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Black Hat World Review

SEO is diverse to the extent that it's been divided into different categories, each named by color. These are the White hat, Grey hat, and Black Hat SEO services. As an expert in the field, you no doubt recognize each of these terms. But as a beginner, you may wonder what they mean. Well, the answer is not so far off.

"White hat" refers to the standard SEO practices which involve you optimizing your website while adhering to search engine guidelines. White hat practices include creating original content, optimizing your meta tags, and guest blogging. Generally, White-hat practices focus more on providing value to visitors. And this is very much appreciated by search engines.

black hat world review

"Grey Hat" involves riskier SEO practice as it combines the good guys (White hat) with the bad (Black Hat). These include creating duplicate content, spinning content, and trading links.

On the other hand, "Black Hat" aims to make your site appear attractive to search engine bots rather than human visitors. It involves you optimizing your website while ignoring Google's guidelines. Such practices include keyword stuffing, cloaking, use of hidden texts and links.

Despite being unaccepted by search engines, Black Hat practices still generate results. However, this comes with many risks (the worst-case scenario is getting banned by SERPs).

As a result, Black Hat is mostly frowned upon by marketers. So as a beginner willing to take those risks and delve into the world of Black Hat, you may wonder where to start. The simple answer is Black Hat World. What is that?

What is Black Hat World?

black hat world

Black Hat World is an online forum that focuses mostly on Black Hat SEO techniques. As such, its community consists of experts in Black Hat and this makes it a place suited for any beginner.

Although it is one of the largest digital marketing forums out there, many marketers frown upon it. Perhaps because of its name, it is considered a place filled with nothing but scams and bots.

However, the opposite is the case. To prove just how useful and reliable this forum can be, this article provides you with a Black Hat World review.

What does Black Hat World offer?

black hat world forum

As one of the largest digital marketing forums, Black Hat World offers a variety of services to users. To check out these services, visit There, you'll see a list of digital marketing topics under different sub-sections which include marketplace, main menu, and making money.

By clicking on a service, you'll see the various discussions on that particular topic. The amount of information that comes with these discussions is vast. And this is no doubt the main benefit of this online forum.

Some of the services in question include:

black hat world dashboard

Under the Making Money subsection lies Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today. It involves users running advertisements on platforms like Google Ads. Anytime someone clicks on that ad, the user pays a fee, hence Pay-Per-Click.

Black Hat World creates a discussion forum solely on this digital marketing strategy. If you're looking to get into PPC, you might want to join the community of users who seek information on PPC.

Another effective strategy that Black Hat World creates a space for is Website design. You can find this under The Marketplace.

Get info on ways to improve your blog under the blogging section. It is no wonder why BHW devotes a whole section to this service, as blogging is a vital part of not just SEO, but the internet as a whole. With over a thousand discussions, the BHW forum provides sufficient details on blogging.

What is SEO without links? Get ideas for your link-building strategy via The Marketplace. After all, links are vital for all types of SEO be it white, grey, or black.

As seen above, content plays a major role in SEO, be it White Hat or Grey Hat. And how do you create quality content without copywriting? Without a doubt, these are essential to your on-page SEO even if you're looking to go for Black Hat.

BHW allows users to share info about copywriting under The Marketplace. It also allows users to advertise their copywriting skills to others. So if you've got a way with words, you may want to participate.

Not too far off from Content/Copywriting, this room allows you to hire freelancers for your digital marketing services. You only need to post what you're looking for and wait for replies. Click on the link to see examples of this.

It is only right that BHW makes room for freelancers. After all, they play a crucial role in the digital marketing world.

Yes! BHW also offers White-hat services. It recognizes it (White hat) as the standard SEO practice that adheres to the guidelines of search engines. And that's why it devotes a whole section to it.

So, if you weren't feeling excited about this forum because it only focuses on Black Hat, you're wrong. You can join the over two thousand discussions on white hat practices to widen your view of SEO.

The theme of the day, Black Hat SEO, also has a section to its name. You can find this under the Main Menu. However, like White hat SEO, it also has a subsection in the main forum list (link provided above at There, you'll find several black hat services for your SEO. Some of these include:

  • Cloaking and Content Generators. As seen above, cloaking is one of the main black hat SEO practices. And as such, Black Hat World creates a section where users discuss cloaking, content generators, and even Doorway Page. But what is cloaking? It simply refers to a practice whereby the content presented to the user is different from that presented to the search engine's crawler.

  • Black Hat tools. Most SEO practices have tools to ease up the process. And the same is true for Black Hat. Get acquainted with tons of black hat tools at BHW.

  • Proxies. Do you need proxies for your marketing? BHW allows users to share lists of Proxies on the Proxy List section under Black Hat SEO.

How to get started on Black Hat World

black hat world login

As seen above, BHW creates many opportunities for users to connect with others and make money from various digital marketing services. But before you can join any discussion forum, you'll need to register. Not to worry, this is easy. Here's how to get started on Black Hat World in five easy steps.

  • Visit

  • Tap 'Login'

black hat world sign up

  • A pop-up window will appear. Here, click register. (If you have an account already, fill in your email address and password, then click login)

  • Fill in the required details: Your username, email details, and date of birth. Afterward, complete the CAPTCHA if there's one.

  • Tap register, and you're good to go.

Of course, it will take a while before you get used to the forum. But you don't need to get worked up over that. With the help of the search button and the links provided above, you'll be able to get around in no time. Plus, there is always the newbie guide section to help you.


black hat world faqs

Now, here's something for the regular users. Black Hat World is an online forum where people have different queries regarding its structure. And these are usually posted on the forum and feedback section. With that in mind, here are some of the FAQs of BHW in case you missed it.

What can I post about in the forum suggestions and feedback section?

You can post anything related to the state of Black Hat World as a whole. Also, questions you have about the forum are accepted in the feedback suggestions.

Complaints about members (either staff, moderators, or even fellow users) are not allowed here. Neither is interaction with others.

Why was my thread closed in the forum suggestions and feedback section?

If your thread got closed, it is either because it has received an answer already from a staff. Or it has become abusive to other members.

Can I select the moderator that responds to my query?

No, you cannot.

What do I do if a moderator doesn't respond to my query in the feedback section?

If so, you can send them a PM (Private Message), especially when they locked the thread.

Wrapping Up

As seen earlier, many marketers frown at the mention of Black Hat World mainly because they think it's filled with bots and scams. But on the contrary, BHW is a place that's swarming with users looking to gain more ideas for their digital marketing, especially SEO.

And that's not all. Black Hat World creates an environment where you can showcase your marketing skills and promote your brand. Are you into SEO? Then, this is the perfect marketplace for you.

As seen in this article, there are a variety of services discussed on BHW ranging from the standard White hat SEO to the less acceptable Black Hat. As the online world experiences growth, so will Black Hat World. Hence, if you're looking to get started on this forum, now is the time to do so.


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