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Picuki Instagram Editor and Viewer

It takes skill and a great deal of dedication to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy picture. Yes, talent can come in handy but work is needed to gain that ‘perfect’ picture. It is hardly surprising that in nearly all cases, work is done on the pictures after it has been taken.

Several apps and tools out there help Instagram artists to do their jobs or get what they want to achieve with their images. This article will focus on one of those editing apps – the Picuki Instagram editor and viewer, providing an all-round review of the app.

Picuki Instagram Editor

What is Picuki?


Picuki is a picture editing application, which has features that make it possible to edit pictures and add fun stickers and text; the usual fun picture-editing application package.

Picuki IG editor has a massive IG user base and it keeps getting more and more attention, from the users who frequently use IG and even those who rarely use IG. So you might wonder, what is it about Picuki that makes it generate this much traction and popularity?

Apart from being just a picture-editing software, Picuki is also an online service application that makes it possible for you to view posts on IG without the IG application. It means you can see IG posts outside the application. This service is free and comes with an integrated online picture editor as well as a video downloader so you can download images and videos from IG, and edit them if you desire.

Essentially, the increase of Picuki users is a result of its function that allows you to view and download pictures as well as images on other IG profiles without being logged into your account or even having an Instagram account. Right, with Picuki, you can view IG posts without having an IG account.

You can deduce that this function directly contrasts with the operation of Instagram. Because on Instagram, you cannot see a thing, pictures and videos included, without having an account. Whereas on Picuki, you can see anything without having an account.

The application is available to download for iOS devices as well as android devices. Picuki has various editing tools that make it fun and efficient to use. These tools include the cropping tool, brightness adjustment, filters, text tools, stickers, and lots more. It even makes it possible for the users to create their stickers and input their edited work. The general reaction towards Picuki is a positive one. People enjoy using this software.

Features of Picuki

Picuki instagram

Some of the features that Picuki is known for and appreciated for include:

  1. Picture editing: This feature allows you to do a variety of customization to your picture and allows you to add effects to make your picture look like what you desire. The picture editing feature allows you to crop, adjust picture brightness, adjust contrast, add filters, etc.

  2. Templates: The application comes with several templates that can be used to make IG stories, IG posts, or even videos. Remember that the application is an IG picture editor. Yet, it is not mandatory that you post your edited works only on IG.

  3. Text and Stickers: The application has several stickers to customize the picture to your heart’s content and allows you to add text in different font styles.

  4. Collage: It is possible to combine two or several pictures on Picuki, depending on the collage template.

  5. Sharing: After editing, you can directly share the pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media platform from the Picuki editor.

  6. Save: If you do not want to share the edited image on a social media platform, then the save option is available for you. It enables you to store the picture in your device’s memory. You can also save in high resolution.

  7. Community: Picuki has a community of users where sharing pictures, editing styles and more is done.

Pros and Cons of Picuki Instagram Editor and Viewer


The Picuki Instagram editor and viewer is advantageous as it lets you do the following:

  • Edit and share pictures. Picuki provides cropping features, stickers, and texts, and enables you to add filters, borders, collages, etc.

  • Check out content on IG without having an IG account or logging into one.

  • Discover new IG accounts and popular posts daily or weekly.

  • Check out Instagram posts that are trending by tags.

  • Look for IG posts by tags and location and IG accounts by profile names. All these by simply searching.

  • Quickly access IG posts made by celebs.


The cons of Picuki arise in the functions that it lacks. Some of the things that the application does not let you do include:

  • Searching the IG web in the carousel view.

  • Following an IG account from the Picuki application.

  • Viewing a private IG profile and downloading content from a private IG profile.

  • Watching live videos or accessing the IG live option from the Picuki application.

  • Liking and commenting on Instagram posts. Picuki’s functions are limited to viewing and editing.

How to View IG Posts and Profiles with Picuki Instagram Viewer

Picuki edit

There are many ways through which you can see other people’s IG posts and check out their IG profiles while using Picuki. One of the most applied methods is to simply search for a username on IG.

It is also possible to search for someone by typing in the person’s name or their tags. But the most proven method is to type in the IG username because it brings a direct match to the username you typed in.

To do this, you can follow this procedure:

  • Step 1: Open Picuki. Open a web browser on your device, which could be a mobile or a computer and type in the website URL:

  • Step 2: First select the IG profile you want to view on Picuki and copy the username. Then, input the username in the search box on the Picuki website.

  • Step 3: After you input the username of the IG profile, click enter and the search begins on Picuki. Because IG has billions of users, many accounts might have a similar username. So your search result could be lengthy. You should make sure that you select the exact username the IG profile has.

  • Step 4: After you find the IG profile, open it and scroll down and the user posts will begin to load. Click on any of the posts and select edit or download to edit an image or video the user has already posted.

Is it Safe to Use Picuki?

If you are wondering whether Picuki is safe to use, the simple answer to this question is yes. Picuki is a safe application to use. However, though, it is very important to know the permissions the application needs and to only provide information you deem necessary. Picuki asks for access to the storage of your device so that your edits can be stored and nothing more. It does not ask for any sensitive or personal information.

It is also important to check the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the application so that you can know how the data going in will be utilized and stored.

You should also note that Picuki is a third-party application. This means that there is a chance for the application to have security vulnerabilities. In other words, the application can be infiltrated by hackers. So keeping your devices updated with strong security is essential.

Final Thoughts

Picuki is an effective Instagram editing and viewing tool for those who prefer anonymity and choose not to reveal their identities. It also serves as a very good picture editor due to its features. Also, the app is very safe to use despite the fact it is an online service. While it has its limitations and disadvantages, given its features and usefulness, it does prove to be worth a try.

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