Yoast Review [2022]

Plugins are software usually added to a WordPress site to perform a specific function. They make it possible for you to add features to your site without any prior knowledge of coding. What's more, they help you optimize your site to rank high on search engines. And this is the primary function of an SEO plugin.

As a web admin, you no doubt want to get started with the best SEO plugin. But before you do so, there are several factors to keep in mind when making your selection. While there are numerous SEO plugins, you need to remember that some are of higher quality than others. Furthermore, a bad plugin can do damage to your website. It can slow down your WordPress site drastically. So which plugins should you choose?

As seen above, there are several SEO plugins out there. And Yoast SEO sits amongst the best. Since its foundation in 2010 by Joost De Valk, it now has about 5,000,000 installations. Yes, it has proven to be useful to many web designers out there. But why should you consider it? To answer that, this article provides you with a Yoast review for 2022.

What Yoast SEO is?


As the name implies, Yoast SEO is a plugin that helps in your website's optimization. It sits amongst the most popular WordPress plugins that allow users to add descriptions as well as titles to posts and pages. Yes, Yoast is the ideal tool for your SEO. But how does it work?

How does Yoast work?

Yoast SEO

SEO involves implementing different strategies to help you rank better. As a result, Yoast offers features that are aimed at helping you better every aspect of your website optimization. Here are some of those features.

1. Optimized titles and meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions refer to that short text that is displayed at the bottom of the link to your webpage on search engines. True, Google does not focus much on meta descriptions like it did in the past. However, a good description is sure to attract more traffic leading to a higher ranking on Google.

When it comes to driving more traffic, titles are equally essential. And Yoast allows users to create well-optimized descriptions as well as headlines. It will inform you if your description is too long or short. It will also alert you if your keywords are missing in your content. Through the use of color bars, Yoast allows you to know if your description is perfect or not.

2. High-quality SEO articles.

High-quality articles are priceless in the SEO world. And Yoast plugin brings the best of your articles through in-depth analysis and suggestions. With Yoast SEO, you can set a particular keyword to rank your article. After that, Yoast will review various aspects of your content. Some of these aspects include:

  • Keyphrase density

  • Length of text

  • Length of keyphrase

  • Length of meta description

  • Keyphrase in title

  • Keyphrase in introduction

Yoast SEO will display the result of the analysis through the use of color indicators, with green representing good results, and red indicating otherwise. By so doing, it helps you develop highly optimized SEO articles.

3. Good Readability