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Top SEO Marketing Tools [2023]

Ranking high for a certain keyword on the SERP cannot be underplayed. It holds the key to driving more traffic and generating leads for websites. However, it all depends on whether or not they have a solid SEO.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] has become very critical to the point where it dictates the success of a business in the online world. As a result, every brand out there has made various efforts to improve its SEO marketing. And this includes implementing easy-to-use SEO tools.

Since there are several tools out there that can help improve your SEO, you may wonder which ones to opt for. Not to worry, this article provides you with a list of SEO marketing tools for 2023 along with their features, pros, and cons. But first, let's see in detail why you should consider using these tools for your SEO marketing.

SEO Marketing Tools

Benefits of SEO Marketing tools

Why should you use SEO tools? It's simple - They give you quick access to all the benefits of SEO. Not convincing enough? Here are other benefits of SEO marketing tools.

1. Helps in SEO audits

Maintenance and inspection are necessary for every aspect of life. And your website is no exception. It requires regular and thorough SEO auditing to function properly in the long run. But what exactly are SEO audits?

Simply put, SEO audits involve analyzing your site to identify any issues that can affect your site's organic search performance adversely. However, conducting a manual SEO audit is time-consuming and costs a lot.

Fortunately, there are SEO tools perfectly suited to this task. Screaming Frog is an example of such a tool. It runs a thorough check on your website while allowing you to save up to half the money and time.

2. Allows you to spy on your competitors

One of the most basic SEO strategies is spying on your competitors. And SEO tools help you do this easily. With the right tools, you can have a peek into your competition's SEO strategy and formulate a plan on how to surpass them. Here are two areas where SEO tools are especially useful when spying on your competitors.

  • Keyword research. Drafting out a list of keywords to rank for is a continuous process in the SEO world. And sometimes, it can get tasking. This is especially so when you're out of content to generate. If you are facing such a situation, there is no need to worry. You only need to have a peek at your competitors' keywords. SEO tools can help you do this with ease. Also, tools like SEMrush can produce tons of keyword ideas at once.

  • Backlink strategy. Yet another essential aspect of a site's SEO is backlinking. Backlinks are capable of generating more traffic for your website in the blink of an eye. The more backlinks you have, the more your site is valued by SERPs. That said, backlinking is not as easy as it sounds. As a result, many brands have implemented SEO tools to help their backlink strategy. SEO marketing tools help you check the backlinks profile of your competitors. You can know what web pages link back to their site. With that, you can approach those websites to create backlinks for you.

3. Tracks your progress

How do you know if your SEO strategy is working? To do so, you have to track your SEO progress regularly. You have to check your progress across several platforms and metrics to know if your site is generating more traffic. SEO tools come in handy when doing so. They help you measure your site's SEO performance which includes:

  • Your site's traffic

  • Quantity of backlinks

  • Your domain authority

  • Your sales

  • Keyword rankings

Tracking your progress may sound stressful, but in reality, it is not. It can help you know when to review or discard an SEO strategy and implement a new one. And SEO tools help you to know how your website is performing.

Top SEO marketing tools for 2023

Now, you know the benefits SEO tools offer to you and, there is no doubt that you want to get started immediately. But the bigger question remains - which SEO tools should you choose? The following are three top all-in-one SEO marketing tools for 2023.

But why consider them? Here are their well-known features as well as their pros, cons, and pricing.

Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tools provider founded in the year 2011. Without a doubt, it sits amongst the top all-in-one SEO marketing tools. But you may wonder why? Here are the main features that define Ahrefs as one of the best.


  • It helps in website audits.

  • It helps you make keyword research.

  • It offers SEO tools suited for rank tracking.

  • Ahrefs allows you to make comprehensive competitor research.


  • It has an easy-to-use user interface.

  • It offers users a free keyword research tool.

  • Ahrefs provides blog articles and tutorials to help you find your way around its tools.

  • Ahrefs also provides a free trial for a limited time.


  • It is more expensive than many other SEO marketing tools.

  • The free keyword research tool displays little information.


Ahrefs offer a seven-day free trial. And as seen above, it provides users with a free keyword research tool. However, this tool is much more enjoyable with Ahrefs premium version. So how much does Ahrefs cost? Here are Ahrefs pricing plans.

  • Lite. Here, Ahrefs offer some of its features for $99 a month. However, if you pay annually, you can get access to this plan for $82 per month and $990 a year.

  • Ahrefs charges $179 for its standard plan. You can save up to $358 a year by opting for the annual payment of $1,790.

  • Advanced. Here, you can get access to more tools for a sum of $399 per month. Ahrefs allows you to pay the sum of $3,990/annum. And this lets you save up to $798 a year.

  • Under the agency plan, you can get access to all the SEO tools for $999 monthly. But if you pay yearly, you can save about $1,998 per annum.

As seen above, the major downside of Ahrefs is its cost. However, this is no reason to back out as the benefits you'll get is well worth the price.


SEMrush is yet another top SEO tools provider. Ever since its foundation in 2008, SEMrush has grown to become the first choice of many brands out there. Some have even placed it above the popularly known Ahrefs. Here are some of the impressive features of SEMrush.


  • SEMrush offers six SEO tools that are well suited for keyword research. These tools include its keyword overview, organic traffic insight, and the keyword magic tool.

  • It helps in link building.

  • It offers PPC (Pay Per Click) keyword research tools.

  • SEMrush also provides SEO tools that help in content Optimization.

  • It offers social media management tools.


  • SEMrush is well-organized and easy to use

  • Its features are regularly updated.

  • It offers lots of high-quality SEO tools.


  • It runs slowly at times.

  • It has technical issues.


You can get access to SEMrush's impressive features by subscribing to their pricing plans. Of course, the type of plan you opt for determines the features you get. The following are SEMrush monthly pricing plans.

  • Pro. Here, SEMrush charges $119.95 monthly.

  • Guru. This plan costs $229.95/month.

  • Business. This is the highest package offered by SEMrush for $449.95 per month.

However, you can also pay annually. If you choose to do so, you can save about 17% of the monthly price.


The last on our list is SERPWatcher. Developed by Mangools, SERPWatcher is well-known by brands for its impressive rank tracking feature. And this has seen it through as one of the best SEO tools out there alongside Ahrefs and SEMrush. The following are other top features of SERPWatcher.


  • It is helpful when tracking mobile and desktop results.

  • SERPWatcher is also known for tracking results for specified locations.

  • Its dashboard feature allows you to view all relevant info on one screen.

  • It allows you to share reports with other users.


  • It possesses an easy-to-use user interface.

  • SERPWatcher offers a free ten-day trial.

  • It keeps track of your keyword ranking and alerts you when there is a slight change, either positively or negatively.

  • As mentioned earlier, SERPWatcher allows you to share your reports with other users.


  • The main downside of this tool is that it produces over and underestimated data. Hence, its data are not always accurate.


Since it was developed by Mangools, SERPWatcher offers the same pricing plans as other Mangools' tools. And these include the basic, premium, and agency plans.

  • Mangools’ Basic plan costs $29.90 per month and $358.80 per year.

  • The Premium plan costs $39.90 per month and $478.80 per annum.

  • Agency plan. Here, Mangools offer SERPWatcher at $79.90 monthly and $958.80 annually.

"Too expensive?" Did that come to your mind? If so, you can get started with SERPWatcher’s 10-day free trial. With that, you'll be sure that SERPWatcher's features are worth the cost.

Wrapping Up

SEO may seem tasking at times. But even so, there is no way around it. You must go through this process if you want to succeed online. Why? Just imagine that you rank first on Google's SERP. You will no doubt get a tremendous amount of clicks.

And this is because users are more likely to visit the website that displays on the first page on Google. No one wants to go through the stress of visiting other pages to find what they are looking for. So in reality, if you don't appear on Google's first result page, you don't rank at all. While there is no way to get around it, you can improve your SEO without stress. And this calls for SEO tools.

As the name implies, SEO marketing tools are designed to help you improve your SEO marketing. Though they are not flashy, the three tools discussed in this article have proven to be amongst the best out there.


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