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List Of Client Management Software Tools Of 2023

There is hardly any such thing as saying too much when it comes to Client Management Software because there is indeed a lot to say about it. Client Management Software (CMS), also called Customer relationship management (CRM) software, functions to ensure that the benefit of one's brand is not prioritized over the benefit of clients, as is the case in most organizations. They (client management software) also organize processes that help businesses manage client data with such high efficiency.

There is so much about client management software that makes it a must-have for businesses and organizations. In this article, we will consider the features of client management software, its types, and the list of client management software tools of 2023 that is worth considering. Also, you will find what you should look out for when settling for one. To begin with, we must understand what Client Management Software is.

Client Management Software works to keep track of a business' one-on-one relationship with its clients. Implementing the results crawled up by this software in every department of a business is the first step to gaining loyal customers. How does CMS’ operate? Let’s see what features they bring to the table.

Client Management Software

How Client Management Software tools work

Here are general features that describe the functioning of a CMS;

  • Client activity follow-up: This is one main feature of client management software. With this feature, everything that goes on between your client and your organization is recorded including the number of complaints or defective products returned. Now, you can prevent a repeat of these errors.

  • Automated responses: Business owners and staff can respond to clients through direct messages on social media, a regular text, email, or call using the client management software's pre-designed templates and automated response feature.

  • CMS workflow monitoring: With this feature, you can schedule meetings and send outreaches. This way, you do not have to remember to set a date for follow-ups as the client management software does so for you.

Types of Client Management Software

Client Management Software comes in three types so you should go with something that suits the needs of your business.

  1. Collaborative client management software - Collaborative client management software is best for large organizations. This is because it serves to close the gap between individual departments of the organization. It ensures that irrespective of the distance between various departments, staff in these respective departments have access to up-to-date data on every client. This way, no client would have to tender his complaint or details each time he contacts a different staff. The collaborative Client management software is especially good for businesses with multiple channel support and multiple branches.

  2. Operational client management software - Most automation features of client management software are found in the operational client management software. This takes much of the load off the shoulders of your staff. By doing so, employees have more time to focus on the aspect of their job that requires that human touch. The operational client management software is best for organizations that wish to utilize client data better, while equally relieving some burden off the shoulders of employees.

  3. Analytical client management software - This form of client management software brings about more insights. Statistics show that data analysis of some organizations does not make use of more than half of the bountiful client information they have access to. This can be avoided with the analytical client management software as it gathers this information and analyzes it, thus giving you insight into the behavioral trend of clients. Remember, insights are very helpful in knowing the next line of action to take. Analytical Client Management Software is especially good for businesses with a lot of client information but does not know how to effectively manage it.


There are tons of CMS around. But here are some of the top Client Management Software that is worth your consideration:

So, here is what to know about each of these.

This client management software is one of the top options to pick from. And for good reasons. Oracle Netsuite fits into the scalability criteria by giving room to accommodate more users. Although Oracle Netsuite does not outshine other client management software in inventory management, it does add prominent value to one's business. To cover up for this, Oracle Netsuite did outshine all other client management software in the aspect of being a great ERP platform. It is entirely cloud-based.


  • Sales transaction management, which is second to none.

  • Another good feature of Oracle Netsuite that makes it worth considering is its reliable and easy-to-understand feedback on data analysis.

  • Its resource planning scheme for enterprises tailors to suit the needs of a wide range of businesses.

  • Inventory& Fixed Asset management.


The pricing structure of Oracle Netsuite is very simple. You make a payment of $999 initially, and then $99 for every user monthly.


  • It has an automated workflow feature that lays some of the reminder work off your back.

  • It is also user-friendly, and easy to install and configure.

  • Most updates and fixing of bugs take place behind the scenes, leaving work uninterrupted.


  • Its support system is somewhat complex.

  • Configuring this system to perform specific tasks is difficult.


As a client management software, PipeDrive focuses mainly on strengthening business-client relationships. It automates the tracking and organization of texts, emails, and calls. By being able to visualize a business' sales throughout the journey, PipeDrive has slowly but surely become a business-owner favorite, especially for small businesses.


  • With email forwarding, PipeDrive's mail tab assists in keeping track of important emails.

  • The activity schedule feature adds appointments to your calendar as they come.

  • Statistics Tab which is directly linked to your live dashboard.

  • Sales assist which gives automation recommendations and personalized tips to your reps.

  • An Artificial intelligence sales mentor.


Aside from the fifteen-day trial period, PipeDrive has 3 paid plans

  • Essential tier; $12.50 monthly for every user (annual billing), and $15 per user monthly.

  • Advanced tier; $24.90 monthly for every user (annual billing), and $29 per user monthly.

  • Enterprise tier; $49.90 monthly for every user (annual billing), and $59 per user monthly.

Every annual payment made comes with the first 2-months free as an incentive.


  • The PipeDrive user interface is straightforward.

  • It helps small-scale/medium-sized businesses stay atop their client management processes.

  • The AI sales mentor helps your staff learn new ways to use the software without rigorous training.


  • For the price at which it comes, the functions are quite limited.

  • New contacts and leads are not separated from pre-existing ones.


This cloud-based client management software has constantly brought satisfaction to users over the past 15 years. It is currently trusted by thousands of businesses across 180 countries around the globe. It operates in the Java language.


  • Multi-channel client interaction.

  • Zia, an artificial intelligence-powered SA (sales assistant).

  • Social media integrations and lead conversions.

  • Customized page layouts and modules.


  • Zoho One- With this feature, all users have access to all Zoho features at $30 monthly (for every user). The only condition that allows you to use this plan is that all staff on your payroll must have this license.

  • Standard tier- 12 dollars per user monthly (annual payment), and 18 dollars per user monthly.

  • Professional tier- 20 dollars per user monthly (annual payment), and 30 dollars per user monthly.

  • Enterprise tier- 35 dollars per user monthly (annual payment), and 45 dollars per user monthly.

  • Zoho Ultimate Edition- 45 dollars per user monthly (annual payment) with a thirty-day trial period.


  • It has a stellar set of features.

  • Its free plan is free for 10 users.

  • With each paid plan comes more features.


  • Its ZIA voice assistant needs to be improved.

  • Automated workflows are available only in the Professional tier.


Although it does not have many in-depth features, this client management software is a good option for business owners. It can be integrated with Office 365, Gmail, Outlook, and G Suite. HubSpot client management software also has feedback, analytics and has great user scaling abilities.


  • Advertising and lead generating tools.

  • PieSync renders historical and live data synchronization.

  • Ad tracking feature which allows you to monitor which of your ads generate leads.


Other than the free version, HubSpot has 3 plans on Sales Hub namely;

  • Starter- $50 and above monthly.

  • Professional- $500 and above monthly.

  • Enterprise- $1200 and above monthly.


  • It has a free version which has basic features.

  • Its user interface is intuitive, and it makes this client management software easy to use.

  • Its email integrations are outstanding.


  • Prices might increase upon including premium features.

What to look out for in Choosing your Client Management Software

In the end, choosing what client management software to go with is up to you, however, here are some factors to consider before you reach a decision.

  1. User-friendly and easy to set up; Whichever client management software you choose to employ the service of, you must ensure that it is neither difficult to configure nor install. You should also make sure it would not cost you too much; as some of these software programs require an expert to maintain them regularly. More importantly, to save your employees from stress, you should go with software that does not need any intensive training before it can be used.

  2. Product Assimilation; Your prospective client management software must be able to integrate with whatever products you currently use in your business dealings to obtain data. Better still, you should find one that has pre-integrations with products that are most vital to your business. This gets rid of the stress that comes with trying to crack how to connect the Software manually.

  3. Method of payment; The most common client management software is cloud-based and uses subscriptions as their method of payment. However, as an alternative, you could get yourself a Client Management Software with a one-time payment then hook it up to the available on-site devices. This method however has scaling limitations and cannot easily adjust to accommodate an increase in the number of people-data. Whatever the case is, ensure your client management software sits in with your business's budget.

  4. Feedback; Your client management software must be able to diligently render analysis that can be understood by anyone in the company. No doubt, data analysis that no one understands is of no good.

  5. Security; Something good for your business, namely client data, can easily turn into a liability when it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, your client management software should have the highest security possible to keep all data regarding the company, its dealings, and client data secure.

  6. Scaling abilities; How well can the client management software you seek adjust when your business expands? How easy will it be for you to integrate new products into your client management software with time? To avoid gathering data from scratch at some point due to having outgrown your client management software, you must consider these 2 questions above in selecting a client management software.

Why you should not dismiss getting a Client Management Software tool

  • With client management software, you are given data on past purchases by clients, responses to emails, and other client activities. This gives your business room to improve.

  • With results from the client management software, you and your staff have a vivid picture of what your clients need. This way, you can offer your clients an up-sell tailored to their needs. This is very helpful when preparing that next product launch you have in mind, or when preparing your sales pitch.

  • It provides grounds for you to get to know your clients personally. Clients love nothing more than understanding from those they work with. With client management software, you can easily give clients the understanding they need.

  • The follow-up feature of client management software ensures that no client is left behind. It reminds you to respond to client emails or texts, and it also encourages you to contact those of your clients that you have not reached out to in a while.

Final thoughts

Statistics show how the use of client management software around the globe has skyrocketed, experiencing an 18% increase just between 2021 and 2022. Your company can become one among the thousands of companies out there that already are benefiting from using client management software.

To help you start, this article discusses four top Client Management Software that will improve productivity and conversions in your business operations. It also highlights key factors to consider when selecting a CMS for your business. Whether you are considering your business size, the flexibility of the CMS, or its pricing, one thing is sure. These top four client management software tools will boost your business.


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