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What Is TikTok Recharge?

In recent years, TikTok has seen itself as one of the top social media platforms. Ever since its foundation in 2016, this app has experienced steady growth. And now, it boasts over a billion active users globally, many of which are famed celebrities. But why is TikTok that popular?

Well, TikTok offers a variety of engaging features. It allows you to create short-form videos and share them with other users. It also allows you to edit these videos with great filters and mind-blowing effects.

But that's not all. TikTok also creates an avenue for its users to earn money and make purchases through its virtual currency known as coins. What does that mean?

TikTok Recharge

TikTok Coins - What are they?

On TikTok, there's a feature known as Wallet that contains virtual Coins that act as an in-app currency. As such, these Coins can be used to make several purchases within the application. Such purchases include virtual gifts like digital emoticons.

You can send these gifts to other users during a Livestream as a form of appreciation and support for the content they post. But that's not all to it. Those at the receiving end earn a percentage of the coins used to purchase the set gift. Afterward, they can convert them into diamonds.

These diamonds can then be reconverted to real-world money and withdrawn from the app once it reaches a certain amount (usually $100 worth of diamonds). Thus, the TikTok currency allows users to tip their favorite content makers via coins.

That's cool, right? As a content maker, you can hope to gain passive income through quality and engaging videos.

But how do you gain coins in the first place? To do that, you must first recharge your wallet. This brings us to the question - What is TikTok recharge? This article answers that question and provides a detailed guide on how to recharge your TikTok coins. So down to the chase.

TikTok Recharge

As seen above, you can convert diamonds to real money and withdraw them from the app once it reaches the required amount. In the same way, users can purchase coins from the app with real-world cash. This is known as recharging your TikTok wallet.

Recharging your wallet is a very simple task. However, sometimes, even regulars can lose their way around. Not to worry. Below is a complete, short yet straightforward guide to purchasing coins.

  • Launch the TikTok application on your device. Next, log into your account if you aren't automatically signed in.

  • Click on the 'Profile' icon. You can find this icon as well as others at the bottom of the screen after logging in.

  • Next, your profile page will appear on your screen along with a 3-dot menu. Tap on it to proceed. Afterward, a pop-up page will show on the screen.

  • Amongst the options on that page, choose 'Security and Privacy'. Then click 'balance' on the next screen.

  • As the name indicates, the balance page displays the number of coins remaining in your wallet. There, there is a 'Recharge' button present. Click on it.

  • Next, you'll see various TikTok recharge plans. Choose the one that you prefer.

  • Once you've done that, select your payment method. TikTok offers different methods of payment for the comfort of users. Select your most preferred one.

  • Once you make the payment, you'll have successfully recharged your wallet.

TikTok recharge is a simple process that requires no techy knowledge. However, you might wonder if the methods of payment are truly safe. Well, you can rest assured.

TikTok offers different payment methods from PayPal to Credit cards. And if you are not comfortable with using your bank account, you can make use of your PayPal account. You can link it with a prepaid card that isn't connected to your bank. By doing so, you can purchase coins while keeping your bank details safe. With all that in mind, how much do TikTok coins cost?

Some websites out there claim to offer TikTok coins for free by adhering to a few steps. However, while it may not appear harmful on the surface, you'll need to think twice before using these websites. Why?

Because many of these websites will ask for your account details to make the transaction. Carelessly responding can leave your account vulnerable to hackers and scammers. You may lose your TikTok account as a result. Or worst still, you can lose a large sum of money.

To avoid that, you need to be careful of such websites. The only way to acquire coins is seen above, which is by recharging your TikTok Wallet with real cash. Any other method offered by third-party apps may only put you at risk. So back to the question - how much do coins on TikTok cost?

Price of TikTok Coins

As with real money, the price of TikTok coins may change depending on several factors. Currently, you can purchase TikTok coins in different packs. These includes:

  • One hundred coins at $1.29

  • Five hundred coins cost $6.49

  • Five thousand coins for $66.99

  • Ten thousand coins at $134.99

  • With all that, one TikTok coin costs approximately 1.3 cents.

But what about TikTok diamonds? As seen above, this is another form of in-app currency. Unlike Coins, you can't gift diamonds. In the same way, users can only withdraw coins when they are in diamond form. So what is the value of TikTok diamonds in comparison with coins?

Coins and Diamonds

Again, when a user receives coins in form of gifts, they can turn them into diamonds which are valued at half the price of the Coins spent. To understand better, below are different emoji gifts and their value in Coins and diamonds.

  • Panda Emoji. It costs five TikTok coins which equal $0.065 and $0.0.0325 in diamonds.

  • Sun cream. It costs fifty coins at 0.65 dollars. The diamond value is 0.325 dollars.

  • The drama queen emoji costs five thousand coins which are approximately 65 dollars and 32.5 dollars when converted into diamonds.

Of course, there are other gifts users can give to their favorite content makers. And when you, as a Content maker, have enough diamonds, you can choose to convert them to real-world money. How do you do so? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw from your TikTok Wallet.

How to withdraw your TikTok diamonds

  • Launch the TikTok application and sign in.

  • Navigate to the wallet page (steps provided above).

  • Tap on 'Live gifts'.

  • Once you do so, your total amount of diamonds and their cash value will display on your screen. If the sum is enough to withdraw, select the Cash Out button underneath.

  • Choose your "Cash out" options. In other words, the amount you'd like to withdraw.

  • Link your PayPal and make the withdrawal.

Is that all? Yes! It may sound too good to be true, but earning from TikTok is very possible and easy. All you have to do is amass a large number of followers.

Keep them engaged by uploading quality videos consistently. Once you do, your followers will be more inclined to send you gifts during a live stream. And as seen throughout this article, gifts equals money in the TikTok world.

Wrapping Up

Social platforms have become crucial to the online world. The likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have especially experienced a large number of active users. As a result, they are renowned as the leading platforms today. And as seen earlier on, TikTok has gradually risen to such heights.

And that is only expected. After all, this platform makes it possible to develop short content to capture the attention of users. As a brand, this is especially useful to increase awareness and convert prospects into customers.

For content makers, TikTok serves as an avenue to reach people and earn from it. So if you're interested in making content, get started on TikTok now and take advantage of its impressive coin system.

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