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The Best Google Chrome Themes [updated 2024]

Google Chrome themes are essentially custom skins for the Google Chrome web browser. They are designed to alter the aesthetic appearance of the browser, including aspects like the color scheme, background image, and layout of tabs and menus. Themes can range from simple color changes to complex designs featuring artwork, photographs, or even animations.

The primary purpose of these themes is to personalize and enhance the user experience. They allow users to tailor the look and feel of their browser to match their personal style, mood, or interests. For example, a nature lover might choose a theme with a forest or ocean backdrop, while someone who prefers a minimalist look might opt for a simple, clean design with muted colors.

Over the years, Google Chrome has proven to be a leading contender in being the world's best browser. Its amazing speed as well as its impressive features is the main reason why it remains at the top. One of such impressive features of this browser is its themes.

Google chrome themes deal with the aesthetic look of this chromium-based browser. There are a lot of Google Chrome themes out there and picking one presents a tough choice to anyone. This article discusses several kinds of Chrome themes. So, if you are searching for a new look for your browser, this article will surely help you.

Table of Contents:

Google Chrome Themes

Popular Types of Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome themes come in a wide variety of styles, catering to the diverse preferences of users. Here are some popular categories:

Minimalistic Themes

  • Description: These themes feature simple, clean designs with minimal graphics and muted color palettes. They are perfect for users who prefer a clutter-free and straightforward aesthetic.

  • Example: A theme with a plain white or light grey background and subtle accents in black or blue.

Nature Themes

  • Description: Nature themes showcase landscapes, wildlife, or botanical imagery. They are ideal for users who enjoy outdoor scenes or find tranquility in natural settings.

  • Example: A theme depicting a serene mountain landscape or a lush green forest.

Abstract Themes

  • Description: Abstract themes often use non-representational designs with bold colors and shapes. They suit users who love artistic and unique visuals.

  • Example: A theme with vibrant geometric patterns or swirling color mixes.

Dark Mode Themes

  • Description: Dark mode themes primarily use dark colors, reducing brightness and glare. They are popular among users who browse in low-light conditions or prefer a sleek, modern look.

  • Example: A theme with a deep black or dark gray background, often combined with contrasting text and icon colors for readability.

Choosing a Theme Based on Personal Preferences or Screen Settings

Personal Preferences:

  • Consider what you find visually appealing or relaxing. For instance, if you like simplicity, go for a minimalistic theme. If you prefer vibrant and lively visuals, an abstract theme might be more appealing.

  • Reflect on your interests. If you're a nature lover, choose a nature theme. If you're into modern art, an abstract theme would be a great fit.

Screen Settings:

  • For bright environments or well-lit rooms, themes with brighter backgrounds can be pleasant and easy on the eyes.

  • In low-light conditions or for night-time browsing, dark mode or themes with darker colors can reduce eye strain.

  • If you have a high-resolution screen, opt for themes with high-quality images to take advantage of your display's capabilities.

Remember, the key to choosing the right theme is to consider both your personal style and the practical aspects of your browsing environment. With the vast array of options available, there's a Chrome theme to suit every preference and need.

Google Chrome Themes

let's explore some of the several themes available to you. The following are just 20 of the hundreds of themes you should consider for your Chrome browser in no exact order.

Let's delve right in.

Select Chrome Themes in 2021 Iron Man - Material Design

This is a very amazing theme. This theme is mostly suitable for comic book lovers since it reflects a comic book hero. Its color palette is rich and dark. With this theme, your browser will have a comic book effect. But it is not as loud as typical comic book art. Any iron man fan will surely enjoy this Chrome theme with its impressive look.

Google Background Themes Galaxy View

Looking at the skies and admiring the stars at night is just what a lot of people love doing. If you are one of them, you will no doubt love this theme since it has an impressive look of the starry night.

Google Chrome Browser Themes Purple Pink

This is another amazing Chrome theme. And this is because bright colors can raise the mood of a person. With this theme, your browser's backgrounds, tabs, and bars will possess different shades. And this is what some love to see in their browser.

4. Slate

Top Google Themes in 2021 Slate

Slate is an amazing theme created by the Chrome team themselves. It is suitable for anyone who wants a beautiful theme that will not distract their work. Slate makes use of cool, low contrast blue tones. This tone can help a user relax during a stressful day. It also helps in maintaining focus. Slate is a minimalist theme that helps reduce distractions and increase productivity.

List of Chrome Themes Colors

As the name implies, this theme gives your Chrome browser a colorful look. The Colors theme does not focus on the address bar. Rather it focuses on the background's wallpaper. The 'Colors' theme is an impressive one and a huge step ahead of the default theme.

Pick Google Themes Beauty

Beauty is another impressive theme. It is a theme that will make you launch your chrome over and over again. The Beauty theme possesses green plains, hilly forests, and pink sunset. This makes its beauty captivating. If you are a nature lover, you will surely love this Chrome theme.

Themes Background Greek Beach

There are days when one will feel the need to visit an amazing beach to get rid of stress. By taking a look at this theme, it can help a user to relax and visualize himself on his dream beach. This is because, as the name implies, it has the look of a nice beach. Greek Beach theme can brighten the mood of a user. All you need to do is to install the theme and launch your Chrome browser.

Google Nebula

The Nebula theme displays a colorful and dark night sky. It is easy to look at because of its dark colors. The Nebula theme lets the galaxy picture to reach the new tab screen. Thereby giving each tab that is on top of your Chrome's window a speckle of planets and stars. The Nebula theme no doubts motivates a user to reach for the stars.

Themes Google Just Black

Like the Slate theme, Just Black is created by the Google Chrome team. As long as you use this theme, regardless of your mood, your eyes will be joyful. And this is because of its dark color. This is because dark colors always minimize eye strain especially when you have been at the front of your screen for hours. In such situations, Just Black will increase the performance of your work.

Chrome browser Themes Plumage

Another impressive and amazing theme is plumage. It has only one downside. And its downside is that the feathers' texture sometimes overlaps the app icon's text. Otherwise, it is a great theme for your Chrome browser.

List of Google Themes Designer Theme

The designer theme makes use of dark colors. It is suitable for a user who is looking for a minimalist and something dark. Its dark themes help users minimize their eye strains, unlike Chrome's default theme.

Chrome Themes in 2021 Color Fusion

Color Fusion spreads out complimentary and soft colors evenly. It gives the toolbars and active tabs a good level of transparency. This does not obstruct the function of the browser in any way. Additionally, the inactive tabs are the most vibrant. Color Fusion, hence, provides a great experience to users.

Google Themes - Mountain Lake

Mountain lake is most suitable for any user who has had a stressful day and just wants to relax. Mountain Lake possesses only beautiful imagery and no creative design. It is an impressive Chrome theme.

The Best Google Chrome Themes In 2021 High Contrast Colorful

This is yet another minimalistic theme created by Chrome. According to the Chrome team, it is the 'brightest of the bright' and 'darkest of the dark'. And this is true because of its black stark background. Its high contrast makes your current tab bright yellow. While others will be cerulean. This theme also decreases eye strain as the 'darkest of the dark'.

Google Chrome Themes In 2021 Cardboard day

Cardboard Day theme is yet another impressive theme for Google Chrome. It is cool and not loud. Its light tabs and bars makes it fun and easy to use.

How to install Google Chrome themes Weather Time London Theme – Daylight

This theme displays a bright and daytime image. And yet, it gives off a nice minimalist feel. With this theme, the bars possess a nice degree of transparency. This makes everything well arranged and not cluttered. If you choose to go with this theme, you will most surely enjoy it.

Google Themes Layout CosmicDust STD

CosmicDust STD makes your active tabs as well as bars light. While the other tabs which are inactive possess a dark theme. CosmicDust STD is impressive and it remains an outstanding choice for your Chrome browser.

Google themes 2021 Flat Colored Theme

This is for everyone who does not fancy a minimalist theme. Still, the colors it displays are mild on the eyes.

top google themes Lone Tree

Yet another theme you should consider for your browser is Lone Tree. It gives your Chrome browser a unique feel. As the name implies, Lone Tree displays the beauty of a single tree. If you love nature, this theme is perfect for you.

Chrome Google Themes Indescribable

Indescribable is surely the perfect name for this 'indescribable' theme. A mere glance at this theme will make you long for a vacation. It displays the sun, a bright and clear sky, an ocean as well as palm trees. This theme is one of the best there is, and you should consider it when choosing a theme.

How to install Google Chrome themes

Google Chrome Themes

It is very easy to install a theme for your Chrome browser. Before looking at the steps, bear in mind that you should get your Chrome themes from only Google's Web Store for themes. The following are the five basic steps to installing themes on Chrome.

1.) Launch Chrome on your PC.

Select Google Themes

2.) Tap the menu icon. Note that the menu icon is the three dots at the right top corner of your PC.

The top Google themes In 2021

3.) Click on appearance, then themes.


4.) Click on ‘themes’ to open a new window. Now, look through the window for the theme that you like most.


5.) Search for your preferred theme to continue.

Best Google Themes

6.) Once you have your perfect theme, tap 'add to chrome'. Once that is done, enjoy your new Chrome theme.

Benefits of Using Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome themes offer more than just a cosmetic change to your browser. They bring a range of benefits that can enhance both the functionality and enjoyment of your web browsing experience.

Aesthetic Appeal and Personalization

  1. Reflects Personal Style: Themes allow users to express their personality and tastes directly through their browser. Whether you prefer vibrant colors, serene landscapes, or minimalist designs, there's a theme to match every aesthetic preference.

  2. Enhances Mood: A well-chosen theme can positively influence your mood. For instance, a theme with images of nature can create a sense of calm, while bright and colorful themes can be uplifting.

  3. Keeps the Interface Fresh: Regularly changing themes can prevent your digital workspace from feeling stale, keeping things interesting and visually stimulating.

Improved Browsing Experience

  1. Consistency in Visual Layout: Themes can bring a cohesive look to your browser, aligning with the overall design of your operating system or other applications for a seamless visual experience.

  2. Reduced Visual Clutter: Certain themes, especially minimalistic ones, can reduce visual clutter, making it easier to focus on your work or browsing content.

  3. Enhanced Branding for Businesses: Custom themes can be used by businesses for branding, ensuring that employees' browsers reflect the company's image and color scheme.

Accessibility Benefits

  1. Dark Mode for Reduced Eye Strain: Dark themes are particularly beneficial as they reduce glare and eye strain, especially in low-light conditions, making browsing more comfortable over extended periods.

  2. Improved Readability: Themes with high contrast between text and background can aid in readability, especially for users with visual impairments.

  3. Customization for Visual Impairments: Users with specific visual needs can create or select themes that cater to their requirements, such as high-contrast themes or specific color combinations that are easier to see.

Customizing Your Own Google Chrome Themes

Creating a custom Google Chrome theme allows you to tailor the browser's appearance to your exact preferences. Here's how you can do it:

Tools and Methods to Create a Custom Theme

Google Chrome's Built-in Theme Creator:

Chrome has a built-in feature that lets you create a basic custom theme directly within the browser. You can access it by going to the Chrome Web Store, selecting 'Themes,' and then choosing 'Create a Theme.'

Third-Party Theme Creators:

There are several online tools and extensions available for creating more detailed themes. Examples include "ThemeBeta" and "Chrome Theme Creator."

These tools offer more options for customization, like editing the color of the omnibox, tabs, and bookmark bar.

Manual Creation:

For advanced users, themes can be created manually by editing Chrome's theme files. This method requires knowledge of JSON file formatting and image editing.

Tips for Choosing Colors, Images, and Compatibility Aspects

Color Selection:

Choose a color palette that's easy on the eyes. For regular use, avoid overly bright or contrasting colors.

Use color wheel theory to select complementary colors for a harmonious look.

Image Quality:

Use high-resolution images to ensure your theme looks crisp and clear, especially on larger screens.

Consider the image placement and how it will look when browser windows are resized.


Ensure text and icons are visible against the background. Contrasting colors can help with readability.

Test your theme on different screen sizes to ensure it scales well.

How to Share Your Custom Theme with Others

Using the Chrome Web Store:

You can upload your custom theme to the Chrome Web Store. This requires a Google Developer account and a small fee.

Once uploaded, share the link to your theme with friends or on social media.

Direct File Sharing:

Export your theme as a CRX file and share it directly with others.

Recipients can install it by dragging the file into their Chrome browser.

Online Communities:

Share your theme in online forums or communities dedicated to Chrome themes.

This is a great way to get feedback and see how others interact with your design.

Creating your own Google Chrome theme is a fun way to express your creativity and personalize your browsing experience. Whether you choose a simple color change or a complex design, your theme reflects your personal style and enhances your daily internet interactions.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Google Chrome Themes

Even with their simplicity, users might occasionally encounter issues with Google Chrome themes. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Theme Not Applying

  1. Check for Browser Updates: Ensure that Google Chrome is updated to the latest version. An outdated browser can sometimes cause issues with applying themes.

  2. Reapply the Theme: Try reapplying the theme. Go to the Chrome Web Store, select the theme, and click 'Add to Chrome.'

  3. Clear Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, clearing your browser's cache and cookies can resolve theme application issues.

  4. Check Extensions: Some extensions can interfere with theme application. Try disabling extensions to see if that resolves the issue.

Reverting to Default Theme

  1. Manual Reversion: If your theme changes back to default unexpectedly, it could be due to an update or a glitch. Simply reapply your desired theme from the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Sync Issues: If you're using Chrome on multiple devices with sync enabled, check your sync settings. An update or change in one device might affect the others.

  3. Reset Chrome Settings: As a last resort, you can reset Google Chrome to its default settings. This can resolve underlying issues but will remove your custom settings and extensions.

How to Update or Remove a Theme

Updating a Theme:

Generally, themes do not receive updates like software or extensions. If you want a refreshed look, you need to manually select and apply a new theme from the Chrome Web Store.

If you've created a custom theme using a third-party tool, you'll need to create a new theme and apply it.

Removing a Theme:

To revert to the default Chrome theme, go to Chrome Settings > Appearance.

Click on 'Reset to default.' Your browser will instantly switch back to the default Chrome theme.

Reapplying an Old Theme:

If you want to go back to a previously used theme, you'll have to reselect and apply it from the Chrome Web Store or your local storage if it's a custom theme.

By understanding these common issues and their solutions, users can easily manage their Google Chrome themes, ensuring a smooth and personalized browsing experience.


Google Chrome Themes are essential for the beauty of your browser. Without these themes, a browser will only look plain and dull. This article has gone to great lengths to help you choose a Chrome theme. If you want a minimalistic theme, the High Contrast Colour and the Designer theme will be a good fit. The Beauty, Color, and Cardboard themes leave a great impression. Mountain Lake, Greek Beach, Nebula, Galaxy View, and Lone tree present nature. And the Just Black theme gives a joyful eye to its viewer. Picking the right theme on Chrome is rewarding, no doubt. Hence, the need to make take good care when choosing a Google Chrome theme. With the right guide, your browsing experience will come off better. You may also check Firefox Themes.


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