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Top Keyword Research Tools For Free [Updated 2023]

Keyword Research is integral to any digital strategy whether organic or paid. There is no denying the fact that webmasters keep a closer eye on their organic market share and will do their utmost to protect traffic from the competition by using specialized keywords. Still, unbranded and broad keywords open your traffic pool and increase brand awareness to newer audiences. Thanks to keyword research, you can also find new target audiences, and keep returning audiences in tune.

At the core of every outstanding keyword research lies a top keyword research tool. Although superb things come at a cost, you can do your keyword research for free with amazing results. This article discusses the top keyword research tool for free in 2022. Rather than scouring the web and trying multiple tools, you will save time for your implementing your marketing strategy by selecting any of these tools. You will save money too.

Keyword Research Tools

The list of top keyword research tools for free 2023

The top keyword research tool for free in 2022 in no exact order:

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner embodies the idea of keyword research. It gives major statistics such as competition level, the average amount of inquiries, grouped ideas, competition columns, and budget suggestions.


  • Shows average monthly searches and tons of campaign metrics.

  • Competitive research

  • Easy creation of ads


Google Keyword Planner is free, all you need do is create an AdWord account.


  • A hundred percent free account

  • It gives more synonyms when compared to other tools

  • It shows you well-informed statistics on every keyword

  • The accuracy level is okay


  • You have to open an AdWord account for you to access Google Keyword Planner

  • It does not give exact keyword suggestions

  • It does not separate traffic as it displays mobile and desktop users together

Although there are a few shortcomings, Google Keyword Planner is an effective free tool. You may want to check this post on how to perform keyword research.


ubersuggest keyword tool

Ubersuggest is meant for little businesses and individuals trying to build their site performance. It can be likened to steroids; Just give it a keyword idea, and it begins work. It gives an ongoing list of synonyms and variations of your entered keyword. Ubersuggest provides an interesting amount of information on keywords. It gives insight into the search volume, CPC, and difficulty of any keyword.


  • Backlink information

  • Content idea

  • Report on top-ranking pages

  • Site audit

  • Domain evaluation

  • Information on searchers' demographics


Ubersuggest has a free version and paid plan.

Free Version ($0): You pay nothing and get only one project and limited queries daily.

Individual Plan ($12): This plan is for persons who manage not more than three sites. You get up to 100 trailed keywords a day for each project.

Business Plan ($20): It is a splendid plan for companies managing not over seven sites. It offers 150 tracked keywords a day per project.

Enterprise/Agency Plan ($40): An amazing plan for agencies that operates up to fifteen sites. It allows up to 200 tracked keywords per day for each project.

All plans are renewed monthly. But if you desire to, you can sign up for a lifetime offer. The lifetime offer is way cheaper and you don't want to miss out.


  • It suggests backlinks that will boost your site's ranking

  • Ubersuggest guarantees more keyword insight

  • It provides content topics connected to your selected keyword that has much traffic

  • It differentiates traffic between desktop and mobile users

  • It is fast and user friendly


  • Ubersuggest is not very mobile-friendly

Ubersuggest remains one of the most grounded tools for keyword research. It is straightforward to use.


soovle keyword tool

Soovle is a customizable tool that researches keywords from the main search engines. It indicates what search engine each keyword suggestion comes from. Soovle is very self-explanatory, hence anyone can use it.


  • Data from over 15 search engines

  • Simple interface

  • Soovled link

  • Variety of concepts


It will cost $0 to use Soovle.


  • You can save keyword suggestions you like

  • It has a tutorial to get the most of it

  • It provides a table of popular keywords

  • Beginners can simply use Soovle without getting confused


  • It is difficult to delete keyword suggestions you have saved

  • It does not have a keyword analyzer

  • It looks grim and archaic

Soovle is very much recommended for beginners. Though it looks basic and plain, it does a great job.


Wordstream keyword tool

Wordstream Keyword Tool is a well-known SEO tool. It gives hundreds of keywords that are pertinent to your industry and location. You can group suggestions on common ground.


  • Keyword filtration by industry

  • Filtration of keywords by location

  • PPC keywords

  • Ads creator


Wordstream Keyword Tool is free.


  • It is user friendly

  • Customer support is nice

  • They give weekly insights

  • It organizes information

  • They offer four free tools to assist in keyword research


  • It is not for beginners

  • It lacks SEO features

Wordstream will be effective in improving brand awareness. It is well known as an efficient advertising management tool. Using Wordstream will place you on top of the competition.


answerthepublic keywords

AnswerThePublic is a bit unique as it works differently. It associates your keyword with different questions being asked by users. There are also prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical suggestions, and related keyword phrases.


  • Systematic storage of information

  • Top-notch customer support

  • Training package

  • It compares changes in searches


Free Plan ($0): You get over 500 searches a month.

Monthly Plan: You pay $99 monthly and get more search entries with a few pro features.

Annual Plan: This plan costs $79 monthly. You get unrestricted searches and all the pro features.

Expert Plan: It costs $199 per month. If you always want to get content ideas and also track your site ranking regularly, then this plan is what you need.


  • Information is available for download

  • Information is graphically represented

  • It is time-efficient

  • It makes understanding user intent easier


  • Limited searches daily

  • A few of the keyword suggestions are not useful

  • Not helpful with competitive research

While AnswerThePublic is somewhat different from other keyword research tools, it is very profitable. Considering that people now use questions more often than statements while searching. The fastest way to know questions people ask about your industry is AnswerThePublic.


Moz keyword explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is also an effective keyword research tool. It gives insight into search volume, keyword difficulty, and the priority score of every keyword. The priority score determines how useful a keyword is.


  • Thorough keyword analysis

  • Competitive keyword research

  • Site audit

  • Search result page analysis

  • Link research


Free Trial: Of course, it costs nothing, but you are limited to ten inquiries a month.

Standard Plan: $79 monthly, $950 if you would like to pay for a year, saves up to 20%. It is a classic plan for amateurs you get 150 searches every month. You also get five keyword lists and a hundred keywords and links per list.

Medium Plan: ($143/month and $1,719/year) It is a conventional plan. You are offered 5,000 lookups, 30 keyword lists, 500 keywords, and 500 links per list.

Large Plan: ($199 monthly and $2,390 yearly). This plan is a good deal for businesses. It offers 15,000 keyword searches, 60 keyword lists, and 750 keywords and links for each list.

Premium Plan: ($479/month, $5,750/year) This plan is mainly used by big SEO agencies. It offers 30,000 searches, 100 keyword lists, and 1,000 keywords and links per list.


  • The user interface is neat and simple to navigate

  • Moz is continually improving

  • It suggests new topics

  • An all-day email assistance


  • You can only make 10 inquiries monthly

Moz Keyword Explorer is a good fit for little businesses. It is one of the most convenient tools for amateurs.


KWfinder long tail keywords

KW finder is a simple keyword research tool focused on long-tail keywords. When you enter a keyword, it shows the level of competition, difficulty, and search volume. It also shows questions connected to the keyword as well as auto-completion of keywords.


  • Mass upload

  • Additional SEO tools

  • Visual illustrations


Free Trial ($0): There is a ten-day free trial, which lets you search five words daily and ten competitor keywords per search.

Basic Plan ($49/month): It costs $29.90 monthly if paid annually. You can search up to a hundred keywords a day, 20 site research daily, and 25 competitor keywords for each search.

Premium Plan ($69/month): When paid yearly, it costs $39.90 monthly. You can research 500 keywords, 70 site lookup per day, and unlimited competitor keywords.

Agency Plan ($129/month): This plan costs $79.90 monthly when paid annually. It offers 1,200 searches, 150 site lookup a day, and no limit on competitor keywords.


  • It gives information that is specific to your location

  • The keyword difficulty score is accurate

  • You can make competitive research

  • An orderly user interface

  • Customer support is top-notch

  • It uses visual aids

  • It is intuitive


  • There is a restriction on the number of terms you get

KW Finder facilitates the procedure of finding relevant keywords. And even more, it is beneficial for both beginners and SEO professionals.


Spyfu keyword search

SpyFu is very consistent in presenting data on keywords. Once you give a keyword, it returns an unending list of comparable keywords. It analyses search result pages for you and allows you to group relevant words.


  • Quality backlinks

  • Google ads advisor

  • PPC keywords

  • PPC ad rank tracking

  • Search result page analysis

  • Historical data


There is of course a free trial with limitations and three paid packages.

Basic Plan ($39/month): Up to 5 projects and 500 keyword searches. The plan costs

$33 monthly billed annually.

Professional Plan ($69/month): If billed yearly, it costs $48 monthly. It offers 15 projects and 1500 keywords.

Unlimited Plan ($129/month): It costs $68 monthly when paid annually. You get unlimited projects and up to 20,000 keywords research. You also get over 15 years of historical data on keywords.


  • It identifies mobile traffic from desktop traffic

  • Information is well presented

  • It makes competitive research easier


  • The user interface does not look orderly

  • Not time efficient

For competitive research, you can use SpyFu effectively to a large extent.



SerpStat is an interesting research tool that centralizes on bringing out long-tail keywords. It allows for the separation of results and offers a wide range of research facilities.


  • Backlink analysis

  • Site audit

  • PPC research


Lite Plan ($69/month): This plan is best for freelancers and individuals with a low budget.

Standard Plan ($149/month): An ideal plan for small businesses.

Advanced Plan ($299/month): This plan offers the best deal for large agencies.

Enterprise Plan ($499/month): The plan is just right for top firms in the SEO industry.


  • Filters results

  • Information is location-specific

  • The database is continually being redeveloped

  • Good for competitive research

  • It provides questions related to your keyword


  • Keyword difficulty is lacking

  • A bit difficult for beginners to comprehend

  • You have restricted inquiries

SerpStat is helpful as it gives complete information on every keyword based on your location.


keywordspy search keywords

Keyword Spy is an ample keyword research tool that places focus on advertising. With keyword Spy, you can trail the keywords of a competitor. Knowing competitors' keywords can help boost your PPC campaign.


  • ROI indicator

  • Advanced searches

  • Competitive research


You can benefit from most of its features in the free version spending no money. Alternatively, there are two accounts you can sign up for.

The research or tracking account ($90/month)

Combined subscription for research and tracking account ($140/month)


  • The software is uncomplicated

  • Graphical presentation of data

  • Accurate CPC

  • Separate tabs for organic competitors and PPC competitors


  • In the free version, you cannot export the list of terms suggestions

  • There is a restraint on the number of inquiries you can make

With keyword spy, you can research and also track keywords. They show the overview of businesses competing for each keyword.



Keyword IO is a straightforward research tool that is environment-specific in giving information. It gives a table of terms you can either export or copy.


  • Long-tail keywords

  • Ad creation

  • Downloadable data

  • Neat interface


Free version ($0): You get limited searches and no related keywords

Personal Plan ($29/month): There are thousands of keywords and access to 11 different search engines.

Pro Plan ($49/month): Up to 20,000 keywords, related keywords, and CPC.


  • Keywords are arranged in alphabetical order

  • The keyword list is available for download

  • The homepage is neat.


  • Ad pop-ups can be frustrating

  • The result is limited

  • You need to sign up to download keyword lists

If you need to track local keywords, then you can try Keyword IO.


Google trend keywords

Google Trends is a tool by Google that gives the top searches on the internet. It compares the search volume of different keywords with graphs. It explains why a keyword is trending over some time.


  • Comparative research

  • Enough information on keywords


You only need a Google account, and everyone can afford that.


  • The results are uncluttered

  • You can conveniently know what topics are trending


  • You cannot download keywords

  • You will need to check with Google keyword planner to know the competition level.

Google Trends is a suitable research tool for content creators and bloggers to know the topics popular on the web.


The top keyword research tools in 2022 discussed here simplifies your keyword research. You can even scale up to use other features–even though they might come at a price. Deciding on one largely depends on what you intend to do. Some of these keyword research tools do more than just research keywords for you. You can extend your request to website auditing, comparative analysis, backlink analysis, and even budget planning.

Keyword Research remains core to any marketing strategy you want to embark on. Excellent use of your keyword will create brand awareness and generate convertible leads for you. And you don't need to be on a budget to use a top keyword research tool. An effective tool will ensure the execution of your marketing strategy with ease and help you scale other digital marketing tasks.


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