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WordAI review

Sometimes, creating content from scratch can be stressful. This is especially noticeable when you have a bulk of content creation to get down to. Is your current project related to one of your previously published works? Regardless of the case, you can create original content without the usual stress. By original content, we mean plagiarism-free content. With the spin software, Word AI, this is an easy feat. Hence, this article will consider ways in which you can utilize the Word AI software. We will also see some of its prominent features, pros, cons, and consider the answers to some questions people want answers to regarding this software.

WordAI Review

What Is Word AI?


WordAI Content Spinner

Word Artificial Intelligence is an automated software that spins articles, rewriting every bit of content pasted in its engine. While restructuring articles, Word AI preserves the idea behind the original text. In the end, it creates unique, readable, and easy-to-understand content.

Word AI has four supported languages. Aside from its default language English, it works with French, Spanish, and Italian.

Features Of Word AI

WordAI Features

  1. Word AI Spintax: Spintax is a core feature of Word AI. It can easily create a maximum of a thousand unique articles from a copy of the text you paste into its engine. In record time, it can create up to a thousand articles that, although carrying the same context, are entirely different.

  2. Tone Adjustment: There are three tone adjustment options available on Word AI. They are;

I. More Conservative; This tone produces highly readable content. On average, you get up to 81 percent uniqueness using this tone. With 81% being the average score, creating several copies using this tone would be risky. This spin option comes with lesser synonyms than other options.

II. Regular; The regular option is best if what you seek is a high degree of uniqueness. With this option, your output content could get up to 92 percent uniqueness. What you get is content with the right amount of readability and uniqueness.

III. More Adventurous; The last spin option does the most in terms of creating unique content. However, you might end up with something humanly difficult to comprehend. So in terms of readability, you might want to reconsider.

You can find these spin options arranged below the option for “number of desired rewrites” in the same order as above.

  1. HTML Compatibility; The content-spin software works well with HTML codes. You get to make edits to your content using HTML codes.

  2. Word protection: While working with this text rewriter, you can choose selected words that you would like to remain the same in the output content.

Some other features include the custom synonym and several integrations including the LSI integration and Word AI API.

How To Use Word AI

Account activation

WordAI Sign up

To get a functioning account with Word AI, you need to first sign up. Here is how you can accomplish this;

  • With Word AI, you must first choose a plan before you proceed to sign up. If you will be subscribing to the monthly plan, click here to sign in. If the yearly subscription suits you best, click here to sign in.

  • Provide your name, email address, and password, into the labeled spaces.

  • You are to choose a payment method on the next page. You can choose between PayPal and your credit card, whichever you are more comfortable with.

WordAI Plan

  • Immediately you fill these details in, click on the green start free trial button.

WordAI Plans

Word AI is an intuitive, beginner-friendly article-spin software. While producing professional content, it has extremely basic operating requirements. Here is a list of steps to follow to use Word AI;

Step 1- Copy the content you want unique versions of and paste it into the first of two boxes.

WordAI Tool

Step 2- Select the number of copies you need. The option for this is at the bottom of the first box, above the green rewrite button.

Step 3- Click on “rewrite”.


That is all it takes before you see the copy/copies of rewritten content. On top of the second box which contains the product, you will find the percentage uniqueness of each new version.

However, you need to first sign up and activate your account before you can get down to these steps. Now, let us see how to sign up on Word AI.


WordAI Pricing

Word AI offers both a paid plan and a free trial period. The 3-day trial period comes with monthly and yearly subscriptions. In other words, you select a plan to pay for and get the first three days as a trial. If you are not satisfied you get your money back.

The payment plans are;

  1. Monthly subscription- You get to enjoy this service for $57 every month.

  2. Yearly subscription- This plan costs $27 per month. It is annually billed, and this adds up to a down payment of $324.

  3. Enterprise plan- Word AI’s custom plan has no visible pricing, hence, it depends on your needs. To activate this plan, contact the Word AI team. Some features of this plan are customized rewrites, shareable user accounts, and an account manager.

Benefits Of Word AI

WordAI Benefits

  1. Word AI is a software that delivers grammatically correct content in a matter of seconds. The spun content you get off Word AI is not only free of grammatical errors, but also natural flowing, readable, and understandable.

  2. Plagiarism-free content; Some content rewriting software come up with poorly structured work that is easily flagged as plagiarism. However, the carefully structured content on Word AI, each unique in its way, will not be flagged as plagiarism.

  3. Word AI helps improve text quality. Wherever there are grammatical errors, unclear statements, or sentences too long, this software changes all that. Word AI detects these, and corrects them, thereby improving the quality of the text you paste.

  4. To save time, you can directly upload files from your device. Supported file formats are .csv and .zip.

Pros and Cons


  • Word AI is sure to satisfy the needs of anyone in need of a content-spin software. In line with this confidence, there is a risk-free 30-day refund policy. If you decide that the services are not what you seek, you can cancel your subscription and get a refund. However, you must reach this decision with less than ten article rewrites.

  • You can get to a thousand versions of an article that all stand out as result options to choose from in less than thirty seconds using the Word AI Spintax.

  • With the option to choose how many rewrites you want, you do not have to spend too much time deciding on which rewritten version to settle for. Rather, you can simply put in a feasible and convenient number of rewrites.

  • Word AI produces content that is unique enough to pass the Copyscape software, and gain good ranks on the Google SERP.

  • With over a thousand unique articles at your disposal, you can hardly run out of ideas. If you would like to customize the rewritten content, you have a unique pool of resources at your fingertips.


  • The latest update made to the software cut down most of the original features, making the software simpler. The current version has only English available.

  • The software has no free version.

  • It is now quite limited in its functions. For instance, there is no manual spinning creator.


  • How do I access my work if I would like to edit further?

On your dashboard, you find the section “saved Articles”. Previous contents that have passed the text rewriter are stored here. Clicking on the file name takes you back to the Rewrite section. You can make further changes to the article on this page. Afterward, you can save the new file.

  • What are the functions of these four little icons on my page?

On your dashboard, the four icons are;

I. Copy- The copy button performs the same function as on every other platform, it copies.

II. Export- The export icon allows you to save all spun articles on your device.

III. Bell- The bell icon highlights protected text, in other words, unaltered texts.

IV. Save- The save button allows you to save your new content on the web.

  • How does the billing work?

Your account whose details you have provided is subject to recurring billing. If you do not want this, you could cancel your subscription.

  • Where can I find the option to cancel my subscription?

This option is available in the Account section of your dashboard.

Final thoughts

With several article versions available, results that are Copyscape-proof, and API integration, Word AI stands out among competitors. However, the absence of a free version and several features that were in previous versions including the manual spinning creator are some cons of the software. Overall, Word AI is a great software that gives you substantial value for your money. And if in the end you find that the service is not working for you, then you can opt-out at no charge. So there is nothing to lose, just make sure you opt-out before the end of the trial period.



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