Top Backlink Generator Tool Software [2022]

Establishing a solid online presence for your business involves adopting several strategies to reach your target audience and keep them glued to your product. SEO plays a crucial role in putting your business in the competitive space with long-term results. As far-reaching as it gets, optimizing your site on search engines require the combination of several techniques to improve search visibility. One of such strategies is backlinking.

Many brands have successfully made it to the top of a search engine's result page by generating more backlinks for their site. This goes to show how backlinks are important in the online world. But what exactly are backlinks?

Backlinks refer to those hyperlinks found on a website that links to an external webpage. The quantity and quality of a site's backlink greatly determine the ranking of that website on search engines. By generating more backlinks for your site, your rankings on SERPs are sure to skyrocket. Hence, the increasing need for backlink generators to automate the backlinking process.

What are backlink generators?

As the name implies, backlink generators are tools that help to generate more backlinks for a website. As there is a large number of backlink generators on the web, you no doubt want to opt for the best generator around. Here, you will find the top backlink generators 2022 for free. But before we delve into that, let's see, in detail, why backlinks are necessary for your SEO.

Importance of backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are very critical for a successful SEO. Without them, your site is no doubt losing a considerable amount of traffic each day. Furthermore, the chance to increase your rankings on search engines decreases with every passing second. Therefore, the best way to rank first on search engines like Google is by generating tons of high-quality backlinks. Keeping that in mind, let's look at 3 major reasons for backlinking:

  • High rankings on SERPs. As noted earlier, the quantity and quality of a site's backlink determine the rank of that site on search engines. In other words, a backlink to your site tells search engines that another site views your webpage as valuable enough to infuse it into their page content as a hyperlink. Having multiple of these moves search engines like Google to take an action - increase your site's ranking on their SERP. Furthermore, if these backlinks are from popular and credible websites, you can expect your rank to skyrocket.

  • It increases organic traffic. Yet another factor that influences your site's SEO is the amount of traffic you receive. But how do backlinks help to generate more traffic for your website? It's pretty simple. Backlinks are hyperlinks to your webpage on several other websites. And a high number of these increases the probability of a visitor clicking on that hyperlink. Furthermore, backlinks help to generate referral traffics for your website. This occurs when a visitor reading a post clicks on a hyperlink to learn more about the topic at hand.

  • It promotes new websites. It is common knowledge that without a website, you, as a brand, are practically invisible in the online world. Therefore, getting a website remains the first step to take for a successful SEO strategy. The next step will be to promote that website. After all, nobody will visit a site that they have never heard of. Backlinks help to promote awareness of your site in no time at all.

Top backlink generator 2022 for free

here are different methods to create backlinks for your site. However, backlink generators remain the most convenient way of generating tons of high-quality backlinks. What's more, you can operate them at no cost. Here are seven top backlink generators you can get for free alongside their pros and cons.

  1. Duplichecker

  2. Bulklink

  3. Backlinkr

  4. Prepostseo

  5. W3seo

  6. Raven

  7. Ontolo

Here is what you should know about each of these: