Hire The Best SEO Freelancer Consultant Or Specialist

Since SEO is highly competitive, your website and, by extension, your company will immensely benefit from having an expert with sufficient skillset and the ability to come up with solutions as needed. If you cannot have one of your employees at the helm of your SEO affairs, then you will need to outsource your company's SEO tasks to a freelance specialist. It can, however, be a challenge to find the right site to hire the best SEO freelancer consultant or specialist. To help, this article examines what you need to know about hiring SEO freelancer experts.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an SEO Freelance Consultant or Specialist

Outsourcing your SEO projects to an SEO freelancer comes with its pros and cons. Here are some of them.


  • Cost-effectiveness

Hiring an SEO freelancer is more cost-effective than having an in-house employee perform SEO tasks. This is because there will be no need to incur costs by recruiting and training employees.

  • Expertise

SEO expert companies and freelancers often have years of experience that you can rely on. Even as SEO rules and techniques constantly change, expertise in SEO makes it easier to adapt and you can trust SEO freelancer specialists to deliver effective results.


  • Virtual services

Services provided by SEO freelancer consultants or specialists are mostly virtual. This could leave you with a vague idea of whom you are working with. However, tools that ease communication and productivity with remote workers will come in handy to address this con.

  • Limited oversight

The hired SEO freelancer is not necessarily bound by company policy. As such, oversight is relatively limited, in comparison to having an in-house SEO expert.

How to Hire the Best SEO Freelancer Consultant or Specialist

These considerations will help you hire an effective SEO freelancer specialist after you have highlighted the size and scope of your SEO goals.

Seek proof of expertise / SEO Case Studies

It is important to have proof of the SEO skills of the expert you seek to hire. SEO performance case studies prepared for previous clients or results from past projects are a good measure of the expertise of any potential freelance SEO specialist recruit.

Analyze the rates as against your budget

When seeking to hire SEO freelancers, you are likely to find an option for every price range you can imagine. That said, it will be in the best interests of your company if you examine the freelancer's rates in light of your budget and spending capacity. This will ensure that you make the most of your funds and keep your SEO endeavors cost-effective.

Look out for basic SEO expert skills

At a minimum, any SEO specialist or consultant you seek to hire should have the following –

  • an understanding of modern content and design-specific SEO, SEO-based user experience, as well as goal-oriented optimization

  • keen insights and awareness of industry trends, including updates to Google algorithm

  • experience with major analysis and optimization platforms such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMrush, to mention some

  • very importantly, an understanding of the specifics of your project and overall SEO goals

Where to Hire the Best SEO Freelancer Specialists- UPWORK

Upwork is an online workplace that is home to thousands of SEO specialists and consultants. It has a large pool of remote SEO professionals with a proven skillset. On Upwork, you can find a freelancer that fits your project size and scope, as well as your budget.

Upwork profile for SEO experts usually contains some measure of proof of SEO expertise. And this would be visible to you as a potential client. However, having a basic knowledge of SEO can help you judge each SEO pitch you receive or profile you come across. This will come in handy since Upwork does not have a dedicated or intensive process of vetting freelancers. The site completely leaves the screening and interviews to potential hirers.

How Upwork Works

Making use of this online workplace is very easy. For starters who seek to hire the best SEO freelance consultant, you need to post a job. This involves stating the profile of the freelancer you need, the expertise level, and your budget. It opens the door to receive applications. Next, you have to review the applications that stream in from the job opening and select the freelancer that suits the profile you need. When your preferred freelancer completes the task, Upwork releases payment to them.

As simple as the process sounds, you have to take certain measures to ensure that you have a great experience on this platform. Bear in mind that Upwork functions like a job board. This means that if you want great results, you must invest much effort into screening your applicants. This might take some time in certain cases until the best candidate turns up.

SEO experts' profiles on Upwork feature hourly rates and this makes it easy to gauge the costs of hiring any candidate. There is a wide range of services available on this platform, even among SEO professionals. These include blogpost and copywriting for SEO, designing optimized webpages, SEO audit, and analytics, among others. However, with Upwork's search algorithm, you can filter through tons of freelancers to find the one that best suits your requirements. To help with making your choice, Upwork also generates a score for profile and project completion. This can serve as an index of the potential recruit's expertise and reliability.

Online freelancer platforms like Upwork often house SEO specialists that efficiently handle short-term SEO tasks. Apart from Upwork, there are several freelancer job boards or platforms where you can find affordable remote SEO experts. These freelancer platforms have overlapping features with perks and problems that are peculiar to themselves. Thus, it will be necessary to examine your options before choosing the freelancer site to hire your SEO specialist from. Below are other sites where you can hire an SEO specialist or consultant for your company.

The Product Company

This growth marketing agency hosts SEO professionals from which you can hire. It, however, operates in a different manner from the other platforms on this list. Being a consultancy, it first conducts a consultation with its clients, during which it collects the necessary details of the SEO project. Then, it links the clients with a suitable SEO specialist that they can work with to reach their goals.


You can find a decent proportion of both SEO freelancers and agencies alike on Guru. The simplified search process lets you use various filters while searching for a suitable potential recruit. This platform, however, does not interview or profile the freelancers allowed on the site. Clients are left to sort out their options and find out, from working with the freelancer, whether the recruit is ideal.


Here is a very popular name in the field of freelancer platforms. Among the several fields of freelance professionals you can find on freelancer.com are SEO consultants or specialists. However, the majority of those in the SEO field that you can find on Freelancer are entry-level or mid-level at best. The highly competitive platform sometimes hosts contests that allow freelancers to showcase their expertise. Analyzing the diverse skills showcased by your potential recruit candidate(s) can make the hiring process easier. Yet, if your project is a crucial one that requires high expertise, you might need to search for SEO specialists on another platform.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to hire an SEO freelancer specialist or consultant has its advantages and disadvantages. You will, no doubt, need the services of a hired SEO freelancer to meet your SEO goals if your company does not have an in-house SEO expert. Even when you have an SEO team, some projects may require that you hire an SEO consultant to ensure that you are at the top of your SEO game.

After you have determined your company's goals, the next step would be to search for qualified experts that would help you reach those goals. You can carry out this search on a freelancer platform like Upwork or any trusted platform in the above list. Overall, giving careful consideration to the profile of the potential recruit will help you choose the best SEO freelancer specialist or consultant for your company's SEO goals.




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