How To Make Your Font Size Mobile Friendly

Imagine going through all that stress just to develop a mind-blowing site only to find out that it does not look just as attractive on mobile devices as with other screen types. In the course of this article, we will discuss a factor that contributes to this, namely; font size.

Mobile-friendly sites are designated to function on mobile devices. So to stay on the safe side, here is a guideline on how you should arrange your site's font so it comes out as desired on both desktop and mobile devices.

But first, let us consider what font size is mobile-friendly.

Mobile friendly font sizes

Mobile font size

In designing your site's font, you need to take note of the following parameters

  • Points (pt)

  • EMs (em)

  • Pixels (px)

  • Percentages (%)

Not all sites use themes that support these parameters, however, if your site does, the following estimates might help. Among the 28 rough estimates of font sizes, some standard conversions are;

  • Extra small - 7.5pt 10px 0.625em and 62.5%

  • Small - 10pt 13px 0.8em and 80%

  • Medium - 12pt 16px 1em and 100%

  • Large - 13.5pt 18px 1.125em and 112.5%

  • Extra large - 18pt 24px 1.5em and 150%

  • Extra extra large - 24pt 32px 2em and 200%

You could decide to make your fonts as big as 36pt 48px 3em and 300%. However, to get the best outlook for your mobile site, Google has recommended something standard. According to Google, your site's base text should be a minimum of 16px. Of course, you could always explore and find which size suits your site's needs best. You can settle for 17px or 18px but in all you do, 16px should be the minimum.

How do Mobile-friendly Font sizes boost SEO?

If your site was originally designed to be a desktop site, here are a few reasons why you should make your site more mobile-friendly.

  1. The use of mobile devices by internet users has quickly become more popular over the years. Unlike before when most persons used desktops to access the net, more focus is on mobile devices now. Activities such as online shopping are now done mostly with mobile phones.

  2. 40 percent of individuals make searches only through smartphones.

  3. Cost per click (CPC) on mobile devices costs less than desktops by 24 percent and 40 percent more click through rates (CTR). In turn, mobile-friendly sites which had lesser SEO ranking than responsive sites now have better SEO ranking

How can you make your font size mobile-friendly for SEO?

Size Mobile Friendly

  1. If you had someone design your site for you, sending an email to the the