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How To Get More Followers On Tumblr

Irrespective of how often you post blogs on Tumblr, a good number of followers is highly needed. If you desire your blog post to be widely spread, you definitely need more followers. Do you have a Tumblr blog and have probably been sourcing for ways to get more followers? This article will walk you through steps that will enhance your reach on Tumblr. But first, let us see what Tumblr is and why should you utilize it.

What Is Tumblr?

Followers On Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging app or social media platform where users can post short blogs in all multimedia forms. That is, users can put up videos, links, images, texts, and, audio. Users can also follow other users' blogs on this platform. Simply put, Tumblr is a visual blogging site one can post and get likes, comments, and shares.

Why Use Tumblr?

In its 12 years of existence, Tumblr anchored over 475 million blog posts. In its ninth year, Tumblr hosted over 500 million visitors in a month – such tremendous growth. Considering this immense traffic, it is only wise for one to desire to become a benefactor. Also, the information on Tumblr is broad. The content varies widely, from style to science. There is an immense number of blogs on Tumblr.

How to Obtain More Followers on Tumblr?

How to Obtain More Followers on Tumblr

  • Recurrently post engaging updates: Create eye-catchy, witty, and funny posts, if you must. To attract more followers, you will need to post captivating and creative information. You should ensure your contents are unique, so as not to lose followers.

  • Recognize the appropriate time: To exploit Tumblr fully, timing is fundamental. Uploading information at the appropriate time gets to more people online, thus enhancing followers on Tumblr. Study and become accustomed to the time the majority of Tumblr users are active. Whenever you have new engaging content, make sure to post at the right time to get to the right audience.

  • Follow other users: This has proven to be an intriguing approach to acquiring followers on social media platforms. You are more likely to be noticed when you follow the 'big shots' in your industry on Tumblr. Also when you follow interesting people with interesting content, you can be noticed easily. There are quite some people who follow whoever follows them ('the follow for 'follow back') you can follow these. You can also draw attention to yourself by following whoever shares or comments on your blog.

  • Comment on other users' posts: Making comments on others' posts, particularly popular people, is a foolproof approach to be noticed on Tumblr. You should master the art of leaving nice, creative, and practical comments with your web page's address.

  • Increase social shares: Source for ways to increase social shares of your Tumblr posts. The more your blog posts are shared, the more people get to see them. Fortunately, Tumblr grants you the opportunity to automatically share your Tumblr blog post on other social media platforms such as Twitter. Therefore, it would not be out of place to request for guests to advertise your blog posts on other socials if they found it helpful.

  • Exploit the explore page: The explore page contains various topics that might fascinate you. You will see trending blogs on the explore page. There are also suggested blogs for you to see. You can use this to increase your followers, determine why these blogs are trending and what makes them get recommended. Then, you too can make original blog post posts similar to these recommended blogs. If your blog post is engaging it can also be recommended, thus bringing in more followers.

  • Use tags appropriately: Tags are like the keywords that allow your blogs to be browseable. Find and use tags that are applicable and suitable to keep your followers engaged. You can visit the explore page to find trending yet applicable tags to your posts. Posts with tags have been noticed to have more engagements. Nonetheless, you do not need to use a legion of tags, a few prominent ones will do.

  • Study your followers: Find out what time you get more followers. Trace whatever activity you do that brings in followers. Is it posting, making comments, reblogging, or whenever you use the right hashtags? Study this, and focus on the activity that brings more followers. Doing more of whatever attracts your blog to people will definitely endorse your followers.

  • Be conscious of your blog design: Ensure your Tumblr pattern is alluring. If your Tumblr pattern is not striking or likable, visitors may lose interest in your blog. People definitely like things that are fascinating and delightful to look at. Ensure you use a nice theme that can keep visitors.

  • Use Promo Blogs: Some pages with large followers sometimes offer to promote other blogs, sometimes in exchange for a follow. You can find such pages and ask them to advertise your blog.

  • Be polite to your followers: Treat the followers you already have with respect, and they will be inclined to mention you to people they know. Be courteous when dealing with followers. Avail yourself to constructive judgment, respond to comments, appreciate their arts, and they will be obliged to sing your praises.

Wrapping Up

The secret to excelling in any business, blogging site, or social media page is understanding the algorithm on time and putting the knowledge into good use, Tumblr is no different. The little things you do all sums up and show if people will ascertain your blog to be interesting or not. You will be able to achieve more followers on Tumblr if you use the right methods. Once you reach a particular verge, no doubt you will draw in new followers for every blog post you create.


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