What is Copyscape

Search engine optimization (SEO) is of more relevance to online businesses now than ever before. No doubt, there are several known ways of boosting your site's SEO, and one factor that is of big impact is blogging. Creating content that is of relevance to your business niche and site yields great results for your business or brand. However, creating meaningful content is no walk in the park. There are various factors that make content creation tasking and one of such is avoiding the trap of plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of those things that have become almost unavoidable for most bloggers and article writers. But, there is a way out. With the aid of plagiarism-checking software, your article can come out plagiarism-free. Therefore, this article shall discuss extensively one such program that helps rid your article of plagiarism; Copyscape.

What Is Copyscape?


Have you ever inserted a keyword into a search engine and stumbled across two or more sites whose articles contain the same lines of thought and words? If you have, then you might have come across a plagiarized content. Unique content on your site does well to give your traffic a boost, and Copyscape can help you achieve this.

With a 4.8 star rating, Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker which helps writers ensure that their content comes out with 100% authenticity. It provides users with the flexibility to scan the entire web for plagiarized content.

Pricing Plans

The Copyscape pricing plan is as follows:

  • Premium- 3¢ per first 200 words and an additional 1¢ for the next 100 words

  • Copysentry standard- $4.95 monthly for the first 10 pages and an additional $0.25 monthly for extra pages.

  • Copysentry professional- $19.95 monthly for the first 10 pages and an additional $1.00 monthly for extra pages.

Features Of Copyscape

1. Online plagiarism checker - One of the most prominent features of this software is its plagiarism checker. For optimum results, the software offers an easy way to check plagiarism over the entire web. It can also check particular sites using its compare feature on two articles or webpages. With the two-article/webpage plagiarism checker, you have to input the link of your source material and the article you have written and start the check.

NOTE; Using the free version, editing cannot take place on the plagiarism check result page, therefore, you need to make necessary adjustments to your article outside the page.

2. Content scanning - With the premium version, it scans content such as WordPress posts to ascertain their originality before you purchase and use them for your site. It does so with an API that scans content as they come into your device.

3. Copysentry - This feature allows the Copyscape API to search the web daily, spot other sites that contain content duplicated from your site, and alert you via email.

Pros & Cons of Copyscape


1. Copyscape grants premium users permission to place banners on their sites to warn potential content-copists from stealing your content. You do not have to pay extra fees to enjoy this protection.

2. Sites that contain plagiarized content get reduced SERP ranking. With Copysentry, your site's content cannot be plagiarized, therefore, your SERP ranking remains unaffected.


Copyscape premium has a pricing pattern that is quite complex. Rather than price per document, Copyscape prices per 200 words for the first 200 words and per 100 words onward. This means the more words you write, the higher the cost.