The Best Google Chrome Themes [updated 2022]

Over the years, Google Chrome has proven to be a leading contender in being the world's best browser. Its amazing speed as well as its impressive features is the main reason why it remains at the top. One of such impressive features of this browser is its themes.

Google chrome themes deal with the aesthetic look of this chromium-based browser. There are a lot of Google Chrome themes out there and picking one presents a tough choice to anyone. This article discusses several kinds of Chrome themes. So, if you are searching for a new look for your browser, this article will surely help you. But before looking at the different themes, let's see how you, as a user, can install different themes.

How to install Google Chrome themes

Google Chrome Themes

It is very easy to install a theme for your Chrome browser. Before looking at the steps, bear in mind that you should get your Chrome themes from only Google's Web Store for themes. The following are the five basic steps to installing themes on Chrome.

1.) Launch Chrome on your PC.

Select Google Themes

2.) Tap the menu icon. Note that the menu icon is the three dots at the right top corner of your PC.

The top Google themes In 2021

3.) Click on appearance, then themes.


4.) Click on ‘themes’ to open a new window. Now, look through the window for the theme that you like most.