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List of Backlinks Checkers [ 2023 ]

The impact of proper link building on your SEO cannot be overemphasized. With links between your site and other sites (especially those with high DA), Google understands that your page contains content that is valuable enough for these site owners to want to link with you. However, over time, you might unknowingly accumulate broken or lost links on your site. Although this may not seem like a hindrance to your SEO efforts, it does send signals to the search engine that carry a negative impact on your SEO. Essentially, you should fix all broken links.

How can you identify a broken link or a lost link? This is where backlink checkers come into the picture. Now, let us consider a list of backlink analysis tools that you can try. For clarity, however, let us first consider what a backlink checker is.

List of Backlinks Checkers

What Is a Backlink Checker?

Backlink Checkers are tools that give you insight into the link profile of any domain or URL you paste into the algorithm. With these tools, you can check on the inbound links shared by your competition and other sites, the DA of pages, the link type and other details. Although, some tools have more comprehensive reports than others. Aside from this, they all carry out their functions in similar ways.

The List of Free Backlink Checkers 2023

  1. Google Search Console

  2. Ahrefs Backlink Analyzer

  3. Ubbersuggest

  4. SEMrush Backlink Checker

  5. Moz Backlink Checker

  6. LinkMiner

Let us now review these 6 free backlink analysis software in details.

Backlinks checker google console

Google's Search Console performs a range of functions. Some of these functions are measuring your site's traffic, getting details on your index coverage on Google, and rendering link reports for your pages.

How to use this tool

  1. As a requirement, sign up before you can access this tool. Somewhere along this process, you have to include properties. Properties refer to a page owned by you on the internet. Any property you upload will first be verified as yours by Google.

  2. Going through the search console about page, select ‘start now’ under the heading Improve Your Performance.

  3. On the left side of the screen, there is a sidebar containing headings like Overview, Performance, and URL Inspection. Scrolling down this bar, click on Links.

  4. The four main sections here are external links, top linked sites, internal links, and top linking text. Under External Links, there is the heading labeled Top Linked Pages. This refers to what page on your site has the most backlinks. Your ‘top linked websites’ refer to the domains that link with your page most. The ‘top linked text’ refers to the anchor text that attracts the most backlinks.

  5. On each report list, there is an export button at the top right of the page. From here, one can export the report to Google sheets, or download it to either CSV file format or Excel.

  6. However, reports on the Search Console do not carry information regarding whether a URL is nofollow or dofollow. You need to visit the page linked to that URL to verify this.

How information on the report appears

  • Google indexes similar pages into Canonical URL and duplicate pages, therefore, reports on the Search Console represent duplicate pages in link text and not URLs.

  • Reports are contained in tables with a maximum of a thousand rows. This ensures that data is possibly truncated or better linked to sites.

  • A question mark icon appears on each information box close to the title on that box. So where you would like an explanation for certain titles, you can tap on the question mark.


Backlinks checker Ahrefs

The backlink checkers from Ahrefs is a tool that provides comprehensive link analysis. You can get details for a) the exact URL, b) a path that includes subfolders, c) a specific domain, or d) a domain with subdomains. However the options b) and c) are only available on its premium plan. Ahrefs as a backlink analyzer is preferable by several individuals because of its vast database.

With Ahrefs, one can export reports to CSV form or PDF files. Also, it provides reports on follow, nofollow links, broken links, and anchor texts under its anchor report. Other details include domain rating, traffic, external links, keyword, and organic traffic.

How to use this Software

  • Without signing up, the only detail you will receive on any link is the URL rating. Therefore, signing up is advised.

  • Paste your choice domain/URL into the space labeled as such. Narrow your search down using the tab beside the search bar.

  • If you are satisfied with the default filter, select the ‘check backlinks’ option. You may encounter a Captcha verification here.

However, this is all you need to do before Ahrefs lets you in on the world of information available on the provided link.


Backlinks checker ubersuggest

This tool does not require prior sign-up before you can unlock any features. Link reports here carry information on which links are nofollow, follow or have a link for every domain. You also get to see the domain score, page score, anchor text, first seen date, and last seen date of your URL. However, as a free tool, it has a limit of 3 checks per day.

How to use this Algorithm

  • To begin, paste a selected domain you would like to look up in the provided space.

  • You can make this search using either a domain (either with subdomains or without) or a URL. To exclude subdomains while searching with a domain, tick the box beneath the search bar.

  • With all these in place, tap the ‘search’ button. Note that you may encounter a Captcha verification following this step.


Backlinks checker semrush

SEMrush is a free and paid backlink checker developed by a team that has been around since 2008. Like the other tools on this list, this software has comprehensive reports and functions. With analysis from this tool, you are notified when any backlink is deleted. You can equally watch the progress of the link-building of any domain.

How information on the report appears

  1. In the form of a chart, you can differentiate between your new backlinks and lost ones.

  2. Reports also tell you what percentage of your backlinks are in text, form, image, or frame types.

  3. In color codes, you can learn about the authority score of domains.

How to use this tool

  • For the free/trial version, there is a limit of 10 checks. To access these free tries, you must first register.

  • Once that is complete, paste the link you would like to check in the bar available.

  • Click on ‘analyze’ to initiate the process. The resulting page contains the link details you need including outbound links, anchor text, domain authority, and several others.


Backlinks checker moz

Moz Backlink checking software is one with tons of experience behind it. It renders reports on links in various fields including page authority, domain authority, anchor text analysis, broken link details, and backlink spam score. With its Link Intersect tool, you can find out which website owners build links to your competitor’s pages but do not link to you.

Moz’s backlink analyzer also renders reports on newly formed links and lost links. It has paid plans that hold unique features like the Link Intersect tool. There are four paid plans starting from the standard plan at $99 a month to the premium plan at $299 a month.

Using this software

  • For access to the free plan, you are required to create an account. The free plan is limited to ten link searches and 50 data rows for every query each month.

  • Once you are signed in, paste the link of choice into the provided space.

  • Click on ‘get link data’.


Backlinks checker serpwatcher

This backlink analysis software is developed by Mangools. Its developers are openly ambitious but have duly made this tool as simplified in use as possible. It has three monthly billing plans starting from the basic plan at $49 to the Mangools agency plan at $129. Its corresponding annual plans are cheaper than the monthly billing by approximately 40%.

How to use this tool

  • Mangools offers a 10-day free version to its users. However, like other tools before this on the list, an account with Mangools is necessary to unlock this free version. If you already have an account, do well to sign in.

  • Paste the copied URL in the search bar.

  • You can choose what filters to narrow your search results down from the available options. You can request only new links or only lost links to be rendered in the results. In addition, you can mark or unmark the option for a link for each referenced domain. This box is beneath the search bar.

  • Finally, click on find backlinks and watch LinkMiner produce results with comprehensive link details including information on the link type (nofollow or follow).

The List of Paid Backlink Checkers

Here is a list of our 5 preferred paid backlink checkers and how much each of these would cost you:

  1. BuzzSumo

  2. Seobility

  3. CognitiveSEO

  4. Majestic

  5. URL profiler

Backlinks checker buzzsumo

One among several backlink checkers that offer in-depth backlink analysis is BuzzSumo. It renders details including backlinks shared between other sites and that of your competition.

BuzzSumo Pricing Plans

BuzzSumo backlink checker is not open to anyone without an account. Therefore, you must first create an account. With this complete, tap the “start free trial’ option. Note that the free trial does not require prior addition of payment means.

Aside from the 30-day trial, BuzzSumo has four paid plans

  1. Pro - This plan would cost you 99USSD monthly and 79USSD yearly. Two of its features are domain analysis and up to 50 report exports per month. Its license is valid for 5 users.

  2. Plus - This paid version is costed at 179USSD monthly and 139USSD annually. It accommodates over 10 users and 150 monthly report exports.

  3. Large - The cost of this package is 299USSD monthly and 239USSD yearly. The license of this plan can accommodate up to 15 users. Link analysis can also be exported in PDF, CSV, or Excel formats up to 200 times monthly.

  4. Enterprise - One of the features of this plan is its over five years of historical link resource. Another reason this plan stands out from others is that it is a custom plan. Therefore, if you would like to opt-in for this plan, reach out to the BuzzSumo team by sending an email.


Backlinks checker SEObility

As a backlink checker, this tool renders detailed reports on provided URLs or domains. While some features like anchor text analysis, competitor backlink analysis, and geographic coverage are lacking in the free versions, the paid plans make up for this. Seobility practices auto-billing. This implies that at the end of a month, your plan will be renewed through the means of payment you initially provided.

Pricing Plans

The free version of limited to three checks per day. There is also the basic plan that costs nothing. However, to use this basic plan which allows up to five checks per day, you must create an account and sign in. Aside from these, there are two paid plans namely:

  • Premium - This plan costs 50USSD each month. However, it comes with a 30-day trial. In other words, you get to try out the premium plan and you can decide to opt out if you find that you are not satisfied with its features. Although, in case you would like to opt out, ensure that this is done within the 30 days of trial. If you do not opt-out in time, you will not be getting your money back.

  • Agency - This version costs 200USSD and it does not have a trial period. All features available on the Premium plan are what you will find here.

The above-stated prices have VAT included.


Backlinks checker CognitiveSEO

The developers of this tool have been closely working together since 2010 to ensure that their tools available to the public are efficient. As a paid tool, its features vary with each plan The tool features Google analytics integrations across all versions. Although it has a demo version, you need to render your means of payment before this trial period.

Pricing Plans

This tool comes with a 7-day demo version that follows sign-up. After this, if you would like to enjoy the features of this tool, you will have to purchase one of three paid plans. You should first decide on which plan you would like to purchase if you are eventually satisfied with the trial experience. You can do this by comparing the features of the various plans. When your mind is made, select the “try for free” option below the price of your chosen plan.

The paid plans available on CognitiveSEO are;

  • Starter: This paid plan costs 129.99USSD monthly and 89USSD yearly. It has up to 200000 inbound link checks.

  • Premium: This plan’s monthly billing happens to be cheaper than its yearly billing. Each month, it costs 199USSD, and each year, it costs 209USSD. Its limit for inbound link checks is 1 million.

  • Elite: This paid plan costs 499USSD monthly, and 349USSD annually. It accommodates over 3 million inbound link checks.


Backlinks checker Majestic

Here, we have a tool that has been around since 2008. For a one-time try, Majestic allows you to perform a search. Unlike any of its paid plans, the free search has less comprehensive link reports. It provides basic details regarding the link like the link volume or link quality. However, with its paid versions, you have access to the referring domains tab gives a detailed breakdown of link profiles. Information includes link types for example nofollow links, dofollow links, live links, and so on.

Pricing plans

With Majestic, you can also choose between monthly or annual billing. You can also choose what currency to make payments in. The available options are US dollars, British pounds, and Euros. There are three paid plans

  • Lite - This plan costs 49.99USSD when billed monthly and 41.67USSD yearly. It carries a license for one user and has over a million units for analysis.

  • Pro - This version costs 99.99USSD monthly and 83.33USSD yearly. Its license is for one user and it has over 20 million.

  • API - All plans under this package hold licenses for up to 20 users. The full API plan is segmented into the following three depending on how many analysis units are requested –

100 million: For this many analysis units, you will be billed 399.99USSD monthly and 333.33USSD annually.

300 million: This plan costs 799.99USSD monthly and 666.66USSD yearly.

1000 million: This custom plan costs 1599.99USSD each month and 1333.33USSD each year.

You can make payments using any of the following options: PayPal, American Express, Visa, or Master Card. First-time customers of the Lite and Pro are entitled to a 7-day money-back guarantee. Note that the above-stated prices do not include VAT.


Backlinks checker URL profiler

URL profiler is a backlink analyzing tool that functions across Windows and MAC OS X. Its link reports are highly detailed and cover a range of fields that you can choose from in narrowing down search results. These fields include data at the domain level (under which you find options like indexed in Google, Alexa rank, Ahrefs, Page rank, email address, and Mozscape), and data at the URL level (under which there are options for HTTPS status, Google Analytics, and robots access). You can also choose what software to analyze your content with. Here, you have options of uClassify, Readability, and Copyscape.

URL Profiler pricing

URL profiler has a demo pro version that lasts for 2 weeks. For extended use, you need to purchase a license. There are three paid plans available for this tool:

  • Solo - This plan costs 29.95USSD a month and 19.95USSD annually. It holds a usage license for a maximum of one device.

  • Pro - At 39.95USSD/month or 25.95USSD/year, you can purchase this plan that unlocks usage rights across two devices.

  • Agency - This plan costs 99.95USSD each month, or 64.95USSD each year. It provides usage licenses across over 20 devices.

How to use this tool

The labeled criteria associated with this tool make it beginner-friendly. When all criteria are set to your liking, select the ‘run profiler option.’

Bottom Line

As seen in this article, some tools will cost you nothing, while you must make a purchase for others. Although, it is difficult to draw a clear line between where the free tools end and the paid ones begin. This is because most tools have both versions, as most developers of these tools would rather not have individuals buy a pig in a poke. Notwithstanding, by duly utilising one or more from the variety of backlink checkers available, you can improve your link strategy for better SEO results

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