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Snap TikTok Review 2023

TikTok is a social media platform that allows the creation, viewing, and sharing of videos. These videos could range from 15seconds to a minute long and can be about anything. Something notable about the application is its high and increasing engagement levels and its addictiveness. The platform enables creators, professionals, and non-professionals alike, to add various effects to their videos. These effects could range from stickers to filters or background music. Video creators and users can even make split-screen videos and work together on content.

Snap TikTok

What Is TikTok’s purpose?

TikTok is an online media platform that allows the creation of short length videos which are created for, and by TikTok users. The normal length of a TikTok video ranges from 15 to 60 seconds. Recently, the time limit has been extended to 3 minutes for users, and videos of a lengthy time frame that was recorded outside the app can be uploaded.

The platform’s operational format assists as a huge support to comedy and entertainment as a whole. Moreover, it is now continuously used for information sharing and viewing. Users who have a large number of followers and have consistent viewers on TikTok offer pieces of advice which may be practical or not and self-help tips, as well as self-promotion. Fashion, cooking tips, and beauty, are some well-known topics for videos of informational quality. The design and functionality of the app is also well set to market products.

TikTok Business

Marketing on the TikTok platform is still in its infancy stages, but an increasing amount of agencies are desirous to assist brands in the creation of the sort of eccentric content that attracts views and generates clicks on TikTok. With TikTok, traditional advertising methods that emphasize a product’s main qualities do not work. Rather, fun and eye-catching campaigns along with trending music hit the target. Going viral on the platform and impelling imitations by other TikTok users and creators to start a trend is the prime and ultimate aim.

Why should you use TikTok for business?

  • Creative liberties.

Majority of the content on TikTok is majorly brief, playfully quaint or fanciful, and entertaining. TikTok is real people conveying their ideas in creative, usually funny ways. Even a company selling products, services or both can employ the use of TikTok to promote the business and reap the benefits of the market.

Users on social media platforms yearn for human relation and originality. While TikTok is also a platform of informative and educational value, a company’s position to be approachable, relatable, and ready to offer assistance will enable customers to feel secure in conducting business dealings.

  • Wider Reach

TikTok, even though started in 2016, has generated more than 2 billion downloads on the Google play store and the App Store. Being the topmost downloaded application in the App Store, it has over 30 million downloads. TikTok is now ahead of other social media platforms that have existed on the internet for much longer such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. It is no surprise that TikTok generates more downloads as video content apps are now the mainstream social media apps.

Contradictory to common opinion, most of the users moving through TikTok are not just teenagers. In 2020, 47.7% of users based in the United States range from the ages of 10-29 years. On the other hand, 31.3% of base users range from 40 years old and above. This also implies that in setting a goal to reach a wider audience, TikTok is a platform to put into consideration.

  • Endless Influencers

TikTok is an application that is flexible enough to allow anyone to go viral. A user with few engagements may post a video in one night and awake to over 10 million views in the morning. This feature of providing almost anybody with a large following pool means TikTok has a wide range of individuals known as influencers to select from.

A brand seeking to promote a product with a target of a select group or those in a particular region can easily find a user that fits the target criteria and has a massive following base. Recent data surveys have shown that more than 84% of businesses have employed the use of influencers to increase awareness of a brand and create sales.

Moreover, selecting influencers and determining if they’re right for a product can be a strenuous or tasking process. To ease this task, the TikTok Creator Marketplace was created by TikTok. This is an analytical tool that assists in seeking and selecting TikTok influencers to partner up with. It allows you to get details on the influencers’ content, engagements, views, and more.

  • Budget-Friendly

A lot of brands are still uneasy about advertising on the TikTok platform, thinking it will be a waste of money and effort. They also feel it may be very tasking to manage campaigns and monitor data on yet another app. Contrary to this idea perceived by many brands, what may be one of the most attractive features of TikTok is that it can gather success irrespective of the size of a company’s budget.

Unlike other established social media platforms, it is much easier for smaller brands to achieve wide-scale reach without spending a lot of money.

  • High rate of User Engagement

It is impossible to ignore the engagement rate that come with using TikTok in marketing. In a survey carried out, the average TikToker is known to spend 52 minutes daily using the app. This increased time of use implies that there is enough opportunity for the brand advertisement to reach its target customer.

This TikTok engagement rate is not to be unexpected. It does not matter what sort of business or what product a brand is marketing – clothing, beauty products, transportation, etc. – there is ample opportunity to advertise one’s product. TikTok also has a unique algorithm that makes it easier to obtain high engagement on videos with very little effort.

The Benefits and Downsides of using TikTok


  • Improving brand recognition

The upsides to the use of TikTok are many. Since its release, it is now a basic segment of possessing a social media presence. As stated earlier, TikTok provides operators and account owners with a distinctive perception into a brand or a product, engages customers, and strengthens their association with the involved brand. TikTok can also improve brand recognition when a business advertises a product in a manner that suits the app's design – whimsical, light, and humorous.

  • Improving brand awareness

One way to improve brand awareness is to incorporate hashtags into use. Hashtags are very useful for brands that are small and not well known; such as brands that may not attract a high engagement rate from their videos.

Like other online media platforms, TikTok has no shortage of influencers and they play a vital role in improving brand awareness. Some of these influencers have risen to stardom while using the application while others have moved from other media platforms. Nevertheless, these individuals are a pathway to reaching wider audiences.

  • Creator-generated content

Identical to creator engagement, creator-generated content benefits the aim of advertising a business on the platform by enabling users to redirect the purpose of already-created content from other users. This can be done by using the stitch and duet features on the app.

It is one of the strategies that several businesses have applied. Businesses can and have initiated advertising campaigns that rely on the content already created by others.


  • TikTok’s Humorous Nature

No doubt, TikTok can be used to drive online presence and promote your brand. It can also be used for informative purposes, but it can be challenging to convert sales on a product. This is because the application has a very humorous tone and it is mostly used for recreational purposes. Also, there is no function yet that enables the linking from one’s post to an online site.

What several businesses do is to promote creativity from users and engage in interactions. Still, brands that drive conversions on TikTok exist even though it can be a tasking activity.

  • Tracking Performance on the app.

It is time-consuming to keep track of one’s TikTok analytics with a long-term view. This is because the application's in-built analytics is at one’s disposal for just 28 days, after which one has to keep a record by himself.

TikTok SEO strategies that can be applied to your business

To make a website gain online visibility, you optimize the website for online search engines. To approach the consumer base and engage in interactions, you employ the use of online media platforms such as TikTok.

With just a 4% percentage of product brands and businesses that use TikTok, it is advisable to join the wave and be a step ahead of rivals and competitors. Applying TikTok SEO strategies to your business can be a big plus and affect your business massively.

Below are some practical TikTok strategies to incorporate into your business.

Using Hashtags for visibility

Using Hashtags as a primary keyword is a smart move because Google now indexes TikTok’s creator content. Keywords are a vital part of SEO strategies. Using relevant keywords increases brand reach. Employ the use of popular hashtags suitable for your product to generate views and increase visibility. The use of hashtags with less popularity can also be effective for targeting a particular audience.

Creation and Optimization of good video content.

Pay attention to the description and title of your video content as the video will be only 60 seconds in length. Keywords that have a lengthy description may be used to make the video seem informative and is also great for optimization.

Your video should be relatable and engaging too. Take note of the comments from your viewers and respond with applicable information. Also, keep in mind that getting on the current TikTok trend increases visibility. So make your content entertaining by adding a trending background sound or using popular hashtags.

Cross promoting content.

If you have built a large following base on other social media platforms, it is unwise to waste that large amount of follower base. Post your TikTok-made content there and encourage them to engage it and check out your TikTok account. This can generate more traffic to your TikTok page.

Linking your website to your TikTok page.

Your user account bio should contain an intro about your product or business brand and your website URL. Having a website URL on your bio makes customers and patrons feel assured about whatever you are marketing.

Using TikTok analytics.

Just like any other online media platform, using analytics provides detailed information about the audience and how they react to your brand and your content. It provides information on which sort of post gets the most engagement and a higher number of views. All of these help you to better strategize your content creation.

What is Snap TikTok?

SnapTik and Snap TikTok both refer to the most used TikTok video saver. As in most cases, some users are more comfortable using the service online and others would rather have the easy-to-access application on their device. Its developers have also considered that other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook contain posts of interest that users may be unable to save to their devices. Putting all this into consideration, SnapTik/ Snap TikTok now exists as an online tool and has a Playstore-approved app that has features to allow interested individuals to download posts off some other social platforms using only a link. Let us now see in detail, some notable features of Snap TikTok.

Features of Snap TikTok

  1. Open to all: Be it the application on your desktop/phone or the SnapTik official site, it is not necessary to sign in to your TikTok account for access. You do not require any form of login action like providing a username or anything to employ the services of this tool. Once you launch SnapTik, you proceed directly to inputting the link and downloading the clip.

  2. Multipurpose: SnapTik features as a video saver across other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This means that with SnapTik, one does not need extra apps to perform these various functions. Rather, you can save data and space using this multipurpose app.

  3. A download section: For easy video access, you can visit the download section of the app. You may decide to delete a file from this section as it will remain in the destination folder. However, if the reverse is the case and the file is removed from the designated storage path, you will no longer be able to play or share the file on the Snap TikTok app.

Note, however, that the second and third features are unique to the Snap TikTok app.

How does Snap TikTok work

Snap TikTok is an easy-to-use application that requires a few steps to complete its tasks. To use the Snap TikTok application to download clips;

  1. Launch your TikTok app

  2. Find the video of your choice and copy its link by clicking on the copy link button.

  3. Next, launch the Snap TikTok app

  4. Put the link into the provided space or click the Paste button and grant the app access to your device’s clipboard. At times, however, the link may automatically paste itself into the available space.

  5. Once the link is in the algorithm, a thumbnail of the file appears with the download option beneath it. Click on this and the download will be complete within a minute, two minutes at most.

You can follow these steps using instead if you would not like to download the app.

However, in some scenarios, Snap TikTok will be unable to download or process a TikTok clip. These situations include

  • Trying to download a video that is labeled private on TikTok when you somehow get the video link.

  • Using the link of a video that is restricted to the region or country where you are.

  • Attempting to download a video that has already been taken down by TikTok.

  • Trying to use the app at a time when it is temporarily blocked by other platforms. If this is the case, you can give the application some time and try again later.

SnapTik Pro versions

SnapTik pro plans are all very affordable and convenient. Although getting a paid plan is not compulsory, it comes with some benefits like:

  1. An ad-free interface- The Snap TikTok app is normally loaded with ads. However, the pro versions remove all ads ensuring that you get to download your videos smoothly and in time.

  2. Auto Download- The pro versions also remove the extra steps that normally go into the download process. Instead, you would only have to copy the video’s URL and launch the app.

  3. Multi Downloads- Another added benefit is that the pro versions allow individuals to download more than one video at a time. This saves the time it would take to go between apps to get links. In other words, your download process becomes more convenient.

There are four available pro versions which are:

  • 0.4USSD for 7 days

  • 1USSD for 30 days

  • 5USSD each year; and

  • 10USSD for a lifetime.

Purchasing a plan of choice can be done using the debit/credit card that is connected to your Google account. The payment information you render is seen only by Google.

Pros and Cons of using SnapTik


  • Privacy: None of the files that pass through SnapTik are uploaded to a server. In other words, your videos are not stored by SnapTik to be used for other purposes.

  • Flexibility: SnapTik allows individuals to save files that pique their interest without having to create a TikTok account. In addition, the content and instructions on the Snap TikTok site are available in more than twenty languages. This means it is available to people in more regions than one. What is more? SnapTik works well across several devices, be it an Android, desktop, or iOS. Using this video downloader, you can get your favorite TikTok videos on your desktop, therefore, overcoming the limitation of being unable to use TikTok on desktops.

  • Easy to find files: The app auto creates a folder titled SnapX where all videos downloaded on it are automatically stored.

  • Good quality: Videos downloaded by this app are saved by default at the resolution of 576×1024 pixels. This is the same quality you would get downloading the video directly from TikTok. In essence, the watermark-removal process does nothing to reduce the quality of the file.

  • Label-free videos: Most times sharing a TikTok video online would pose some trouble to certain individuals. In sharing media files from TikTok across other social platforms, some people would need to paint over the TikTok branding and username to keep the source account hidden. With SnapTik, your videos come out without the usual username display. Instead, you have a short clip without tags.


  • The application does not always work. At times, you might find an error message displayed above the link giving a reason why the download action will not take place.

  • If you will be sticking to the free version, you do not have control over when a time-bound video ad pops up on your screen.

Alternatives to Snap TikTok

SaveTT– SaveTT is a user-friendly online TikTok clip downloading tool. Like SnapTik, you need to obtain the link to a clip, paste it into the algorithm and select the seek button. This software functions across a range of devices including; desktops, iPads, Tablets, and Smartphones. It allows users to save files in MP3 and MP4 formats. Videos are equally saved with the 576×1024 resolution. However, unlike SnapTik, this tool has only free versions. In other words, there are no paid plans. Also, it exists only as an online tool with Arabic as its default language. You can decide to save the videos to Dropbox or save them to a selected storage path on your desktop/phone. The TikTok clip downloader is exactly similar to this both in layout and features.

TikTokDownloader– This TikTok clip downloader is another that exists only as an online tool. It also operates using only the link to the clip you would like to download. Upon supplying the link of your choice, the algorithm would check to see if the video is available for download. If it is, you will find the green download button beneath the check video option.

SSS TikTok Downloader– This tool ranks over three thousand spaces below SnapTik on the global ranking, although it is efficient nonetheless. Its web content and instructions are available in 17 languages. This tool also has an app that is compatible only with Android devices. On the app, one can either download the video of choice without its watermark or download the clip as an MP3 file. Videos you download using the app will be stored in an automatically created file labeled movies.

Wrapping Up

Indeed while most persons have no concerns about the watermarks that go with TikTok videos, others gladly employ the services of these tools. With a tool like Snap TikTok, you no longer have to fret in times when you would rather keep your TikTok ID hidden. On the plus side, using this tool does not affect the quality of your video, so you can rest assured. To use SnapTik, ensure to grant the app permissions to your files and that you have a good internet connection.

Aside from SnapTik, there is a swarming number of TikTok clip downloaders available to you online. Due to these tools being free, the developers have to find an alternative way to keep things running, in other words, ads. For convenience, SnapTik has not restricted itself to being a web application alone. And along with the app comes the choice to enjoy its services uninterrupted and ad-free. Using this user-intuitive and affordable tool, you can store and share TikTok clips without having to worry about TikTok’s watermark.

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