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WriteSonic Review

Content creation is taking precedence in today’s online world. For firms, it creates a medium through which they can keep users engaged. And for readers, written content serves as a source of information. As a result, every website or blog out there takes the effort to develop high-quality content valued by both readers and search engines.

That said, content creation isn’t a piece of cake. As a writer, you’d need to first come up with a relevant topic, suitable headline, and your copy’s body while keeping in mind the standard SEO guidelines. All this can prove difficult especially when you're facing writer's block with no way out.

To ease that tasking process, Samanyou, founder of Writesonic, launched an AI-based article writer in 2021. What does that mean? How does it work? Is it worth a try? If you’re hearing of Writesonic for the first time, no doubt you have lots of questions. Not to worry, this post discusses a writesonic review to answer these and more.

What Writesonic is

Writesonic refers to an AI-based writing tool that allows users to generate high-quality articles in no time. Simply put, this tool serves as an artificial freelance writer ready to offer you several forms of articles on a particular topic.

writesonic review

All you need to do is to insert your keyword, description, and a couple of phrases. Based on that, the writer will generate your content from the headline down to the copy’s body. The tool goes as far as to give you several sample articles to choose from. Cool, right?

But that’s not all. Below are the top features of Writesonic that have seen it as a widely-used tool today.

Writesonic Features

The Writesonic tool makes use of its artificial system to provide several tools and services to aid content generation. Some of these includes:

Paraphrasing tool

WriteSonic Paraphrasing tool

Do you struggle with plagiarism? If so, the content paraphraser is for you as it helps you rephrase a sentence without losing its meaning. It even allows you to regenerate the paragraph and maintain its originality.

Article summarizer

WriteSonic article summarizer

As a content creator, there’s always a need to develop a summary of your article. Such a summary can be used as a preview or review to attract readers' attention. But ironically, writing a summary can even prove harder than writing the main body. This is where writesonic comes into play.

As the name shows, the text summarizer allows users to generate a summary of their text automatically.

Provides article ideas

WriteSonic Article Idea

Usually, getting article ideas takes more time than actual writing. Many professional writers have found that to be true. But with Writesonic’s article idea feature, you can do this in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to discover high-ranking headlines with ease. So, in Writesonic’s words, ‘stop wasting time brainstorming’ and find your next inspiration in seconds.

Article writer

WriteSonic Article Writer

Down to the major feature of Writesonic – the AI writer allows users to generate full articles even up to 1500 words. As mentioned above, all you have to do is input your keywords and description. Then, the writer will develop the article based on that info (more details are discussed below).

The article writer is best for creating engaging and unique articles. As such, you can be confident of receiving organic-rich content.

Text expander

WriteSonic Text Expander

Need to lengthen your content? The writesonic text expander can help. It allows you to create expanded forms of your sentences and paragraphs while retaining the meaning, quality, and originality. This feature works on all forms of content from blogs and social media posts to essays and emails. You only need to get started.

Google Ad copy

WriteSonic Google Ad Copy

Google Ad copies are another vital form of content online. And writesonic also makes provision for this. With its AI-based system, you can develop high-converting Ad copy with the click of a button.

Generate converting Facebook Ads

WriteSonic Facebook Ad Generator

Still talking about Ads, Facebook is another platform that encourages brand promotion. With the Facebook Ad generator, you can create high-impact copy that converts. But there’s more. This tool ensures your copy is unique and not just a copy. So, if you’re looking to develop Facebook content, get started on the Ad generator.

Perks of using Writesonic

Still not convinced of Writesonic’s capability? Here are the main pros of using this tool for your content creation:

  • Easy to use. The writer tool is easily navigable and usable. You don’t need to be a guru to make use of its features. And what’s more, the tool guides you through all the processes.

  • It offers a variety of content. From blog posts to Google Ads, you can generate various content with this tool.

  • It is fast. You don't need to spend hours writing a single article since writesonic allows you to do so with a click.

  • It offers a free trial for its features

  • Its premium versions are cheaper in comparison with other content creation tools

  • Articles generated by Writesonic are of high quality and free from plagiarism

  • It has a well-structured customer service

Without a doubt, Writesonic is a good choice for anyone looking to delve into the content-making industry. Unfortunately though, like any other tool out there, it has its downsides.

Cons of Writesonic

  • Its user interface may appear a bit intimidating for some novices.

  • Writesonic remains an AI-based tool. As such, it is prone to mistakes such as robotic sentences. Hence, it requires adequate proofreading and manual adjustments.

  • Larger articles are prone to a little percentage of plagiarism. Hence, once again, it requires manual proofreading and editing.

Comparing the pros with the cons, it is enough to see that writesonic is well worth the try. But how much does the tool cost?

How much does it cost?

While writesonic provides a freemium version for its features, it also offers two paid categories.

WriteSonic Pricing

These include the short-form version for beginners and the long-form version streamlined for bloggers and businesses.

  • The short-form plan costs $10/month. While the long-form plan costs $13/month on annual billings.

  • On monthly billings, the short-form plan costs $15/month and $19 for the long-form plan.

How to get started on Writesonic

As mentioned earlier, Writesonic is easily navigable. However, it is not uncommon for even regulars to lose their way around. Not to worry, below is a step-by-step guide on how to open your Writesonic account.

  • Visit the Writesonic website by clicking here.

  • Tap on Sign-in or Get Started at the top of the home page. This will display the login page on your screen:

WriteSonic Get Started

  • Sign up with your Google account or Microsoft.

Writersonic Reviews

  • Next, you’ll need to select what you are going to use Writesonic for. You can pick different options from 'Articles and Blogs' to 'E-commerce.

WriteSonic Started

  • Select at least three features of Writesonic to get started.

WriteSonic Features

  • Once you’ve done that, start generating high-quality content for your personal and business use.

How to write articles with Writesonic

By now, you know the AI writer is one of, if not Writesonic’s most impressive features yet. And what's more, as previously mentioned, this tool is easy to use. To begin with, log into your account or sign-up (discussed above).

Next, select the feature 'AI article writer 3.0', which leads to a window where you can start developing content. You don't need to worry about complicacy as the writer takes you through the entire process. Nevertheless, below are detailed steps on how to create content with this tool.

1. Generate Topics and Titles

The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" has very little impact in the online world where your headline determines the success of your article. From your headline or title, a reader forms an impression of your article. If your title is not attractive, you lose a reader.

With that in mind, Writesonic equips you with a title generator under the first step of your article writing. Here, you are required to input a topic. From that topic, the AI writer will generate the main header of your article. With that in mind, ensure your topic contains your top keywords.

Once you've done that, click on 'Generate ideas'. The writer will provide you with different catchy headers. Select the one you prefer most. And if you're not satisfied, you can click on 'generate ideas' again to get a new set of titles.

2. Generate Intros

While the title attracts readers, the introduction pulls them further in. Hence, you need an engaging intro to get your audience to go through your entire content. Fortunately, the AI writer has this covered. After selecting your header, proceed to the next step, where you'll have to generate the intro of your content.

Like the previous step, Writesonic will offer you several introduction samples to match your title.

Read through them and click on the one you prefer. Remember, you can always 'generate Intros' again if you aren't satisfied.

3. Generate your outline

Your outline is the list of topics to be discussed in the article. The body of your content completely depends on this. Therefore, you have to carefully select an outline that talks about all you want.

Generating an outline follows the same pattern as the preceding steps. You select your most preferred one out of different samples. And to get more samples, click on 'generate outlines' again.

4. Generate your article

From the topics and titles, writesonic gives you the intro. From the introduction, you get ideas for your outline.

Following the same pattern, Writesonic writes your article from the outline, intro, and topics provided above.

Before writing your article, though, Writesonic shows you all your subheaders. You have the option of editing, deleting, or adding new headings. Once you're satisfied with your subheaders, tap 'Write an Article'.

As seen earlier, the articles on Writesonic are not a hundred percent perfect. So you'll need to proofread and make minor adjustments here and there. But when you've gotten your close-to-perfect article, you can copy and paste it into whatever software you use for writing. Or better still, select the download option provided by Writesonic and save your work in Word format.

FAQS of Writesonic

Is the AI writer tool free?

As seen above, Writesonic offers a free trial for its features.

Who can make use of this tool?

The AI writer, Facebook Ad generator, and other tools are available for anyone looking to create content.

Are articles generated on Writesonic original?

Yes! Articles generated by Writesonic are ninety-nine percent unique and free from plagiarism.

Who gains ownership of the content generated?

Writesonic gives users full ownership of the articles they make with their tools. Hence, you can confidently use the content for business purposes. With all that in mind, visit their website and get started today.

Wrapping Up

Decades ago, the idea of an automatic writing tool existing would be viewed as pure fantasy. But not anymore. Today, there are not just one, but several AI-powered tools designed to lessen the burden on content creators.

For copywriters, these tools help to save time and eliminate the stress of developing ideas, especially during writer's block. For bloggers, these tools allow them to keep their audience engaged by filling their blogs with new posts regularly.

And for entrepreneurs, these tools are simply game-changers. After all, running an entire brand is no joke. You'll need to deal with advertisements, customer service, and the actual sale of products. With all those tasks in hand, there is no time for content creation.

And it only bites worse for small businesses with no means to hire professional writers. With AI writing tools, these entrepreneurs can bounce back and catch up to their leading competitors.

Tools like Jasper and Rytr have experienced tremendous growth ever since their foundation. When compared to these top tools, Writesonic proudly holds its own. It offers a relatively cheaper plan with the necessary features. And as stated earlier, it provides a writer that takes its user through the entire process.

And while it may not offer a hundred percent perfect plagiarism-free content, it is better than creating whole new content by yourself. No doubt, this tool is worth a try. So, visit the Writesonic website now, open an account, and get writing. Remember, content is king in the online community and an AI writer like Writesonic can help you ace the game.


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