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Website Links Count Checker

Do you want to know how many internal and external links there are pointing to your site? If yes, using a website Link Count Checker should be your best option, as this would help you to see how many links you have. This tool can be used to see how many outgoing and incoming links point to a certain internet page.

The Website Links Count Checker is a tool that examines a website page and counts the number of existing connections on the page, separating them into internal and external links. The external links point to other website as backlinks, whereas the internal links point to other pages on your domain/website. There's nothing wrong with having external links on your website, in fact, every SEO knows the impact of link building to their website. It helps the search engine bots crawl through their website faster, giving credibility, and increase rank. But what will a website link count checker do for you, what website link checkers are out there for easy usage, and how can you get to use these tools? Get answers to these questions in this article.

Website link checker

Benefits of Website Links Count Checker

Why should you use Website Links Count Checker on a page? As was earlier stated- it would help you determining your link structure and count - how many internal and external links are pointing to your site. There is even more, let us consider some;

  • Gives more do-follow links

One of the most effective strategies to obtain do-follow links is to first use the Website Link Count Checker tools, examine the results, and then develop unique and high-quality content, which will be naturally shared and linked. In addition to improved SEO, it will increase referral visitors to your website.

  • Make high ranking possible

Hard work, great content, and social media updates are the surefire ways to acquire a high ranking on search engines. Any attempt by a website to fool Google's ranking algorithms is always doomed to fail. Google is never afraid to admit when something isn't working and then fix it. As a result, buying low-quality or spam links or failing to monitor your website regularly will harm your site’s rank. The ideal strategy is to use website links count checker regularly to see how many links you've gained or lost.

Some Website Link Count Checkers to get you started for free

These website link count checker will get you started for free. Here’s what you should know about each:

Website Links Count Checker

Smallseotools is readily available to SEO’s, digital marketers, and webmasters to determine their site’s quality. Its website link checker tool is easy and fast to use. It helps save users money and the overall cost of using link farms. Smallseotools website links count checker remains one of the best starting point to determine the webpage’s relevance and remove any page that can impact negatively on your site’s reputation.


Link checker

Search Engine Report’s Website Links Count Checker as with others online give insight into the total links, internal links, external links and no-follows. It offers a good route for SEO’s and webmasters to receive do-follow links through its Link Count Checker tool.


Website Links Count

Duplichecker is another goto site to check your website links count. Designed for SEO’s and Webmasters, this free link counter helps you understand the flow of links across your website. This includes the total links, internal, external, and no-follows. It is an outlet to analyze link results and create unique content.

How to use Website Links Count Checker

Although, there are several website link count checker tools available online, you can easily pick any for use as they work in a similar way. These tools are simple to use. All you have to do now is type the URL into the text field and click the "Check" button. The system would employ a proprietary algorithm to process your request and produce a result in real-time. The following information will be displayed in the results:

  • Total links: a measure of a website's total number of internal and external links. There is website link count checker software that will also tell you how many duplicate links and empty anchors exist on your site.

  • Internal links: are pages on a website that contain links. Interlinks or the website menu are frequently used to connect them.

  • External links: are links to other websites, also referred to as partner sites. More external linking contributing to the page’s optimization on SERPs. However, all links should be to relevant and trustworthy websites rather than spammy sites.

  • Nofollow links: They are usually shown in red because they signify a threat. The extent to which they pose a threat to a website is still up for debate. Nonetheless, nofollow links must be avoided. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are set to No-follow by default.

  • Dofollow links: are valuable to the website because it might help you achieve a high search engine page rating. Some website link count checker programs may also identify the anchor text that connects your website to another website. This can aid in the analysis of the text and the creation of more Dofollow links.

Wrapping Up

Using a website links count checker tool remains one of the most efficient strategies to earn do-follow links. You may start making the necessary changes to your pages based on the results, making your links more appealing to search engines. To aid SEO, the links (both internal and external) must be relevant to the content of the website page and used in the right context.

The search engine's ranking criteria are based on a proprietary algorithm that can intelligently process data. Websites that try to deceive these search engines by purchasing malicious links or using farm links will fail since these practices are eventually detected. Hence, the need for a realistic strategy that works in the long term.

Undertaking guest blogging on a similar website with high page authority to help generate traffic to your website, which could lead to a higher page ranking on search engines like Google remains a great option for SEO’s.

All the same, you will always need to take count and determine the impact of your link-building strategy. The Website Links Count Checkers available online makes that even more possible, giving you increased chances to surpass the competition.

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