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Best WordPress Plugins For SEO 2023

It is common knowledge that WordPress plugins increase the functionality of websites. Plugins are tools you add to your site to improve its efficiency without having to do much coding or backend work. From enhancing WordPress functionalities, security, payment integration, and whatever you can think of, plugins can also influence the optimization of a WordPress website on search engines.

Using the right plugin further ensures that the site’s optimization becomes a less daunting task. It is crucial to know the best plugins because using an unsuitable website on your website can have adverse impact. For one thing, it might impact negatively on the server (reducing site speed), be difficult to manage, or does not achieve the optimization goal. This article offers ten of the best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2023 to help you rank your website with your target keyword on search engine result pages.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO 2023 to find Your Target Audience

WordPress Plugins

These 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2023 are discussed in no particular order.

Rankie is an impressive WordPress plugin optimized to track your page's ranking on Google. With Rankie, you can find and track keywords automatically. Rankie helps boost your keyword strategy and increase your SERP.


  • Effective for keyword research

  • Filtration of keywords

  • Daily keyword update

  • Downloadable reports


  • Rankie plugin costs $21.


  • Affordable price

  • Available in major languages

  • Endorses proxies


  • You will need other SEO plugins and tools


If you are new in the SEO world and do not wish to spend much, SEOPress might be just right for you. SEOPress’ user interface was designed to be as simple as possible for both newbies as well as experts. A unique feature of this plugin is that it does not obtain data from your site. Instead, it puts you in the control seat. The plugin is updated often and cared for just the right way. It is also available in 21 languages.


  • Manage your ads with Google ads

  • Import metadata from other plugins

  • Make a personal HTML and XML sitemap

  • Observe the activities of your guests with Google Search Console and Google Analytics

  • Manage title tags

  • Test your page speed


It has a free and paid version. The free offers access to primary features. On the other hand, the paid version lets you access all features for $39 a year.


  • Available in all major languages

  • You can easily add other plugins

  • Analyze your content with an additional analytical tools

  • Identify and fix broken links


  • You have to subscribe monthly

  • It is not very popular choice amongst the long list of SEE tools


Yoast SEO happens to be the most used SEO plugin. It puts your site ahead of others. It does this by increasing the functionality of your website, optimizing each keywords and page content, integrating your website with analytical tools, and search engines, and generating xml sitemaps. Yoast is effective for building and maintaining a faster and powerful website. It is operated by professionals and is being continually updated. If you want your website to be as fit as a fiddle, then Yoast SEO is for you. This plugin simplifies the work of optimization.


  • Content preview

  • Swift load time

  • Standby email support

  • Suggested linking

  • Content analysis

  • Automatic redirects for broken and deleted links

  • Easy integration with other plugins


It has a free and paid version. The paid version costs $89 a year.


  • It has lots of positive reviews

  • Has a grammar checker

  • Protects your site


  • Sometimes give irrelevant suggestions


This plugin was created by WPMU DEV. As the name implies, it impulsively recognizes and mends broken links on your site. It notices all links both on and off your site. And it informs you immediately it observes a broken link. That way, you can do something about it right away.


  • Broken link checker

  • Email notifications

  • Finds absent images

  • Stops search engines from using poor links

  • Checks both inside and outside links

  • Simplified user interface


This plugin is completely free.


  • Automatically checks links

  • Automatically notifies you

  • It gives you different ways to handle broken links


  • It takes time to set up

  • Can mistake slow pages as poor links


Semrush SEO writing assistant gives automatic suggestions on content optimization. And these suggestions will be based on the features of high-ranking pages. SEO experts and bloggers can use these suggestions to improve their contents’ quality. This goes to show why Semrush SEO writing assistant is one of the best WordPress plugins out there.


  • Plagiarism checker

  • Keyword suggestions

  • Scores content

  • Suggestions on ways to improve

  • Intuitive user interface


Semrush's plugin is free. But if you want to benefit more fully, you can get a paid Semrush account beginning from $99.


  • Gives trustworthy SEO advice

  • Performs low-key and is uncluttered


  • Somewhat inconsistent

  • Obscure algorithm


AIO SEO is a highly recommended plugin for WordPress sites. It makes optimization and monitoring growth easier. Also, it allows for the effortless integration of other plugins and social media tools and their management.


  • Supports local SEO

  • Site analyzer

  • Create XML sitemap automatically

  • Incorporate your site content into your social media.


  • Available in over 50 languages

  • Improves load time speed

  • Does not require any special skills to set up


It has a free version and a paid version starting from $99.


  • You do not get support on the free version

  • You cannot download data from Google's search console


A fast load time equals a smooth user experience. A smooth user experience, in turn, results in more traffic. More traffic? That means a higher search ranking. And this is exactly what ShortPixel does - it increases your site's load time by shrinking images.


  • Fast load time

  • Fast backup

  • Retains image quality

  • Higher search ranking

  • It can be well-matched with other plugins


You can use it for free or sign up for a plan. The plan begins at $3.99.


  • ShortPixel can be combined with other plugins

  • Preserves the original quality of images


  • It automatically does everything, does not wait for manual control


WP Rocket is effective for maintaining caching on your website. Popular amongst WordPress users, its effectiveness is undeniable. If you want to speed up your site's loading time, then WP Rocket is worth giving a shot. WP Rocket aims for a faster website for visitors. It keeps your database clean and tidy.


  • It minimizes and combines files for a less busy site.

  • It has high compatibility with a massive range of WordPress themes.

  • It speed load time

  • It is simple to understand


You can have the WP Rocket plugin beginning from the price of $49 a year. They have a two weeks refund policy.


  • Regular updates

  • Complete refund after two weeks if you wish to have your money back.

  • Amazing support

  • Easy to set up


  • It does not have a free version like other cache plugins


Ahrefs is yet another outstanding WordPress plugin for your SEO. It analyzes your content, scores it, and suggests how to make better content on your site. It maintains all the best SEO practices for a faster and well-optimized site.

Improving your backlinks and content quality helps to increase traffic. This task is made much easier with the Ahrefs plugin. It gives in-depth information on all the pages on your site.


  • Audits content

  • Monitors backlinks

  • Identifies inefficient pages

  • Displays traffic and backlinks daily statistics

  • Speeds site's load time

  • Allows for combination with other plugins


Pricing begins at $99 monthly. There is also a one-week trial that costs just $7.


  • Does a great job on backlinks and keywords research

  • Provides amazing tutorials

  • Good for competitive analysis

  • Simple to set up

  • Constant data update


  • Not easy to use at first

  • Somewhat expensive


Schema Pro plugin is known for making the content of WordPress websites more readable for search engines like Google. It increases the value Google places on your site. Your site also becomes more engaging, as users can find your content easily. Schema Pro works on your site to produce exceptional search results.


  • Catchy images

  • Snippets to accommodate more relevant information

  • Customized fields

  • Various schema markups


The Schema Pro plugin costs $79 a year. But you can get it for a slashed price of $63 at the time of writing this article.


  • No special skills needed to implement the plugin

  • Increases your site's professionalism

  • Easy to configure


  • It does not have a free version

Wrapping Up

SEO experts, bloggers, and site owners, in general know the importance of plugins and the role they play in increasing WordPress functionalities. Despite their downsides, they reduce the work you have to do on-site and produce the best results. While there are many SEO plugins for WordPress sites, not all are recommendable. A poor plugin could frustrate all your hard work in building your site. Knowing the one that best suits you is like obtaining a treasure.

SEO is what takes your website to your target audience and helps in achieving your online marketing goals. Utilizing the best WordPress SEO plugins even makes the optimization process easier. Each tools has its perk and should be considered based on your optimization objective. Remembering that SEO takes considerations of several factors including content and image optimization, site speed, structure, and load time will help you decide the best plugin for your situation. You might need to combine several tools too. Whatever the case is, selecting the right SEO tool will take you closer to the top of SERPs.


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