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How To Change Google Background

Think about a search engine platform and Google is easily one of the top options that come to mind. And this is for good reasons. Search engine giants – Google – has an easy-to-use interface amongst its numerous strengths. Furthermore, it updates search results regularly to provide users with the best experience. All these outstanding features have made Google the most used search engine.

Change Google Background

As a user, you are quite aware of Google's search page basic look. Many users are discontented with that look. However, it is possible to change Google's background, and doing so is very easy. This article discusses the steps to take on how to change Google's background.

Changing Google's background on PC

Replace Google Background

Before customizing Google background on your PCs, you should take note of two important things. First, you cannot customize Google background when running Firefox, Safari, or any other browser. Basically, a chrome browser is integral to editing your background. Second, you need to log into Google from the browser if you have not yet done so. After ensuring these, you can proceed with the following:

Change Google Background

  • Launch the Chrome browser.

  • You will need a fresh tab to continue, so open one.

  • Use the 'customize' icon available at the screen's bottom-right.

  • Find an image you like for your new background and select it.

  • Tap 'Done' afterward.

  • The selected image will replace the default white background immediately.

You may also decide to use your photo. Simply upload your preferred image from your device.


In addition to your background image, Google also allows users to change themes. While a new background picture improves the decorative image of the browser, a theme alters the look of several elements of the Chrome browser. Such as icons, address bar, and tabs. Google offers users several options for a new theme. Simply select the one you prefer most. The procedures below will help you find and select a theme that you like.

  • Launch Chrome.

  • Find and select the "more" icon at your screen's top-right area.

  • In the 'settings' section, click on 'Appearance', then choose 'Theme'.

  • This automatically takes you to Chrome's Store section. In Chrome's Web Store, there are various kinds of themes to use. Find one that syncs with your desire and 'Add'.

Change background in Google

On doing this, your browser's display changes immediately without needing a restart.

How to change Google background on Android

Google 2

Google’s chrome browser for androids allow for changing the themes to dark or light mode. Unfortunately, the Google app does not provide a way to change its background. However, you can customize your background if you are willing to use Google's alternate app namely Google Go.

Similar to the main app, Google Go allows users to access information easily. It is a fast way to search and its search result are optimized to save about 40 percent of data. In 2017, Google Go became available in some parts of the world. But today, it is accessible worldwide on Google's Play Store. And unlike Google's main app, you can easily change your background image. The following steps will help change your android's Google background.

  • Install Google's app from Play Store.

  • Launch the app.

  • Click the gear icon. You will see it at the screen's top right area.

  • Select the image you desire as your new background from your mobile gallery. The new image will replace the default white background of the Google Go app.


Many users are keen to change Google's appearance on their devices. However, they simply have no clue on how to get it done. And this is partly because Google's primary focus is on improving its search engine for the best possible results. As a consequence of this, it focuses little on details like its appearance. Still, it made provision on how to change its background and themes. With the right direction, anyone can easily customize their Google background image, and you can do so as well.


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