Konker Review

Freelance websites have tremendously impacted the nature of jobs online. Such that traditional roles are not a major focus of some professionals as they are better served working on freelance platforms. And one can understand why this so. Freelance websites allow for service providers to work from their location of choice, at their own pace, at a time of their choosing, and gives a wide pool of jobs for selection.

Just as it serves freelancers (sellers) to promote their services, it provides a platform for employers (buyers) to display their offers. It remains one of the most successful channels of earning online.

Konker is one such freelancing website you will find on the internet. But does it compare to the likes of Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, or PeoplePerHour? Here, you will find out the answer to this. This article reviews Konker to enable you to decide if it is a substantial source of making money online. Before delving into Konker's features, here is what Konker is and how it works.

What Konker is


Konker is a freelance marketplace that is more streamlined to digital marketing. Unlike Upwork and Fiverr where jobs covering more niches are on display, Konker offers more jobs revolving around the sphere of search engine optimization. These include PBN, citations, expired domains, graphic design, social signals, link-building, and the many tasks that help brands rank online.

Konker is the creation of Alex Becker, an internet marketer of Market Hero Fame. This freelance marketplace started 'Source Market,' which extended Source Wave but later detached from the brand as a stand-alone. It has one of the best affiliate payouts, which contributed to the success of the site. In the SEO space, Konker remains one of the go-to platforms for SEO tasks. And this is regardless of the several complaints arising from poor support of the platform. To understand Konker fully, you should know how it works.

How Konker works

Konker review

Konker works similarly to other freelance websites. It can be a great means to make a profit from selling your services or scaling your agency. It offers three modes to operate. As a seller, buyer, or affiliate. On Konker, users can sign up from the home page and get-go with earning. It takes about 5 minutes to create a gig to sell. The services created by sellers here appear under the category they associate with. Buyers can also access several services from the get-go. Affiliates can also earn by referring services on the platform to others. Konker has no hardcore marketing route, while affiliates actively promote the services of sellers.

How to sell on Konker

Konker creates a promotional link for every store or seller on its platform. This link has a cookie embedded in it, which when clicked gives the promoter a 17.5 percent on the sale. Unlike other affiliate products with cookies expiring after a certain period, Konker's cookie stays forever until the user removes it. Promoting products on Konker requires three easy steps.

  1. The user must verify their email

  2. The recipient links their Paypal account to Konker.

  3. The promoter share links to the services or invites people directly to Konker.

How to buy on Konker

For the best buying experience on Konker, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Use the ratings of sellers to find sellers with quality services. Do not neglect the thumbs-up icon.

  2. Contact the seller using Konker's live chat system on the seller's chat system before engaging them.

  3. Try out sellers with smaller packages before engaging them to undertake bigger tasks. This helps you gauge their service and experience what working with them is like.

How much does Konker charge?

Konker's primary mode of payment is Paypal. It has one of the lowest freelance marketplace fees of 5 percent. Meanwhile, affiliates earn a whopping 17.5 percent of the services being promoted on the market. Sellers also earn well as they can take home 95 percent of the sales made by sending buyers to their store.