The Best Blogger Sites Platform [Updated 2022]

Today, everyone seems to be blogging. Since 1994, internet users use this channel for several objectives. This ranges from sharing information, keeping tabs with friends, and now, selling products.

You can imagine all sorts of blogs for different personal and business needs. You might have considered starting your blog but have the task of deciding on the best blogger site platform to use. Well, we are here to make that choice easy for you. Knowing fully well that there are tons of blogging platforms out there, we have streamlined the best blogger sites platform in 2022 to get your blog started. Before delving into the best blogger sites platform, you must know what to look for in making a decision.

How to choose the best blogging platform

Blogger Sites Platform

When looking for a blog platform to set up with ease, there are several things to consider.

First, you must know what you want in a blog. What is its purpose, who will be visiting, and it's traffic consideration?

You should also consider its flexibility. Is it easy to add features and personalization to meet the needs of your growing audience?

Monetization cannot be discarded. You might not be making money from your blogsite yet but you might need to monetize your blog as time goes by. Hence, you must choose a blog site platform that adapts to your needs with ease.

Remember, your blog site platform will influence the amount of success derived from your blog. Hence, the need to pay a closer look at the platform you are choosing.

Why you should use the best blogging sites platform in 2022

There are several reasons why people choose to start a blog. As mentioned earlier, many have gone into blogging for business and personal use.

If your reason for blogging is business-related, then your major goal is to increase your website's visibility. In other words, to rank your blog site higher.

As a business, your main goal is to get customers to purchase your goods. This will be impossible especially if they are not aware of your product's existence. Therefore, you will need to grab their attention. To do that, you will need a great blogger site platform to set up your blog. It will make your site pronounced and help you reach your target audience. Whereas, your site will not rank by using a poor blogger site platform.

To get to your target audience, your blog posts will need to be amazing and engaging. This will give your business a more credible look. And we all know that having a credible look is important especially if your business is new.

The best blogger sites platform in 2022

There are several blogger sites today. Below are five popular and amazing blogger websites.

  1. Google Site

  2. Blogspot

  3. Wix

  4. Strikingly

  5. WordPress

Now, let us go through these.