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List of AI Generated Content Tool

Nothing beats quality content for your business or brand's online platforms. Whether it's your website, blog, or social media, a good content strategy would have a tremendous effect on growing your audience and increasing conversions. But content isn't always easy to generate.

AI Generated Content Tool

Even when there is an entire team dedicated to content creation and management, they could sometimes use some help generating content ideas and bringing them into reality. It is even more so for solo business owners who manage their content while running their businesses. This is where AI-generated content tools come in.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) content generation tools are fast gaining prominence because AI is quickly improving how humans do everything. So to improve how you generate content, here's a list of AI-generated content tools that can help.

List of AI Generated Content Tools

Let's take a look at these tools in detail.

Jasper SEO content AI

When it comes to AI-generated content tools, Jasper is not new to the industry. As one of the leading AI writers today, it offers advanced features for content creators who require an engaging copy. With these features, you can generate several forms of online content without worrying about grammar or plagiarism issues.

Using this tool, you can write compelling blog introductory and concluding paragraphs. And what's more, it allows users to create social media content ranging from IG captions, Facebook headlines, and even YouTube Video scripts. Other features that Jasper AI offers include:


  • It offers over fifty content templates for several use cases, such as text summarizers, creative stories, and product descriptions.

  • Its content improver allows you to increase the efficiency of your content by making it more engaging.

  • Jasper AI works in over twenty-nine languages.

  • It helps users generate relevant images in seconds.

  • It allows users to generate highly optimized content for Google’s top page.


Jasper pricing

Jasper has two premium packages. These include the famous 'Boss Mode' and the advanced 'Business' package. Their details include:

  • The “Boss Mode” plan starts at $49/month on annual billings for 50,000 words. But that's not all. The boss mode plan is flexible. You can increase or decrease the word count and purchase it at a different price. For example, 100,000 words cost $82 monthly, while 300,000 words cost $232 each month. Under 'monthly billings', the pricing starts at $59/month for 50,000 words.

  • The “Businesspackage offers a custom word count and more advanced features to users. The price starts at $499 monthly.


  • It generates content much faster than human writers.

  • It produces original content.

  • Jasper is highly rated across Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra.

  • It is multi-lingual.


  • The text generated by Jasper requires proofreading and fact-checking before use.

  • It may occasionally repeat words.

Bottom Line

Jasper is the complete AI tool for your content development. As seen above, its features are high-end and allow you automatically create several contents in no time. And apart from its two paid plans, it provides a free 5-day trial. Though not much, you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you.


Copy AI

CopyAI is another AI-copywriting content tool you wouldn't want to overlook. Founded in 2020, this tool has rapidly become the first choice of many. And that's no wonder considering the features it offers.

With CopyAI, you don't need to waste time brainstorming content ideas. It offers tools such as blog post ideas that allow users to generate several blog topics in seconds. And it doesn't stop there. You can also get access to features that helps when creating other forms of online content. Some of these include:


  • It allows users to generate effective keywords, hashtags, and captions for social media content.

  • It offers users functionalities for generating web content. Such functionalities include a CTA generator, meta descriptions for SERPs, and hero texts for landing pages.

  • It enables users to create similar results based on a generated result via the “More like this” icon.


Copy AI pricing

CopyAI offers a free package to its users. However, it has its limits – only 2500 words monthly. If you want access to all its features, you’ll need to subscribe to the “PRO” package for $36/month and $49/month on annual and monthly billings respectively.


  • CopyAI allows you to write faster and easier, regardless of the type of content you want to generate.

  • It comes with an editor panel to keep you organized.

  • It allows you to develop content in a writing tone of your choice.

  • It generates several results to choose from.


  • CopyAI does not generate entire long-form posts on its own.

  • As an AI generated content tool, you'll need to cross-check the facts, grammar, and text originality, especially when using it for business purposes.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, CopyAI is a complete AI assistant if you're looking to generate tons of content in a short time. Though it doesn't generate entire long-form posts on the spot, it provides insight and helps you get started. And by providing you with multiple results (with the ability to generate more) and a writing tone, it gives you control over how your content appears.



Rytr is another advanced AI content generator that entered the market in 2021. Though relatively new, this tool is on par with the others on this list as it offers several features aimed at different use cases. Similar to Jasper, it is a multi-lingual tool, supporting over thirty languages.

And like CopyAI, it comes with a built-in editor panel. However, Rytr provides more advanced editing options. With this tool, you can rephrase, improve, expand, and shorten sentences. It also allows you to send a custom request to the AI generator. More of its exciting features include:


  • It offers features streamlined for over forty use-case scenarios. These include blog section writing, story plots, CTA, SEO meta descriptions, titles, and ideas for businesses.

  • It supports a variety of languages.

  • It allows you to create up to three variants of texts.

  • With Rytr, you can easily adjust the generator’s creativity level.


Rytr Pricing

In addition to the freemium package, Rytr has an “Unlimited Plan” that costs $29 monthly. You can get two months of free services if you pay annually at $290. You also get two months free when you purchase the “Saver Plan” for $90/yearly at $9/month.


  • It allows you to generate content in 20+ writing tones.

  • Its User Interface is beginner-friendly.

  • It allows you to generate content in minutes.

  • Its editor allows you to check for plagiarized text. It also lets users generate AI images.

  • Its prices are relatively cheaper.


  • Its freemium package is limited.

Bottom Line

Without any doubt, Rytr deserves your trial. Its use-case scenarios and editor put it above many other AI content generators. And above all, it is easy to get started.



Do you need an AI tool that'll generate fully optimized blog posts in a matter of seconds? If so, then Writesonic might be your best bet. It offers an AI article writer capable of instantly generating posts of up to 1500 words. Apart from that, it offers several other standard features for AI generated content, including paraphrasing tools and text summarizers.

With Writesonic, content creators don't need to suffer writer's block. It gives you ideas and is ready to create a full copy anytime you want. To that end, it offers the following functions:


  • Writesonic helps users to generate effective Facebook and Google Ad copies for their brand promotion.

  • The text expender lets you lengthen your content while still retaining its value. Similarly, the paraphraser allows you to rephrase sentences.

  • As seen above, the AI writer allows you to generate blog posts instantly.


Writesonic pricing

Writesonic offers a free trial to help you get started. It also provides a custom plan for teams and businesses. In addition to these two, it has a “Long-form” package that starts from $12.67/month and $19/month on annual and monthly billings respectively. Note that Writesonic plans are flexible and can be adjusted for more words.


  • WriteSonic's features are easily navigable.

  • It offers high-quality and original text.

  • It is an effective tool for blogging, social media marketing, and other forms of online content.

  • This tool is super-fast.

  • It offers several samples to select from.


  • Its free version is limited.

  • The text generated by Writesonic may contain a little percentage of plagiarism, especially for longer articles.

Bottom Line

Writesonic is the ideal tool for webmasters and bloggers looking to win on Google’s competitive SERP as it provides unique articles. And what’s more, you can generate these posts with ease. Get started on the free plan. Though limited, it’ll give you a taste of the benefits of using Writesonic.


Chat GPT

If you’re familiar with AI tools, you’ve probably heard of this tool. Though launched recently by OpenAI, it has taken the world by storm. OpenAI? Yes, these are the creators of the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) series – language models that use deep learning algorithms to generate text. And its latest release, ChatGPT, has become a widely used tool for generating content. Why?

Well, ChatGPT takes the game to a whole new level. It is capable of generating text in a conversational manner, similar to chatting with a person on platforms like WhatsApp. Stunning, right?


  • ChatGPT can generate content for you, such as emails, author bios, blog intros, paragraphs, outlines, descriptions, and many more. It does this based on the request you make.

  • You can create multiple conversations or chat.

  • ChatGPT is capable of remembering what was said earlier in a conversation.

  • It is multi-lingual and is even capable of understanding creole languages.

  • ChatGPT generates responses conversationally. Simply put, think of it as a friend on a chatting platform that is well-versed in several topics and capable of creating various forms of online content at your request.


You can currently use ChatGPT for free by signing in with OpenAI.


  • It can rephrase responses in simpler terms, summarize texts, and even change the writing tone.

  • It gives you access to your chat history.

  • It allows you to regenerate a response differently.


  • As an AI, it may occasionally create incorrect information. Hence, like other tools on this list, you'll have to proofread the texts before using them.

  • Its knowledge of the world and events after 2021 are limited.

Bottom Line

Chat GPT 2

ChatGPT differs from your average AI tool in both structure and feel. At first glance, it may appear weird for an AI assistant. However, that's not the case. It offers the same functionalities as other tools on this list such as writing tones, use cases, text variants, and more. All it does is present them in a new way – like a conversational platform. By being specific in your requests, you'll find ChatGPT one of the best AI generated content tools in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, AI content generators have their perks. While most require critical fact-checking and editing to become suitable for online use, they certainly help content creators get started. Hence, it’s no wonder they are rapidly gaining popularity and increasing in number. However, some have the others beat in features. Thus, the question arises: "Which AI generated content tool should you select?" The five tools discussed in this article are top candidates for highly efficient AI content generation in 2023.


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