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6 Useful SEO Tools In 2021 to Refresh Old Content for High-Converting Rates

Refreshing old content is an extremely useful and effective marketing strategy. It can increase conversions and provide SEO optimization that will lead to more natural searches on your website. This strategy helps to get the most of the content you already have.

It is important because the number of articles and pages grows, while the demand remains at the same level. That’s why the success of a website or a blog is based not on the number of publications but their efficiency.

Where to start from? Well, it is easy, as it all begins with in-depth research. The way one works on an outline for essay, the same way you need to develop posts’ updating strategy. Coming up with quality content is not rocket science for essay writing service, all the same, it requires some knowledge and practices for sharing organic and qualified insights. Here are the steps:

  1. Analyze the performance of the content. It is essential to know what materials are the most efficient and generates better conversions and what posts bring more clicks to call-to-actions.

  2. Optimize the old posts in compliance with two main factors:

  • Revise your interlinking strategy;

  • Improve SEO optimization for posts that create more leads but do not have substantial traffic. According to the research, the majority of traffic (71%) goes to the first Google page. It means that the content should be ranked high to get to a broad audience.

Here are several things to consider when reworking old content:

  • Update the relevance of the topic and message;

  • Work on the call-to-actions, because they generate the majority on interlinks;

  • Conduct keyword research and update keywords in the post;

  • Republish updated content, so it is ranked fresh by a search engine.

To achieve these goals, you can use the following tools. They allow analyzing content, show the weak spots and room for possible improvement, and make suggestions regarding SEO optimization.

Here are amazing analytic SEO tools in 2021 that are great for the initial step of getting information about pages’ performance.

SEO tools in 2020


Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Yes, everyone knows about this tool; it is free and available for all. But not every user understands how many functions it has to offer. Google Analytics itself is almost always enough to get the essential analysis of content performance. The functionality includes:

  • Acquisition analysis shows where the traffic comes from to the website. It includes the number of sessions, the bounce rate, and conversions. Here you can find what search engine brings the most traffic. It shows referrals from other websites or social media channels and organic searches. This is crucial for understanding the target audience and the most effective channels for its attraction.


  • Analysis of what visitors do on your website. The report provides such information as page views, time spent on a page, bounce rate, and percent of people exiting the page. It helps in figuring out what pages perform better and which ones need an update;

  • Visitors' interaction with the content. The report shows the most viewed pieces as well as the least popular materials. It provides an insight into users’ intent and can bring you the ideas on how to refresh pages;

Google visitors

  • Provides website speed reports. The sites that load slowly get less conversions. People tend to leave page if they have to wait for too long, no matter how excellent the material may be;

Google site speed

  • Report on the search tab usage of the website - what visitors search for;

  • It allows running A/B testing experiments with updated content. It means that you can run an experiment of an updated page before making final changes. This serves as a safe way to see how well the refreshed page will perform and if any more alterations are needed;

Google analytics report

  • Full conversions report, including goals understanding, setting, and e-commerce performance.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use, while the reports are shown in graphs that make them visual and comprehensive. It helps in refreshing content by providing analysis of page’s performance, visitors’ actions on website. This data, in turn, brings understanding of what works better or best with the audience. The main benefit is that it allows testing the updates before final publishing.



This one is an excellent leads analysis tool. It is available for a paid subscription, but there is a 14-days free trial. It provides an in-depth report on where leads are coming from.

It analyses the traffic coming to the website and integrates with Google Analytics and LinkedIn. This software is specially designed for sales and marketing purposes and offers the following functionality:

  • Traffic overview. Reports can be generated by companies visiting websites, countries, referral web pages, etc.;

leadfeeder tool

  • Provides email alerts when targeted companies visit the page and B2B leads. This is a great opportunity to find new marketing cooperation partners and update existing pages with backlinking to them from outside sources to attract new visitors;

leadfeeder dashboard

  • Shows the most visited pages as well as the pages that attract less traffic so you can figure out which ones need refreshment;

  • It gets connected to CRM and automatically creates leads in the system.

The software works with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, WebCRM, Google Data Studio, and other resources. This tool is amazing for refreshing old content because it provides data on traffic and the places it comes from, shows the visits on the pages, which helps to find what content needs updates.

Leadfeeder offers alert from other company’s visits to help find B2B marketing opportunities that can be used while updating older materials. It can also come in handy while creating clients’ database and attracting loyal customers.




This is a convenient tool that shows the SEO performance and creates a checklist of steps to increase it. There is also a social media analysis in terms of shares, likes, and comments. Here is what this software has to offer:

  • Comprehensive website review, with a score from 0 to 100. Based on the score, it provides insight and suggestions on what to improve, like meta description, loading speed, broken links, etc. It helps to make webpage more effective, fast and see the issues that might reduce conversions;

  • Comprehensive analysis of social media performance, what content is shared, and via what media channels. Updating a site accordingly might bring new audience and get more shares;

woorank dashboard

  • Visitors’ reports, including the number of them, time spent on the page, and the number of sessions;

  • The tool shows how mobile-friendly the page is. It is important as half of the traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices, according to the recent statistics. So if your webpage performs poorly at a smartphone screen, you are missing out on a lot of conversions. It is also crucial for site’s SEO ranking as Google has launched mobile-first index;

  • The keyword tool shows how the content performs according to the related searches. It provides a comparison between your and competitors' rankings for the same keywords;

Keyword tool

  • Suggest keywords based on the topic of your content. This is especially useful for writing conversion-focused product reviews. Adding more relevant keyword is a great way to refresh existing pages;

  • Provides keywords search data for specific regions so that you can increase local conversions.

Another great benefit is that the tool provides a weekly report on site performance, which allows constant improvement and efficient maintenance.

Woorank allows constant analysis of website performance and helps to eliminate any mistakes and errors. It also provides data on visits and targeted audience, which helps to update old content accordingly.

The tool also provides social media data analysis as well as indicates mobile-friendliness of the page. Most importantly, it offers keyword suggestions and helps to analyze the performance of keywords on existing page. Finding appropriate and relevant keywords can increase conversions of the old pages.




It is by far the most effective keyword research tool that helps in enhancing one's keyword game. Type the phrase in, and you’ll get the result on the most searched combinations and trends.

It also shows the top-ranked pages for a particular keyword, which can be helpful in terms of competition research. Overall, it is a great tool that provides:

  • The data on competitors’ performance, namely what keywords are used and how they are ranked. It is necessary to see what strategies work great and how they can be implemented in the case of your website;

  • Full marketing management functionality. It includes advertising research and competitors’ comparison;

  • Keyword research, including long-tail keywords suggestions. The new options can be used in altering older articles and pages to attract more organic searches;

Keyword magic tool

  • The backlinking report, with types and geographic location being indicated. Adding backlinks will attract new visitors to old pages;

Semrush tool

  • Traffic analysis with leads and potential partners.

The strongest point of this software is that it provides a report not only on your webpage but also on competitors. It allows analyzing the market, the ad budget, and performance, working on relevant keywords, and looking for a new niche audience.

SEMrush is among the best tool in terms of competitors research and following trends that have worked for your counterparts. It is an essential part of digital marketing - to look at the successful cases and implement their experience.

It also shows backlinking report and data on the visits, which helps in defining the audience and adjusting old content to their intent. Another essential part is implementation of LTK that attract more niche audience and help old pages get higher ranking on Google.



Answer the public

This is a free tool that helps in finding out the initial questions the audience has when searching for something. It helps understand the public demand and answer it by refreshing content.

The benefit of the software is that it offers a comprehensive visualization of the search questions that provide the knowledge on public demand.

For example, you type the phrase you are interested in like “eco-friendly tourism” and get all the most searched questions related, such as first-hand ones:

  • What is eco-friendly tourism;

  • How to promote eco-friendly tourism;

  • How to be an eco-friendly tourist;

as well as the related searches, like “eco-friendly tourism UK,” “eco-friendly tourism examples,” “eco-friendly tourism activities,” etc.

This tool will be beneficial while forming long-tail keywords and making the content more relevant. These related questions can be used as LTK to increase organic searches and SEO ranking of the page.

While scrolling through the questions, you might also find a niche audience, which information request isn’t fulfilled yet.

AnswerThePublic is one of the handiest tools for defining the audience intent and providing content aimed at resolves people’s issues. Information gathered from it can help to reshape and refresh old pages to make them more helpful and effective for the visitors according to their searches.


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs explorer

This is one of the SEO tools offered by Ahrefs for Marketing, and it has great functionality. The search is based on the phrase you are looking for. One of the benefits is that you can choose the country of results.

So, if the audience is from the USA, it is easier to concentrate on search results in this region particularly. Another advantage of using this tool is that it shows keyword difficulty, which means how hard it will be for this keyword to get a high ranking.

Overall, the software performs as follows:

  • It is one of the biggest keyword databases with more than 3 billions of results to choose from;

  • Provides click results for specific keywords. For example, not all searches lead to clicking on the page. If a person is looking for “the capital of Sri Lanka,” the answer will be given right away. This report helps to find keywords that attract more clicks.

Ahrefs too

  • Offers related topics to a specific search. It helps to discover new content opportunities.

  • Provides lists of suggested keywords.

The usage of well-performing keywords can bring new life to almost any existing page. This tool offers an enormous database with results that are more clickable and efficient.

It is also great for discovering users’ intent with the list of suggestions and related topics. For instance, the old page might be lacking some information. It is easy to define the gaps and update the material accordingly.

SEO tool 2020


Final Words

Updating old content is a great way to increase conversions and overall website performance. All the content you’ve created can and should be working for the primary goal. Such tools as Google Analytics, Leadfeeder, Woorank, SEMrush, AnswerThePublic, and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer help refresh previous content and boost conversions.

To update it, one should make a comprehensive analysis, find weak spots, pages that could perform better, and upgrade them. The most efficient are keyword and call-to-action updates. It is also crucial to care for the relevance of the information presented. After all, we all live in a fast-paced world.


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