What Is Google Search Console

Google never sleeps. Each day, this search engine giant is renowned for conducting over 5 billion searches. These searches cover different search tags and you can expect that your website would not feature in all. However, there is a need to track the ranking of your website and its performance in the search results that are relevant to your brand.

The webmaster tools made available by Google to owners of websites for free are resources that everyone should make good use of. As a blogger, website owner, SEO specialist or any other creative cutting it out on the digital sphere, you are most likely familiar with Google Analytics. Google Search Console is also a must-have to your armory chest to remain relevant in the game. As earlier inferred, this is the right tool to detect why your site is not found on Google's organic search result. It spots every issue that prevents the indexing of your website. Still, there is more to it. Here you will find all there is to know about Google search console with the frequently asked questions about it.

Google Search Console

What Google Search Console Is

Google Search Console, which is designed by Google is a web service that assists in the monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the presence of websites on Google's organic search results. This free service was previously known as Google's Webmaster Tools. Google Search Console is great for statistics and will ease the optimization of websites. But it does more than that. The functions of Google Search Console include:

1.) Being a Control Center

Google Search Console functions as a control center. It is common knowledge that SEO is a never-ending process and you are required to optimize your website consistently. This requires improving the quality of the contents on the website, minimizing errors and refining the settings of the site. The continual optimization of your website is made even easier with Google Search Console. It is a great resource to actualize the daily management of the site. The controls handed to you by GSC (Google Search Console) are:

  • Sitemap Submission

Google search console sitemap

Google web crawlers work independently in learning about a website and crawling it. However, you can offer extra assistance to the system by giving Google a sitemap. A sitemap is often generated automatically by many websites. Still, it is not always the case. You need to create one if you do not automatically get one. Afterward, you must upload the sitemap to your server.

The process of loading your sitemap to Google Search Console is very easy. On the dashboard of the Search Console, look out for the Sitemaps section usually found on the right of the screen. On navigating to the “Sitemaps bar”, you have to get into “Add/Test Sitemaps” by clicking on the button. Insert your website’s Sitemap URL. Open a new dashboard; here you also have to insert the sitemap's URL of your website on the sitemap section found on the left of the screen.

  • Learning relevant keywords to your brand

Google search console keywords

Keywords are integral to finding you or your brand through organic search. Certain keywords are used by your audience to reach you. Google Search Console helps you identify these keywords that bring people to your websites. You can access this information through the Search Analytics bar found in the middle of the main dashboard. Down that same page, the keywords used in finding you are listed alongside the number of times your link is clicked when it appears on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of each keyword.

Clicking on certain keywords on the list will give further insight into the keyword. You can combine this with the filter button found on the main page. This filter button will help you group keywords via location, time, and the mobile device type used in accessing your site. You can obtain insights on clicks, impressions, as well as CTR (click-through-rate).