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How To Grow Your Social Media Branding

What comes to mind when your business or company name come into question? What do people think of it? What is being visualized?

Your customers or potential customers will know what kind of service your business offers when you build a brand that well explains what the company’s aim is all about. Today, one of the most useful tools in building a solid brand is social media. It provides the platform to show what your company is all about and it even helps to generate revenue for your business based on the kind of service it offers.

Social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, TikTok especially act as search engines. So imagine not having a presence on such a platform. Your business will be going through the risk of missing out on a lot of new-age or Generation Z customers.

That aside, it is no news that you have to develop your business visual identity; to make your business brand solid. But because of the kind of platform social media provides and its mode of operation, you can successfully build a presence on it by fusing entertaining content with beautiful storytelling.

Nevertheless, how you build your brand online depends on which media platform you chose, and the sort of service your business offers and it will vary depending on your strategy teams and your design size. Still yet, the goal of branding will remain awareness. So you should do well to make sure a lot of people know about what your company offers and this can enable you to make more money.

In this article, we are going to consider why branding is important and some ways that you can grow or create more awareness of your social media brand but first let’s clarify some terms concerning branding. This will help to make this read easier to understand.

Grow Your Social Media Branding

Brand, Branding, and Brand-building.

What is the difference between these three?

Brand building involves creating a brand presence. That is the work done by the executive, the design, and the marketing teams to create the business identity is brand building.

Branding is the process of applying that created business identity to sales materials. This is using your brand elements on social media to identify your company and enable it to stand out from the competition.

A brand is the result of the resulting process: the outcome.

It leads us to the next question: why is branding important?

Why is branding important?

This is because it enables your business to remain in the minds of your customers. Whenever they think about the kind of service you offer, they think about you. Remember, customers are provided with nearly endless choices in today’s world, and having the best product doesn’t mean you will be making the best income. To maximize this potential, you must create a brand that makes people remember your business and patronize you.

For instance, look at apple’s bitten apple logo and their black and white computers.

Steps to improve your brand on social media.

Choose the right social media platform.

It can be very easy to become irrelevant in the social space by selecting platforms that are not the ground base for your target audience. You should consider and choose the right social media platform that best suit your business and will appeal to people. This will help to grow a follower base easily.

For instance, let’s assume you’re running a fashion brand and your target is mostly gen. Social media platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram which prioritize visual content are your best bet. TikTok is a booming media platform and there you can quickly amass a young and large follower base.

This simply means you need to select the right platform to reach the right audience. This will help in your marketing.


You should know what you want and what you are aiming for before you begin creating an online presence for your brand. If you don’t you will waste time and resources.

Be precise and set targets that will help show you the direction of your primary goal. It’s always important to keep asking such questions as “how can I get more followers”, “how can I get more customers” and “Do I need to boost my online presence? If yes, how can I do so”

You should know how social media platforms work and decide your audience based on location, interest, and other demographics. Having precise goals will ensure you stay on the right path to your primary goal.

Create an Identity.

Posting online content is not sufficient enough. Your content must be recognizable. Your customers and potential customers must be able to recognize your content. This is because it should carry the exact look and feel as your branding does. This involves the colors, logos, fonts, and graphics and should easily be noticed and identified at every marketing point.

Stick to brand guidelines that involve the colors, etc, and bring these to life in the content you post on social media.

Use high-quality photography that is specific and unique to your brand.

Use graphic templates that ensure your visual identity is recognizable across all your social media accounts.

Use a unique voice

When we mention voice here, we refer to the language, the phrases, the tone, and the manner of the message your brand uses to communicate. Your tone should be the same on your social media content, across your website, and more.

You need to think about what your customers will feel about the message you’re sending, how casual you want to sound, and other factors too

This will help you in developing a unique tone.

Engage your community.

Planning and consistency are what are required to build a strong social media community. You need these to win the trust of your online users.

To win that trust, engaging your community is the thing to do. To do that

You Can check who recently followed and comment on their posts concerning yours or you can reply to a comment. Do not leave generic replies. It does not foster trust between a brand and a customer.

Make out time to find and follow accounts relevant to your business.

Staying proactive with your customer base and engaging them will enable you to reach the right users and grow your follower base quickly.

Use Separate Content for different Social Media platforms.

It is unwise to limit yourself to using only one social media platform when building a brand. Similarly, you need to be watchful and take care while using multiple social media platforms. Do not post the same content on all your social media accounts on different platforms.

Some platforms allow sharing and synchronizing your content with other platforms. This is a useful feature for individual accounts but when it comes to brand building, it is not a smart move.

The reason is that each social media platform has its manner of interaction. Based on the way the platform is built, there is a different way that users react to content and posts on one social media platform from another. For instance, Instagram is designed for pictures and short and catchy captions, but on TikTok, a 30-second clip will do the trick.

Use SEO principles to grow.

SEO helps to display the content and profile of your bra d on social media. To increase your brand’s visibility, you need to increase your online media appearance. This implies:

  • You need to ensure that your account name is identifiable

  • You need to develop a good profile.

Use hashtags and cross-promote the brand across various platforms. You can promote the brand by doing these

  • Include your social media links to the web footer and other things like an email signature.

  • Include links to your next blog post.

  • Include links in your email newsletters m

  • Include special QR codes which will lead directly to your product.

In Conclusion, It is not an easy task to build a social media brand. Constant effort is needed though. However though if you follow the steps listed in this article, you’ll be well on your way to growing a brand.


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