Best WordPress Plugins For SEO 2022

It is common knowledge that WordPress plugins increase the functionality of websites. Plugins are tools you add to your site to improve its efficiency without having to do much coding or backend work. From enhancing WordPress functionalities, security, payment integration, and whatever you can think of, plugins can also influence the optimization of a WordPress website on search engines.

Using the right plugin further ensures that the site’s optimization becomes a less daunting task. It is crucial to know the best plugins because using an unsuitable website on your website can have adverse impact. For one thing, it might impact negatively on the server (reducing site speed), be difficult to manage, or does not achieve the optimization goal. This article offers ten of the best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2022 to help you rank your website with your target keyword on search engine result pages.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO 2022 to find Your Target Audience

WordPress Plugins

  1. Rankie

  2. SEOPress

  3. Yoast SEO

  4. Broken Link Checker

  5. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

  6. All In One SEO

  7. ShortPixel

  8. WP Rocket

  9. Ahrefs

  10. Schema PRO

These 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2022 are discussed in no particular order.


Rankie is an impressive WordPress plugin optimized to track your page's ranking on Google. With Rankie, you can find and track keywords automatically. Rankie helps boost your keyword strategy and increase your SERP.


  • Effective for keyword research

  • Filtration of keywords

  • Daily keyword update

  • Downloadable reports


  • Rankie plugin costs $21.