Top Wix Website Templates

Getting your business or portfolio website online is fairly easy nowadays – is that really so? Well, thanks for website templates, which are ready-made for launch, you can get a website running in the shortest time possible. Another thing is that you are likely to find website builders on Google under a few seconds of searching. Despite these, however, you will find tons of templates and themes that make your decision harder. Not to worry, you are sure to find answers here in this article.

Wix remains one of the top software companies with cloud-based development for its users worldwide. It helps you build customizable websites with outstanding performance and responsiveness. Here are the top Wix website templates to get you going.

Wix Website

The top Wix website templates you should know

Wix makes several interesting website templates that you would find useful. So you might want to carefully go through these templates before building a website. These lists is in no particular order of rank.

Wix websites according to category

Food and Restaurant

Top Templates

There are several templates under this category. These templates for chefs, restaurants, and food bloggers emphasizes significant details like your menu and contact. They accentuate tantalizing pictures of food to attract visitors. Specific templates under this category include catering, diet blog, food truck, urban bar, vegetarian restaurant, catering company, online recipes, and poke restaurant website templates.


Wix Website Template

There is something on Wix for event planners, wedding and party planners as well. This template is quite catchy and also simple to use. There is enough space to put up amazing pictures and videos to steal the attention of visitors. Templates for events planners include concert venue, wedding RSVP, baby shower, and wedding website templates.


The top Wix website templates you should know

This Wix template is one for music artists, songwriters, singers, and others in the music field. You can promote and sell your songs straight from your website. This sophisticated, tasteful template can even be used to publicize a big event. Some music templates from Wix are the headphone landing page template, musician teaser site, and club music DJ templates.