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CopyAI – AI Copywriting Tool

Content is essential for every brand looking to establish a solid presence on the web. And that’s no news. Without developing content regularly - either for your website, social account, or email marketing campaign – it is impossible to reach out to your target audience and promote your firm.

That said, generating content isn't as easy as it sounds. As a content creator, you're well aware of that. It may take hours just to generate a catchy headline, talk less of your article's body. Hence, it is no wonder why many brands have turned to the use of

What's that? It is an AI copywriting tool that allows users to create content easily and in seconds. However, since it's an AI, you may wonder if it deserves your try. In this article, you'll discover everything there is to know about, from its features to how you can get started.

CopyAI – Copywriting Tool – What it is

As seen earlier, is an AI copywriting tool that aids users when developing online content for their brand. Some of these include blog posts, website copy, sales copy, and social media content. Because of this, it has skyrocketed in popularity since its foundation in 2020 by Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu.

However, note that while it aids content creation, it does not generate long-form articles. For instance, you can’t produce an entire blog post with a click on The process of writing well-written content and high-quality articles takes effort and time. So, what does do?


It provides users with various features aimed at different forms of online content. And this makes it much easier to generate articles. For example, can help you produce blog ideas, engaging headlines, outlines, intros, and so on. None of these may give you an entire post on the spot. But it's more beneficial than having to work from scratch. It can give you that push needed to finish a project and can help you eliminate writer's block.

But is it trustworthy? And who is it for? A delve into the features of will answer these questions. Features features

Blog Content

Blog posts are one of the most popular forms of online content. It is the best way for brands to easily grow their website and improve visibility on a search engine. However, as mentioned earlier, does not help you generate an entire blog post in seconds. Still, it remains an effective tool that can assist you while doing so. Here are two features that can aid freelance content writers to generate blog posts.

  • Blog Ideas. Instead of wasting hours brainstorming over topics to write, allows you to generate tons of blog topic ideas in less than a minute. To use this feature, you only need to insert your brand name or product.

Afterward, describe your product to help the AI understand your firm. Once that's done, you'll get a list of topics that are relevant to your brand and may be perfect for your audience. Browse through the results and choose the ideas you love most. You can also decide to "make more" ideas based on a result you like.

  • Blog Titles. Similarly, you can get insight into an engaging and eye-catching headline from You only need to give it a few details to work with and browse through the results. Who knows, you may only need to tweak a result to get your perfect headline.

Social Content

Like blogs, social media content is another essential form of content. Knowing these, provides its users with a complete set of social media tools. These tools allow content creators to create engaging posts and build a solid presence across various platforms. Some of these tools include:

  • Keyword Generator. With this feature, gives you different keyword ideas based on the topic you provided.

  • Hashtag Generator. One common feature across most, if not all social platforms are hashtags. And thankfully, comes with its generator. This tool, like the one above, requires you to input a topic.

  • IG captions. Instagram is a leading media platform. knows this, and that's why it provides this feature which allows you to discover several engaging captions for your Instagram posts.

  • Crazy YouTube Ideas. If you’re stuck on content ideas for your YouTube channel, this may be what you need.

  • Add Emoji to List. Emojis are great ways of expressing thoughts. As such, as a social media content creator, you need to utilize this to your benefit. Find the right kinds of emojis with the tool.

Web Copy might be the perfect tool for you as a web copywriter. It helps you to generate various web copy that will help grow your site and rank higher on SERPs. These include:

  • Landing Page Hero Text. Are you looking for the perfect attention-grabbing headline for your landing page copy? If so, then this feature of will get you started.

  • Call-to-action. As a content creator, you know best the impact of having a good call-to-action on your website. Without one, it becomes difficult to engage your visitors. And much harder to direct them to act. can help you generate the right call-to-action you need.

  • Meta Descriptions. This tool comes in handy when developing a description for your audience and the search engine.

  • Event Copy. Are you holding an event soon? If so, you may need this feature to generate engaging text to promote that event. offers content creators lots more impressive features. Aside from the above three, you can get access to more tools. Some of these include Email/letter, Writing, Brainstorming, and Personal tools. Without a doubt, provides its users with everything they need to “say ‘goodbye’ to the blank page for good”.

The Pros and Cons of


  1. It makes writing easier and faster.

Its wide range of features across various forms of online content makes writing much easier than it ever was. And what's more, it eliminates any need for brainstorming. Simply click a button, and you'll be given tons of ideas to start with.

  1. It allows you to choose a writing tone.

Different content requires different writing tones. With, you can easily select the tone you want the AI to use when generating text for you. This is also helpful if you have a set brand tone. What's more, you can add a custom tone and even decide to sound like a particular person.

  1. It puts you in the control seat.

Unlike how other AI takes full control over the writing, keeps you in the driving seat. How? It does not go and generate the entire post on a spot. Instead, it offers a tool that gives you ideas and templates. It's your decision at the end of the day which results to choose.


  1. It requires critical fact-checking.

Regardless of its impressive features and tools, remains an AI tool. And for many, the text generated by AI writers is either inaccurate, plagiarized, or has grammatical issues. This remains the major issue facing AI assistant writers. But does that apply to

While passes the grammatical and plagiarism issues, its accuracy is still questionable. Simply put, it doesn't provide accurate content 100% of the time. Hence, you need to critically proofread and crosscheck the fact it gives you before using it. Pricing Packages offers all its features under the PRO plan for $49 monthly. However, on annual billing, you can get it for $36 monthly ($423 a year). also offers users a seven-day free trial for its features. After seven days, you can decide to keep using it for free (with a limit of 2,500 words every month). With that noted, how do you get started on

Getting Started with

  • Visit the website and click the “Get started - Its free” button to create an account.

  • You can sign-up with your Gmail account. Alternatively, you can select "Continue with Facebook" and input your account details. account

  • Once that's done, will ask you about your position and what content you'd like to make. You can answer with the options provided or choose to skip the questions. Afterward, you can start creating content. started

  • Tap "Create a new project" to begin. dashboard

  • Input your product name and product description. A basic and casual example is seen below. description

  • Choose a tone. There are different preset tones available. However, you can also use a custom tone like the one seen in the image. Tap “create content” to proceed.

  • Browse through the results. Once you find a text you like, you can copy and paste it into the right editor panel. projects

  • You can also generate more results based on the one you prefer. Hit the "more like this" button and get more results.  2

  • Keep generating results till you get what you want. If you're still facing issues, you may edit the product description to give the AI a better understanding of what you're looking for.

That's all. has an easy-to-use interface and doesn't require any advanced skill set. So, get started on this tool, as it is worth your shot.

Wrapping Up

At first glance, may not be the perfect AI writing assistant since it does not develop entire posts with one click. After all, other AIs are capable of doing so. That said, it remains one of the most popular AI copywriting tools today. Why?

As seen above, it offers many features and tools that allow content creators to develop catchy headlines, engaging captions, and an interactive body. It also goes as far as to give users ideas for their YouTube content.

In a world where new content is needed every day, these impressive features will be too good to miss. So, are you a webmaster, a blog owner, or a freelance copywriter? If so, you may want to implement as part of your content generation strategy.



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