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Top TikTok Downloaders 2023

Following its initial launch in 2016, a merger with Musically made the platform we now know to be TikTok globally available in 2018. Over the years, TikTok now turns out to be one of the most used video-sharing platforms around the world.

With YouTube ranking number one and Vimeo following closely, TikTok garners the third spot with its several million daily users. It is of little wonder why TikTok attracts this much traffic daily.

In summary, TikTok has impressive stats. However, as a content creator on TikTok, you might want to share your content outside TikTok. But what option do you have if you would rather keep the source of the content anonymous?

At this point, the traditional TikTok watermark poses a challenge. Or what happens when you make use of a desktop and would like a video of interest on your device? Fortunately, these are not hurdles that cannot be crossed.

With the development of TikTok video downloading software with time, solutions have come up. What is the relationship between TikTok video download software and the issue of TikTok’s watermark? Also, why do you need an exclusive app to download videos off TikTok when TikTok has this feature built-in?

In this article, we will review TikTok downloading apps and software, in no particular order, that can sort the watermark issue. Some of these may function across desktops as well. An outline of the features of these apps could be enough to convince you that they do come in handy.

TikTok Downloaders

Top 6 TikTok Downloaders 2023

Our featured 6 TikTok downloaders of 2023 in line with their features and reviews are;

  1. 4k Tokkit

  2. SaveTik

  3. SSSTikTok

  4. SaveTT

  5. Clipbox

  6. Vidmate

1. 4k Tokkit

4k tokkit

From the 4K Download team, this platform functions to download TikTok videos. However, 4k Tokkit focus lies on desktop users. One could say the platform was released to make downloading videos off TikTok on desktops possible and convenient.

The platform currently supports 13 languages. 4K Tokkit functions only on desktops and it requires at least Windows 7, macOS 10.13, and Ubuntu 64-bit to function.


  • Bulk download – With this feature, users can download every video on a TikTok profile, avatars included.

  • Download filters – Also available are the filters for download. On 4k Tokkit, users can decide how they would like their videos downloaded. In other words, you get to decide what category you want videos in. The 4k Tokkit platform provides the option to download by sound used in videos, by date, and by hashtags.

  • TikTok account backup – The account backup feature is another that tickles the fancy of several users. Imagine being able to download every video and avatar you have on your TikTok account with the touch of a key on your desktop.

  • Captioned downloads – Using 4k Tokkit, individuals can download TikTok videos with the captions attached as it appears on TikTok.

  • Private video download – Certain videos on the TikTok platform are not open for download. However, with 4k Tokkit, you can get such videos on your desktop to watch at your convenience.

  • Liked videos download – This option allows you to download all liked videos on your profile and that of other TikTok users. Provided these videos are visible to the public, the tap of a button is all you need to save these videos to your desktop.

  • In-app Subscriptions – The in-app TikTok subscriptions allow users to download entire hashtags and videos of accounts they subscribe to.


4k Tokkit offers a free plan and three paid versions namely the lite, personal, and Pro plans. Each of these packages features the following;

  1. Starter: Like virtually every other service, the starter plan does not have nearly as many available features as the others. The only feature it offers outside basic download features is that users are permitted 2 in-app subscriptions. Users here are limited to 50 downloads daily.

  2. Lite: The Lite plan costs $10. It offers users a one-year license on the 4k Tokkit platform and users are allowed 10 in-app subscriptions. Users can download a maximum of 500 videos daily. This plan is ad-free, has the auto-download feature for new videos, and allows private account downloads.

  3. Personal: The personal plan costs $15 and has an endless license duration. Users here are also limited to 500 videos daily. All other features are the same as in the starter plan.

  4. Pro: The Pro package costs $45. It equally offers an endless license duration to 4k Tokkit users. In-app subscriptions and daily downloads are unlimited. In addition to the features of the lower plans, the Pro plan offers users a commercial usage permit.


  • With the option to download videos under certain hashtags, one can easily download every video under certain TikTok challenges in record time.

  • With 4k Tokkit’s In-app TikTok subscriptions, new videos under a category you subscribe to are automatically downloaded.


  • If you do not intend to subscribe to any paid plans, you may not enjoy your experience on 4k Tokkit.


2. SaveTik


In the prevalent sea of TikTok content downloaders, SaveTik stands as one of the most common names. Common in the sense that a good number of individuals/entities have developed apps bearing the name. However, for our review, we will be considering

Following the development and release of this tool, it has proved useful to several users in various regions. The platform supports operations in roughly 11 core languages.


  • Flexible Use – Unlike most other tools that perform the function of saving TikTok media, SaveTik features both an app and a web version.

  • Wide range of device support – SaveTik is a platform that is almost unselective in the aspect of device compatibility. You can access the web version across various devices including desktop, Android, and Apple products alike.


The services of this platform are entirely free.


  1. Regardless of the device in use, you can make use of SaveTik.

  2. The platform is easy to use.

  3. Videos gotten off this platform are Watermark-free.

  4. Once you paste the video link into the provided box, you are presented with the option to download the audio of the video separately. If the audio of the video in question is what piqued your interest, this feature makes things straightforward and convenient.


  1. Although SaveTik is available across Apple products, devices from the 12th release (iPhone 12) and above will be unable to download videos off SaveTik. This is due to security reasons built into the devices. Therefore, users will have to go through the third-party app Documents by Readdle. This makes the process longer, more complex, and more tedious.


3. SSSTikTok


Another among the several other TikTok video downloaders that render hassle-free downloads is SSSTikTok. From the SSSTik team, this tool is greatly flexible to accommodate the needs of individuals using various devices. The platform supports the use of Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, and other Apple devices.


  • In-app preview – On the SSSTikTok platform, the caption, hashtags, and reactions (likes and comments) are displayed.

  • Maintained resolution – The resolution of videos is not tampered with by this tool. All downloaded videos look exactly as they appear on the TikTok platform.

  • Ads – The tap of the download button initiates ads. However, the ads are of the same duration as your downloads. In other words, at the end of the ad, your download would be complete.


SSSTikTok is an entirely free platform.


  1. Individuals have the option to download either the mp4 file of the provided video without the TikTok watermark or in MP3. For extra insurance, the platform has up to two servers available. This way, users can choose either of two servers to download mp4 files in case an error is encountered with the other.

  2. Unlike certain tools with download limits on their free version due to the presence of paid plans, SSSTikTok has no limits on the number of videos you can download.


  1. Although this tool was initially available as an app and on the web, an error message is now displayed in an attempt to access the app on the Play Store. In other words, if this tool is something you would need regularly, you no longer have the comfort of accessing it through the app.

  2. For the same reason as with SaveTik, users of the 12th iPhone version and above need the third-party app Documents by Readdle to download media off this platform.


4. SaveTT


SaveTT is among the number of TikTok downloaders that feature both application and web versions for easy accessibility. The platform allows users to download media with the provided link in three formats.

You can download the video without its watermark, with its watermark, or in MP3. SaveTT is available in over 28 languages including Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French. The web version features no full-screen ads.


  • Flexible download options – The platform features three download methods to suit the various tastes of individuals. Users can opt to scan a QR code to complete the download process or they can go with the traditional method using the download button. There is also a Dropbox download option. To use this option, you will be required to log into your Dropbox account. If you will be using Dropbox for the first time, you can create an account.

  • Availability across various device types – This tool unlike most others is not made available using device types. Rather, the tool depends on the browser that you have available on your device. Provided that your device supports popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera mini, IE, and Firefox, SaveTT will be accessible to you.


SaveTT does not feature any paid versions.


  1. SaveTT has a straightforward interface. Without any guidance, individuals can complete downloads on the platform. This is thanks to the renowned copy-paste-download process.

  2. Individuals do not have to worry about payment plans, either monthly or annually to enjoy the services of this tool.

  3. SaveTT is not device selective. Provided your device has a supported browser, you can enjoy the platform's services. This means your desktop would not need an extra application to perform TikTok video downloads.


  1. Unlike the web version, the application features full-screen 5-second ads.

  2. The application does not provide the option to download videos with the watermark intact, unlike the web version.


5. Clipbox

Following the vision behind the platform's existence, Vlispy Inc developed Clipbox to make the process of revisiting moments easier. For users who work with Clipbox, rather than have entire videos take up space for the sake of a seconds-long moment, they can easily save the clip that interests them. However, the services of this tool are only available on iOS currently. An iOS of the 9th version and higher is required.


  • Shortcut button – With Clipbox you do not necessarily have to follow the commonplace copy-paste method. To get clips of videos using this tool you simply have to share the video on Clipbox. With the app installed on your device, the shortcut icon appears alongside your other share options on your device. Once the video appears on the Clipbox app, proceed to trim the video to get the desired clip you seek.

  • Clipbox is another tool on this list that has functionality outside TikTok. In other words, aside from serving as a TikTok download app, you can download clips from other social media platforms.

  • Clipbox Library – This library contains clips that you back up to Clipbox. The Clipbox app also lets users upload clips from their devices onto this library.


Clipbox offers a paid plan, the Pro version. Users can subscribe to this through in-app purchases. Individuals can either opt for a monthly subscription or the annual subscription.


  1. With Clipbox, you can easily cut out the parts of videos you find relevant and save these on your device. This not only saves space but also eliminates the need to skip seconds just to access your favorite moments.

  2. Rather than congest your device with several apps, you could stick to Clipbox as an alternative. This is more effective and space-efficient.

  3. This clip download tool is easily available to users on the Apple store.

  4. Clipbox users have the customer support line of the tool open to them. Although, customer support is available through email.


  1. If you would like to save clips that are over 10 seconds long, you would need to subscribe to the paid plan. However, any clip over 60 seconds cannot be downloaded.


6. Vidmate

Vidmate is a free video download tool that is only available to mobile users in the form of an application. It is similar to browsers like the Phoenix browser. It features content from several social platforms in addition to games and shorts. The app is available in 36 languages.


  • Quick search shortcut – Immediately you install Vidmate on your device, a shortcut pops up on your notification bar. Clicking on this quick search directs you to the search section of the app.

  • TikTok-appearance – When you provide the link to a TikTok video, the video is displayed on the app as on TikTok. This includes hashtags, descriptions, and stats on likes, comments, and shares.

  • Restricted mode – The restricted mode gives you control over what content is displayed each time you are on the app.


  1. Videos on Vidmate are fast to download. Downloads are completed within less than a minute of clicking the download icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. To worry less about your wards on Vidmate, you can turn the restricted mode on to filter displayed content.

  3. The search history on the app makes it easy to access videos you have viewed on the app previously.

  4. Vidmate is not limited to Android devices. On the Chrome Web store, you can download Vidmate for your PC.


  1. Vidmate is unavailable on the Playstore as it violates certain Google Play rules.

  2. An ad is presented nearly every time you perform an action on the app or relaunch the app.

  3. At times, audio of featured media on the app plays in the background when you minimize the app.

Bottom Line

TikTok does stand as one among other social platforms that garner a load of attention. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it has software developed with functions tied to it and existing tools getting add-ons. Finding the right tool with features tailored to your needs could be relieving.

If you would rather not have to see the TikTok watermark, or you would like to download several videos at a go, there happens to be a TikTok downloader for you. Desktop users are not left out either. With the six tools outlined in this article, you are very likely to find a solution to whatever shortcomings you may find on TikTok.

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