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Google Docs Dark Mode

Google Docs is a free online application that allows users to create and edit documents, including spreadsheets. Furthermore, it allows users to store these documents online, and later access them from any device that has an internet connection.

This tool by Google has proved useful ever since its release in 2006. Since then, it has constantly introduced additional features for the benefit of its users. One of such features is its dark mode. This article will discuss what you, as a user, need to know about Google Docs dark mode. But before that, let us see why you should make use of Google Docs.

Google Docs Dark Mode

Why Google Docs?

As a user, you may think, 'why should I opt for Google Docs?' To answer that, let us consider some of Google Docs' impressive features and benefits.

Google Dark Mode

  • Automatic Saving - Google Docs automatically saves users' files. By so doing, it eliminates the possibility of losing your file. Furthermore, it saves you the time and stress of manually saving the document whenever you make changes.

  • Offline - Google Docs requires an internet connection for specific functions. One of such functions is uploading files. However, you can still do your work without an internet connection. In fact, most functions work while offline.

  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows - You can install Google Docs on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. As a result, it is portable and usable from anywhere and at any time.

  • History - Google Docs lets users track file changes. Also, it allows them to return to a previous version of the file. This helps users to correct mistakes and to return to a previous file format.

  • Export and Import - Users can export files out of Google Docs. Also, they can import files into Google Docs. They can do this with ease and without any compatibility issues. Google Docs also lets users export and import most file types. Hence, users have the flexibility they need when receiving and sending files to co-workers.

  • Google Docs allows for collaboration - Google Docs makes it possible for users to work together on the same project. It also allows employers to add or remove collaborators when working on a document. This is possible by making use of the “collaborate tab”. By so doing, you can control those who are capable of editing the file at hand.

  • Easily accessible - Users can easily access the database at any time provided they have an internet connection. This helps users, particularly those who constantly travel as they can work wherever they are.

  • Google Docs is a free program - Another major reason why you should consider using Google Docs is that you can benefit from it at no cost.

  • Beginner-friendly - Google Docs is straightforward and very easy to learn.

  • No need for external software - Google Docs does not require the installation of another software to properly function.

Google Docs possesses many other impressive features which are beneficial to its users. Another important and impressive feature is the Google Docs dark mode. And this is what it is all about:

Google Docs Dark Mode

Dark Mode

The dark mode is a popularly known display setting for devices and apps. It simply involves a light-colored text appearing on a dark screen. This is the complete opposite of the light mode where a black-colored text appears on a white screen. Dark mode reduces the light which is emitted by screens. It does this while still maintaining the minimum amount of light required for work.

Recently, Google launched a dark mode for some of its apps. And one of those apps is Google Docs. As a Google Docs user, you may wonder whether to use this newly launched dark mode. Before you decide, let us consider the pros and cons of Google Doc dark mode.


  • Many users spend a lot of time in front of screens. And this causes eye strain. Dark mode helps such users by minimizing the light emitted from their screens. Hence, it reduces eye strain.

  • The dark mode also saves and extends battery life by minimizing the screen's light.

  • As mentioned earlier, dark mode reduces eye strain. This enables users to work for more hours and do more work.

  • It also allows users to work better at night.


  • Light texts against dark screens are not always good for the eyes. It may increase eye fatigue because texts may seem washed out.

  • In a room with much light, the dark mode may become difficult to use.

  • Many people work in front of screens both day and night non-stop. Dark mode no doubt helps such people. However, with time, dark mode will lose its effect because of the constant in-take of light by the eyes.

Google Docs Dark Mode Across Various Devices

Google Black Mode

It is easy to activate dark mode for Google docs on your android, iOs, and desktop. The following are steps to help you enable the dark mode.


1. Open the Google Docs app.

2. Next, look at the top left corner of your screen. Click on the three-line icon.

3. Select 'Settings'

4. Select the 'Theme' option.

5. Of the three options that appear (system default, light or dark), choose dark.


iOs devices follow the same procedures as Android devices.


On the desktop, there is no built-in way of enabling dark mode in Google Docs. Google Docs allows users to make the font color light and the page color dark. However, the surrounding interfaces will remain white. Hence, it is still as bright as the light mode.

To get dark mode on the desktop, you have to install a third-party Chrome extension. An extension that can help get the job done is the 'Google Docs Dark Mode' chrome extension. Once installed, this Chrome extension will offer a toggle button to enable and disable dark mode. All you need to do is to enable it and enjoy your work.


The year 2006 saw the release of Google Docs, an application that has grown and developed over the years. It is an impressive app with a lot of great features. Users have found these features useful ever since its release. The Google Docs dark mode is no exception. Its low-light attribute has attracted many users who work for long hours. Other users make use of the dark mode simply because of its appearance. Whatever the reason is, it is an impressive feature of Google Docs which deserves a trial.

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