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Best On-Site SEO Plugins

Are you building a website? Or perhaps you’ve already built your website and are looking to optimize your pages and posts. If so, you’re on the right track. After all, no matter how good your content (this includes webpage, category page, product page, and blog posts) is, it remains invisible without implementing SEO practices.

Best On-Site SEO Plugins

Now that leads us to the question - how can you optimize your website content? Fortunately, several tools out there allow you to do just that. But we’ll be focusing on just one category today - on-site SEO Plugins.

When it comes to SEO Plugins, another issue comes up: “Which should you choose for your SEO?” Well, here are some of the best on-site SEO plugins out there today:

Do you recognize some of them? This article will delve into a deep review of these plugins to help you select the one most suited for your website. But first, of course, we need to understand what On-site SEO plugins are and why they are necessary for better SERP rankings.

What Are On-site SEO Plugins?

SEO plugins are third-party tools usually added to CMS (Content Management Systems), WordPress for instance, to help you optimize your pages and posts for better visibility on search engines.

They offer features that help CMS users to check their SEO performances while still uploading their content. Impressive, right?

But it is important to note that while these plugins help you optimize your site, they're not a sure-fire guarantee for SEO success. Using them doesn't mean an automatic appearance on Google's page one.

With that said, no doubt you’re wondering: “why bother?” “what is even the point of using these plugins?”

You're right to think that way. However, while they don't mean automatic higher rankings, they still play a vital role in your SEO strategy. Below are three importance of using these plugins.

Why Use On-site SEO Plugins?

1. Keyword Optimization

A good keyword strategy is a foundation for every site experiencing SEO success. But how do SEO plugins help in this regard? In one sentence:

They help you choose the right keywords.

They offer features that help you analyze your keywords and check if you're using those keywords in your content. Also, these features ensure that you're not practicing keyword stuffing - a very risky black-hat practice.

2. Meta Tags Optimization

Your SEO title and meta description are areas you never want to overlook in your SEO strategy. On-site SEO plugins ensure that you're making the best use of these features. They also ensure that your keywords are present in your title and description. This helps you show up on SERPs anytime a searcher makes use of those terms.

3. Content Optimization

Your SEO efforts would be meaningless without having great and easy-to-read content to optimize. On-site SEO plugins also help in this aspect. How?

By making sure that your content is readable and understandable. They have features that alert you when using a large block of text. Also, these features see to it that you're using images (alt-text included) to break up your content.

Without a doubt, these On-site SEO plugins are crucial for SEO success. While they don't automatically guarantee it, they ensure that you're working towards it. They lay down the foundation that significantly increases your site's ability to rank on competitive SERPs today. With all that said, the main question remains: "What are the best on-site SEO Plugins?"

What Are The Best On-site SEO Plugins?

As listed above, this article is going to focus on four of the best on-site SEO plugins today, namely AIOSEO, Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and The SEO Framework. Without any further delay, let’s dive right in:

On-Site SEO Plugins

All in One SEO is one of the leading WordPress SEO Plugins today. As explained about on-site SEO plugins earlier, AIOSEO analyzes your content and alerts you of errors that will impede your ability to rank on Google. Hence, it's no wonder why over three million professionals make use of this tool as their number one. But what are some of the features that make All in One SEO outstanding?

AIOSEO Features

➢ It offers suggestions for implementing a good internal linking practice.

➢ It offers an SEO audit service that aims to identify SEO errors across your entire website.

➢ It allows you to optimize for SEO titles and descriptions with ease.

➢ It offers a feature that enables users to set alt text for their images automatically.

Best On-Site SEO Plugins


● It is efficient

● It has a good reputation

● You don't require any coding skills to use

● It makes SEO optimization quicker.


● It offers a limited free version.


● BASIC PLAN: $124 annually

● PLUS: $249 annually

● PRO: $499 annually

● ELITE: $749 annually.


Best On-Site SEO

Here's another popular on-site SEO plugin. Founded by Joost de Valk, Yoast has taken its place in many professionals' lists as the best SEO plugin. What are some of its key features?

Yoast SEO Features

➢ It offers an in-depth meta-tag analysis feature.

➢ It checks your entire site to see if you’re using a certain keyword again.

➢ It analyzes your content readability.

➢ It offers suggestions to help your link-building strategy.


● It is very easy to work with

● The suggestions are easily trackable

● Like AIOSEO above, you don’t need any coding skills to use

● It updates its suggestions quickly as you make changes.


● It may make suggestions that conflict with the intent of your content.


On-Site SEO Plugin

In addition to the free plan, it offers a PREMIUM plan for $99 annually and a SUBSCRIPTION plan for $22/month and $229/year.


Best On-Site SEO Plugins rank math

When speaking about Yoast, the next plugin to come to mind is Rank Math. It speaks for itself, doesn't it? It's an SEO plugin that checks your content and quantifies your SEO rank ability into a score. It's one of the few SEO plugins that make Search Engine Optimization look like child's play. What are its features?

Rank Math Features

➢ Quality SEO suggestions based on your focus keyword.

➢ It allows you to add more keywords in addition to your focus keyword.

➢ It scores your keyword usage based on the length of your content.

➢ It has two features that encourage the use of outbound and internal hyperlinks.

➢ Like Yoast SEO, it checks your site to see if you’re using a keyword multiple time.

➢ It analyzes image alt texts.


● Its suggestions ensure that your content is highly readable.

● It is easy to work with.

● It is easy to setup.

● It has different suggestions focusing on optimizing your SEO title.

● Like Yoast, it updates its suggestions as you make changes.


● The free version offers limited features.


On-Site SEO

In addition to the free version, Rank Math SEO offers a PRO plan for $59/year, a BUSINESS plan for $199/year, and an AGENCY plan for $499/year.


SEO Plugins

The last on our list of no particular ranking order is The SEO Framework. Created by Sybre Waaijer, the SEO framework is undoubtedly one of the best on-site SEO plugins that exist today. To see why, let's look at some of its features:

Features of The SEO Framework

➢ It allows you to develop a well-optimized SEO meta description and title.

➢ It allows you to optimize for social sharing.

➢ It allows you to generate keyword synonyms.


● It is easy to work with.

● It offers advanced on-site SEO features that work.


● Its free version is limited.


list On-Site SEO Plugins

In addition to the free plan, The SEO Framework offers a PRO plan at $7/month, a BUSINESS plan at $17/month, and an AGENCY plan at $27/month paid yearly.

Wrapping Up The List of The Best On-site SEO Plugins

Several plugins allow users to make their SEO process a whole lot easier. That's why, in this article, we gathered four of the best in one place for you.

So, once again, are you building a website? Or have you built it and looking to optimize it for higher SERP rankings? If so, get started by choosing one of these four on-site SEO plugins as they are all tools that no professional would want to do without.


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