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Zapier Automation Platform

With the swarm of online apps that many have to keep up with, it becomes nearly impossible to not lose track. If you run a business and have to operate a social media account, for example, it could be difficult to run these accounts across several platforms and still keep track of inquiries, new emails, leads, and so on.

In the midst of all this, having something that allows some of these processes to handle themselves is truly blissful. The Zapier automation platform is one such thing. In the course of this article, we will review this workflow management software. We'll highlight what it is, how it works, and why (or why not) you should opt for its services.

What is the Zapier Automation Platform?

Zapier Automation Platform

For its over three million users around the world, Zapier is a task automation product. It was developed in 2011 and has grown since then. By allowing its users to integrate web applications and create automatic workflows, Zapier creates relative ease and smooth interaction between apps and services.

When a trigger (that is, the action at the start of your automated workflow) presents, the Zap is initiated and actions are taken automatically. A task is counted for each time a workflow/programmed action is completed.

Zapier Automation Platform’s Pricing

Zapier Automation Platform pricing

Prices vary depending on your selected task tier. Zapier's pricing plans are as follows;

  1. Free plan - $0.00 monthly

  2. Starter plan - $19.99 monthly

  3. Professional plan - $49 monthly

  4. Team plan - $69 monthly

  5. Company plan - Customizable

Note that making payments for any of these plans annually saves up to 33% of the monthly billings.

Features of the Zapier Automation Platform

Zapier Automation Platform Features

The platform's features are made available to users majorly based on the client's payment tier. These features, outlined under the different plans, include –

1. Free plan

At no cost, members are granted up to 100 task automation workflows. In addition to this, there is a no-code editor alongside single-step Zaps.

2. Starter plan

This plan is available for individuals who require only simple but multiple-step workflow automation. The plan can support 750 tasks in a month. In addition to the services of the free plan, users get to use:

  • Multiple versions of Zaps

  • Filters and formatters that give zaps a customized function.

  • Multiple-step Zaps that allow a single action/trigger to initiate as many responses as you choose.

3. Professional plan

To unleash the full capacity of the Zapier automation platform, the professional plan is the place to start. It handles over 2000 tasks each month. In addition to the perks of the starter plan, members get to enjoy the following;

  • The option to include unlimited premium apps into workflow automation. Shopify, LinkedIn ads, PayPal, Microsoft Dynamics, and Pinterest are a few among the 63 premium apps featured on Zapier’s automations.

  • An Autoreplay feature that automatically retries tasks that may have failed due to server downtime or network errors.

  • Advanced branching logic with which you can build more advanced workflows as you choose.

4. Team plan

On a larger scale than the professional plan, the team plan organizes collaborations on automation task flows across the team. Like the professional plan, this plan handles 2000 tasks monthly. In addition to the features of the professional plan, this plan features the following –

  • The option to add an unlimited number of users to the account.

  • A premier support team that ensures that the concerns of members are assessed immediately.

  • Various members of the team can have shared apps as a part of workflows while keeping their accounts private. In other words, while sharing app connections on the same Zapier account, the API keys and passwords on these various apps will not be shared.

  • Live chat support.

5. Company plan

If you would like more security and features than are provided in the team plan, the company plan covers this. In addition to the features of all other plans, the company plan has the following features;

  • The option to add an unlimited number of teams to the plan.

  • Better security for company workflows with aid from SAML 2.0 IAM (Identity and Access Management) providers.

  • Flood protection services to accommodate voluminous tasks.

  • Customizable task history retention, which allows you to decide what aspect of your task history you would like to keep.

How to Use Zapier

Zapier Automation Platform - how to use

To adopt the services of Zapier in task automation, you must –

  • First, sign up. You can either do this with an existing Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, or you can open an account using your email and name.

  • Next, click on the log-in option in the email that will be sent to your account. This email contains a demo video on how the platform works, a shortcut to immediately create your first Zap and a link to the Zapier guide.

  • Clicking on the login option and putting in your login details are the final steps to opening your account. For paid plans, the process remains the same. However, you would have to start by clicking on your pricing plan of interest.

  • You can either create a Zap from scratch or you can avail yourself of the several available templates. The same goes for workflows.

Benefits of Using the Zapier Automation Platform

Aside from the versatile features the Zapier automation platform boasts, the following are some benefits that the platform's users enjoy –

1. Affordability

For the services it provides, Zapier is affordable to its users. The platform equally features a flexible range of prices to ensure that no one is entirely left out. There is also the option of annual billing that costs less than monthly payments.

2. Availability

The Zapier automation platform is available to all. It is not limited to individuals/groups that desire large-scale task automation. The starter plan and the free plan both exist for individuals who do not need to handle several tasks each month.

3. Scalability

The platform is programmed to allow users to easily upscale or scale down their requirements. If you start with a plan that accommodates fewer tasks than your current needs, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan and vice versa.

4. Large-scale process automation

Regardless of the number of applications you deal with, Zapier effectively works through automation for you. Thanks to the platform's organized interface, you can create multiple workflows with these app integrations without losing track of a single Zap.

5. Ease of use

With no coding knowledge being a criterion, everyone can make use of this Automation platform. If the guide and demo videos attached to the email from the platform are not enough to get you conversant with how the platform's task automation works, you can start your Zapier journey with the free plan. This way, you get to do some practice.

Downsides to Zapier's Automation Platform

Zapier inarguably has a lot of upsides that would catch the interest of anyone who seeks a workflow management platform. Indeed, Zapier is a great product for this purpose. However, it would help to note the following before signing up with Zapier –

  1. There is no mobile app available. In other words, you will either have to make do with the web version, or you will need your desktop within reach often. However, the automation and integrations run by Zapier between your apps can be monitored on your mobile device.

  2. Most of the platform's support and features mostly benefit individuals and groups with business needs. This means that if you will be using Zapier for domestic purposes or smart home gadgets, you may not get notifications between apps as fast as you may want.

  3. The free plan, although unlimited in terms of how long individuals can stay on the plan, does not give its users an actual feel of the Zapier platform. It serves best to give users an idea of how to navigate through the interface of the platform.

FAQs about Zapier Automation Platform

How would I know if I have reached my monthly task limit on Zapier?

Once you use up 80% of your monthly task quota, Zapier sends an email to notify you. If your monthly task quota is reached, the platform stops any new Zaps from running.

How can I re-initiate Zaps after reaching my monthly limit?

To re-initiate workflows that are on hold, you would need to add a new quota of tasks to your current plan. With these new tasks purchased, Zapier re-initiates workflows as programmed.

Can I switch out of my current plan?

If you join Zapier with the free plan or any other paid plan, you can visit the pricing page and click on upgrade under the new plan of your choice. When you do this before your current subscription ends, a balance will be put forward to your next subscription if you will be moving to a lower plan. And if you will be upgrading to a higher plan, you will pay a designated fee for the remainder of that month.

Can I entirely cancel my Zapier subscription?

You can decide to cancel your subscription if you do not wish to work with Zapier anymore. If you cancel your subscription before it expires, Zapier will credit you an allocated amount.

Wrapping Up

Rather than get caught up trying to manage all the necessary applications you would need daily, the Zapier automation platform exists to reduce your workload. By leaving the technicalities to Zapier's automation system, you can focus on other aspects of your business that require your human attention and creativity.

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