shares with us his Grammarly Tool Review. He spent 30 days using Grammarly before he proceeded to pay for a Grammarly Premium subscription.


His review is based on the Premium version of Grammarly.

How Grammarly Works

Grammarly review tool

First, you need to create a Grammarly account for free. Next step is to take a tour of the Grammarly editor.

It will show you how to get feedback on your writing quickly, help you make your writing clear and adjust input to your chosen writing style.

You can now open a new document and set a goal for your writing.

Goals can be set based on:

  • Intent ex., educate, story or inform

  • Audience ex., expert or general

  • Style ex., informal or formal

  • Emotion ex., strong or mild

  • Domain ex., academic, technical or business

You can write in Grammarly directly or use another tool and paste extracts of your writing into Grammarly for grammar checking, proofreading and catching spelling mistakes.

It only takes a few seconds before the tool underlines grammar mistakes similar to what you can see in Microsoft Word. The Premium subscription gives a more detailed explanation than the free version on why you made a writing error.

This is beneficial for non-native English writers and if you want to improve your English grammar.

The tool also gives insights about your writing based on the number of characters and sentence length, vocabulary and readability and reading time to name a few.

Plagiarism Detection

Grammarly has a plagiarism checker that can be used if you are writing academic papers or checking on a fellow writer's work.

This feature will show if the content you pasted on the tool for checking is plagiarized.

You can also discover if your work is being plagiarized by some other writers when you turn this premium feature on. College students may find this appealing especially when they need to cite their sources.

Grammarly is easy to use. If you know how to post on Facebook, you can find it similar when it comes to ease of use.

There are apps for Windows, Mac, web browsers and even mobile that you can use as a part of your workflow.

It's such an amazing tool that you can use on almost every platform that you write in including emails and social media posts.

Working becomes a breeze as it takes a few minutes to check your work before submission and publishing.

Grammarly Premium monthly costs

$29.95 per month A quarterly subscription will cost you $19.98 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95.

An annual subscription costs $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95

The free version has most of the features of the Premium version aside from the advanced grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and some vocabulary enhancement.

For those with budget constraints, the free version is ideal and is good enough to get the job done.

The Premium version gives you a little bit more when it comes to grammar mistakes, writing insights and it finds and fixes more mistakes.

When you click on a grammar error, the grammar checker gives you an explanation of the problem. Just click on the arrow to show you more details. It gives you possible solutions and explanations for your mistake.

Usual mistakes identified:

  • Wordiness

  • Confused prepositions

  • Passive voice

  • Repetitive words

  • Spelling errors

  • Misplaced apostrophes

  • Lengthy sentences

  • Squinting modifier

  • Ending with preposition

How to fully use you grammarly with SEO software or tools

  1. First of, you will need to have a software generated tool which you can get in article builder, article forge, kontent machine or any other form of content generated content.

  2. Once you generated the content, you will need to spin it off using a spinner tool.

  3. Optimize your content using your grammarly tool to check it's plagiarism, grammar, spelling, phrases etc. But most likely, you will have 0% plagiarism.

Grammarly tool

So, you can do this Article software ---> Spinner ---> Grammarly ---> 100% unique and 0 plagiarism. You can use it for your PBN, web 2.0 blogs, social post, SEO software such as Senuke, GSA, Rankwyz, FCS etc.

grammarly review


Video Explanation

Grammarly can't replace a human proofreader. The software is still limited to guidelines that are put in. It can't read into context and give feedback like a human proofreader.

It is best to proofread your work after using Grammarly. For those who are writing a book, pay a professional to edit and correct for you.


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