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Top Wix Website Templates

Getting your business or portfolio website online is fairly easy nowadays – is that really so? Well, thanks for website templates, which are ready-made for launch, you can get a website running in the shortest time possible. Another thing is that you are likely to find website builders on Google under a few seconds of searching. Despite these, however, you will find tons of templates and themes that make your decision harder. Not to worry, you are sure to find answers here in this article.

Wix remains one of the top software companies with cloud-based development for its users worldwide. It helps you build customizable websites with outstanding performance and responsiveness. Here are the top Wix website templates to get you going.

Wix Website Templates

The top Wix website templates you should know

Wix makes several interesting website templates that you would find useful. So you might want to carefully go through these templates before building a website. These lists is in no particular order of rank.

Wix websites according to category

Top Templates

There are several templates under this category. These templates for chefs, restaurants, and food bloggers emphasizes significant details like your menu and contact. They accentuate tantalizing pictures of food to attract visitors. Specific templates under this category include catering, diet blog, food truck, urban bar, vegetarian restaurant, catering company, online recipes, and poke restaurant website templates.


Wix Website Template

There is something on Wix for event planners, wedding and party planners as well. This template is quite catchy and also simple to use. There is enough space to put up amazing pictures and videos to steal the attention of visitors. Templates for events planners include concert venue, wedding RSVP, baby shower, and wedding website templates.


The top Wix website templates you should know

This Wix template is one for music artists, songwriters, singers, and others in the music field. You can promote and sell your songs straight from your website. This sophisticated, tasteful template can even be used to publicize a big event. Some music templates from Wix are the headphone landing page template, musician teaser site, and club music DJ templates.



Undeniably, children's stuff always appears in a distinct style. The authors of this template considered this when creating this template for kids' sales. This spruced yet pleasant template catches attention and also has a feature that promotes SEO. Some templates for kids' sales are Kids' Lifestyle Stores, Kids Apparel website templates.


Website templates

This template for online vendors will increase sales as it is stylish and effective. It has a shopping cart and a live chat. Some online store templates from Wix are T-shirt market, tote bag store, and mobile accessories store website templates.



This template is suitable for bloggers. It has special features that will make you enjoy blogging and also draw people's attention. Some blog templates are traveler blog, food blog, fashion, and style blog website templates.


Popular templates

Wix does not leave authors and booksellers out of the mix. Wix Book's template allows for the showcasing of reviews alongside your works. It even adds some color to draw visitors' attention. Also, you can personalize the News and Events section to keep visitors informed of any approaching book signing or events.


List of templates

This template is made for business moguls and life coaches who are interested in building a website. With features such as Wix bookings and live chat, you can be sure the page will arrest the right audience. Some templates in this section include Success Coach, Finance Consulting, and Creative Staffing Agency website templates.

Other top Wix websites based on their function

Wix Builder templates

Here is something for makeup artists, beauticians, designers, fashionistas, and cosmeticians. You can invite visitors to book an appointment on your website. You just got to put up delightful pictures that showcase your jobs. There is a feature on the template that makes it possible to put up high-quality photos.

Top template of wix

The Sydney Oliver’s template suit interior designers, creative professionals, and architects. The template has enough space for pictures and words. Placing the spotlight on your designs.

Wix Templates

The creators designed this template for hostels and guest houses in mind. It makes it easier for people to make reservations at your hostel. You can manage the reservations easily with the Wix booking app. All you need to do is put up pictures that will showcase the luxuries of your lodge.

Choose the best templates

Filmmakers, directors, and movie producers have a template to identify with on Wix. To promote a movie's release, you can edit this template and put up trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes moments to get viewers excited.

Templates for an niche

Graphic designers and creative professionals can easily put their gigs online here. This template is engaging, it exhibits your best services on a frame. Templates for designers include brand studio, textile designer, industrial design studio, and creative director website templates.

popular templates in wix

The templates found in this niche are primarily for small businesses. They are flexible and can be an excellent fit for any business when edited right. You can personalize the layout and colors to make your webpage stand out. You can keep visitors informed with the aid of the blog page. You can edit these Wix templates to fit any business, online course, real estate consultant, webinar landing page, home-organizer website templates.

2021 wix templates

Electronic Store is one exciting template for tech accessories and electronics. With an amazing photo splash of your excellent products, this webpage is definitely going to catch the attention of visitors.

Here, you have a template designed for organic products vendors, natural stores, and alternative medicine vendors. Herbal Store is a perfect template for organic product vendors, which has refined colors and a neat green design.

Wix template builder

It is built for designers. If you wish to design your webpage from the very beginning, this template is for you. Pick text, pictures, colors, fonts, and background that will expose your brand to potential clients.

Builder wix templates

Interestingly, Wix has a template to create a forum. So, if you are a tech expert and want to create a tech forum website, this is a template for you. With Wix, creating tech forums is much easier and satisfying, you just need to personalize a few pieces of information. Visitors can like, comment, and share posts on the forum.

Templates list

Wix's Acting Resume template is great for Actors, models, events hosts, and other TV personalities. With a website created from this template, you can stand out in the entertainment industry. You just need to take the easy steps of uploading your bio, resume, and attention-grabbing image. You can also put up video clips to give visitors an insight into your capability.

Why Use Wix?

For an almost free website builder, the pros of Wix are overwhelming. There seem to be a whole lot of benefits from using Wix as a website builder tool. Here are some of Wix's benefits.

  • Security without the interference of speed is assured: Wix ensures website security without affecting the speed. What this means is that your site will function well at a good speed while being fully secured.

  • Wix is user-friendly: if you encounter any difficulties or problems while using Wix, you can reach the Wix support team. You can do so through the phone or email. There is also a FAQ section to find relevant resources. Wix service department will address your issues in no time, as they operate all day.

  • Lots of templates to pick from: Wix offers a lot of templates you can pick from in different categories of businesses.

  • Wix designs are practical and useful: there are a lot of easy-to-understand tips, instructions, and customizable templates from Wix. You can use these to build an excellent online presence.

  • Wix designs are pleasant: the templates are not only practical and useful they are also beautiful and pleasant to look at.

  • Wix provides automatic backup for your website: Wix develops backup points of your site spontaneously. You can recover these backup points at any moment. So you can trust that Wix will not let you kiss any significant detail goodbye unwillingly.

  • Publicize your brand easily: Wix manages SEO just fine. All you just need to do is make your Brand's focus clear. Wix automatically helps you to expose your site to search engines.

  • Wix provides extra features: Wix provides a list of products to help you build an excellent website. Some of these tools and products are available in the Wix App Market. They include free site encryption (SSL), quotation templates, a logo maker, and more.

Limitations of Wix Website Builder

As enticing as Wix might seem to be there are some limitations to it. Nothing good comes easy, they say. Here are some difficulties or challenges you might come in contact with while using Wix.

  • Wix is not entirely free: There are free plans for starters, accompanied by ads from Wix. If you want to benefit from most features, you need to pay and get the premium plan. The premium plans are renewable monthly.

  • Hard to edit: Wix templates are almost impossible to change after being picked.

  • Complications with drag and drop: Some people find it hard to use the drag-and-drop feature effectively. You can drag-and-drop elements anywhere on the page which might ruin your page's design.

  • The dashboard is too busy: Wix might have gone overboard on this one. There seem to be too many activities on the page so it might take a visitor some time to understand it.


If you need to try out new ideas, open a shop online, create an online forum, publicize your brand, expose your abilities, you can trust that Wix can do the job. Though there are some limitations to Wix, it does pretty well in building excellent websites and mobile sites. And there are a whole lot of templates you can pick from.

For newbies, starting up with Wix is no problem. But knowing what template to pick is an entirely different ball game. Here, this article on the top Wix templates streamlines the best templates to get you online. All you need to do is jump right into the Wix website and pick a template that suits your industry, brand, and taste. But ultimately, the choice is yours to decide what Wix template to use.


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