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Small SEO Tools Review

SEO remains the core that draws in organic traffic to sites online. With good SEO comes an impressive SERP ranking for sites. When your site has a good SERP ranking, it translates to better exposure. This way, you have better chances of getting new visitors to your site.

Small SEO tools Review

When you effectively combine relevant content and search engine optimization, your site traffic will exponentially increase, and these results will ultimately reflect on your sales. However, due to the intricacy of Search engine optimization, implementing this most times is not as easy as it sounds. Following this, the SST team has brought this treasure trove to simplify SEO for every individual in need at no cost. Therefore, we will consider more about the team behind this great inventory of tools, the broad categories of tools available, and why you should not hesitate before giving these tools a try. We will also take a look at the SST pricing list.

What is Small SEO Tools (SST) all about?

What is Small SEO Tools (SST) all about?

As of 2010, there was a noticeably small number of persons who could access good quality SEO tools. Where one could get these tools, it came at a cost. These placed hindrances on the results marketers got from their search engine marketing efforts. For these reasons, the team behind SST decided to develop this set of Premium quality tools.

What is Small SEO Tools

The SST development began officially with the registration of Once this was done, a team of top-notch developers and experts in the SEO industry came together and built the SEO tools we now know. What started with just three SEO tools has now grown into an inventory of over 120+ SEO tools of premium quality. Small SEO Tools is probably the largest treasure trove we have of its kind today. The best part is that you get these premium-quality tools for free.

Tools featured on Small SEO tools

Here is a list of the categories of premium content-developing tools available on Small SEO tools;

Text content tools:

Tools featured on Small SEO tools

As quality content will always gain priority online, you need tools that are on par with your needs. With this array of text editing tools, you can check for plagiarized content in your article. You can also check for grammatical errors, take word counts, rewrite your content, paraphrase, and so on. You also get tools like Text to image, Text to speech, JPG to word, and an MD5 generator among others.

Design Studio:

Small SEO tools Design Studio

Small SEO tools also has a craft category in store for you. You can get creative with over 1000 ready-made templates and a wide range of tools. You have tools for making logos, flyers, posters, resumes, invitation cards, business cards, and memes at your disposal.

Image Editing Tools:

Small SEO tools Image editing

There is also an entire category of tools dedicated to helping you edit images to your taste. You have tools that allow you to resize, crop, compress, convert images from one format to another. There is also the Favicon generating tool

Keyword Tools:

Small SEO tools Keyword Tools

One of the game changers for website owners and those who need traffic is a relevant keyword. Knowing this, the SST team has made available an array of keyword tools. These tools range from the keyword density checker, keyword overview tool, SEO keyword competition analysis tool to the Paid keyword finder.

Backlink Tools:

Small SEO tools Backlink Tools

With a range of tools for backlink analysis, you can monitor the backlinks you have across the web. You have tools like the backlink competitor, broken backlink checker, link price calculator, site link count checker, and others.

Website Management Tools:

Small SEO tools website management tools

The tools under this category help improve your site in ways that would attract more traffic. Tools like your site SEO score calculator, Google page rank checker, page speed test, the website hit counter, QR code generator, and AdSense calculator are a few among the available tools.

Website Tracking Tools:

Small SEO tools website tracking tools

With the SST site tracking tools, you can efficiently manage the performance of your site. Some tools in this category are the link tracker, Class C IP Checker, page comparison, spider simulator, Google cache checker, Mozrank checker, Alexa rank checker, and the Geo IP locator.

Proxy Tools:

Small SEO tools Proxy tools

Using these proxy tools, you can find out what your current IP address is, and you can get a list of free proxy addresses to choose from. The proxy tools are IP location, Where is my IP, and free daily proxy list.

Domain Tools:

Small SEO tools domain tools

This category of tools contains tools like the Domain age checker, domain IP lookup, find expired domains, index page checker, and bulk domain rating checker.

Meta Tags Tools:

Small SEO tools meta tag tools

The small SST offer these services that allow you to create new meta tags or analyze existing ones. The meta tag analyzer gives results with in-depth details.

Password Management Tools:

Small SEO tools Password Management Tools

This category of tools helps you restrict access to your data. There is the password generator, password strength checker, and password encryption utility.

Online PDF Tools:

Small SEO tools Online PDF tools

Most times documents are easier to handle in the word format than in PDF format. However, editing PDF files is not impossible. You can make changes to your files using tools like the PDF merger, watermark, PDF to Word, Excel to PDF, and others.

Development Tools:

Small SEO tools Development Tools

These development tools which include JSON validator, JSON viewer, and the JSON converter help you as you edit and improve files in JSON format.

Unit Converter Tools:

Small SEO tools Unit Converter Tools

Several conversion tools have been developed by the small SEO tools team. These tools include volume, length, area, voltage, weight, byte, torque, pressure, and much more.

Binary Converter Tools:

Small SEO tools Binary converter tools

Using these tools, you can convert binary codes to other forms like Hex, decimal, ASCII, and text. You can also convert these new forms back to binary using suited tools.

Online Calculators:

Small SEO tools Online Calculator

These online-based calculators range from calculators for CPM, discounts, PayPal fees, probability, sales tax, and margins.

Other tools:

In this final category, you have the Credit card validator and Roman numeral date converter at your fingertips.

Pricing Plans

If you eventually decide to gain more access to the text content tools than is available with the free version, there are 12 paid versions. You can chat with the team on the pricing page to request auto-renewal or a custom plan. You can also select a plan of your choice on that page.

Basic plan; These plans have a 10000-word limit per search.

  • Basic I- This plan costs $9.80 and is valid for a month. It accommodates 83 pages worth of content or 25000 words.

  • Basic II- You can get this plan at $19.80 monthly. It allows access to two users and accommodates 200 pages/60000 words.

  • Basic III- This plan costs $39.80 each month. A maximum of 3 users can share an account with this plan. Its limit is 333 pages/100000 words.

  • Basic IV- A monthly fee of $59.80 is what this plan costs. It accommodates 4 users and has a limit of 533 pages/160000 words.

Classic plans; These plans have a 20000-word limit per search.

  • Classic- This plan costs $24.80 per month and accommodates 2 users. It is limited to 208 pages/62500 words.

  • Classic I- This paid version comes at a monthly fee of $39.80. It allows up to 4 users and has a limit of 416 pages/125000 words.

  • Classic II- The limit on this plan is 640 pages/187500 words. It costs $59.80 monthly and can accommodate up to 6 users.

  • Classic III- This plan costs $79.80 and can be shared among up to 9 users. It is limited to 1040 pages/250000 words.

Enterprise Plans; These plans have a 30000-word limit per search.

  • Enterprise- This plan allows 2 users and costs $29.80 monthly. You can work with a maximum of 300 pages/90000 words here.

  • Enterprise I- With login shareable with 5 people and a limit of 600 pages/180000 words, this plan costs $49.80.

  • Enterprise II- You can purchase this plan for a monthly fee of $99.80. There is a 900 page/345000-word limit. It has 10 available user seats.

  • Enterprise III- The final paid plan costs $149.80. It has a limit of 1700 pages/510000 words and up to 15 user seats.

Pros & Cons


  • Every tool made by SST is extremely beginner-friendly. In other words, anyone can use these tools without difficulty. Each provided space is aptly labeled, hence, tasks can be completed in simple steps.

  • With a wide array of tools available whenever you need them, you can create premium quality content without worrying about the cost.

  • At times, it is most satisfying to enjoy your right to a refund as a consumer. Following this, the Small SEO tools team has made adequate provisions. If within 30 days of the subscription you decide you are not satisfied, you are free to walk away with your money. To lay claims on this refund right, the plan in question must have the majority of its pages unused. You can make a refund request by contacting the team.


  • You do not get a refund if the plan you subscribed to is valid for one month and was not on auto-renewal. You also do not get your money back if you subscribed to a plan at a discount price.

Qs & As

Why is my search taking so long to show me results?

Although the SST software runs content across the billions of resources on the net, query results are meant to be almost immediate. In this light, when your results take a long time to load, you should consider getting a better network signal.

Are there any limits to how much I can use these tools?

These free tools come with no limit as to how many times a day you can use them. For example, although the plagiarism checker has a 1000-word limit per search, you can carry out as many searches as you want.

Is signing up compulsory?

Signing up on Small SEO tools is not a necessity. Not signing up for their newsletter does not restrict your access to any of the tools. However, if you would like to receive email updates you should register with your email address.

Will my personal information get to the hands of a third party?

Without registering, they do not have any of your personal information. However, in the advent that you sign up, your personal information will not be sold out. Although, if deemed necessary, it might be shared with service providers who partner with the SST team.

Is the content I paste into the Search Engine saved to a server?

Due to colossal respect for the privacy of their clients, no content that goes through the SST database is saved. All queries are handled by unique algorithms that are programmed to deliver optimal results.

Can I remove my data from

If leaving your data with them becomes inconvenient, you should contact the team. You can request for them to delete your personal information in your message to them. However, it is advisable for all premium members to first terminate their subscriptions before proceeding to delete their accounts.

Wrapping Up

The SST team has developed several tools to help you keep up with the competition. Outside the site development and management tools, some tools are useful for academic work. These useful tools for teachers and students alike can be found under the category of unit converters. Are you into accounts or validations? You could find relevant tools under the online calculator category and the other tools category. If codes are what you work with, you can get creative using the binary convert tools.

There you have it. With Small SEO tools, there is a tool for anyone and everyone. If you eventually decide to subscribe to a plan and find that you are not pleased, you get a refund. Yes, a 30-day money-back guarantee. You would get your money within 5-7 working days.


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