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Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

Students, teachers, bloggers and other text content creators could all use some assistance in ensuring that their content has the appropriate tone, style and delivery. Sometimes, all it takes to achieve that is some paraphrasing. With the advent of AI and new AI tools, anyone and everyone can level up their content, articles or essays with a few clicks.

The Quillbot paraphrasing tool is one such AI tool that many have found advantageous in writing. So, whether you’ve never heard of Quillbot until now or you’re already considering using the tool, this article provides a complete review of Quillbot paraphrasing tool to help you decide whether it’s a right fit for you.

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

How Does Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool Work?

AI Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

Like other paraphrasing tools online, Quillbot uses AI to reword a given body of text. It has two free modes and up to five premium paraphrasing modes. All you need to do is paste or type in your text into the text box and the paraphraser would create a revised version of the text, using appropriate synonyms and substitute words.

Features of Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

Quillbot has several tools besides its paraphraser, including a co-writer, word counter, proofreader, as well as grammar, plagiarism, spell, punctuation, and essay checkers. Each tool has its distinct features. As for the paraphrasing tool, the following are its key features –

Multiple paraphrasing modes

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool 2

There are altogether seven paraphrasing modes on Quillbot. Two of these (Standard and Fluency) are free, while the other five (Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten) are only available to premium users. These seven modes have varying functions, as highlighted below:

  • Standard: Here, Quillbot maintains a balance between changing the words of the original text and maintaining its overall meaning.

  • Fluency: This mode ensures that the resulting text contains accurate language and is grammatically correct.

  • Formal: Text produced here has a professional and sophisticated tone. Thus, this mode is best suited for business correspondence, including emails and memos.

  • Simple: The Simple mode focuses on readability and comprehension. Its aim is to produce content that anyone, or at least most people, can understand.

  • Creative: Creative mode allows room for expression and invention. The danger is that it has the tendency to deviate from the original context and meaning. However, it is useful for introducing a unique spin to the provided text.

  • Expand: With Expand, you can add detail and depth; more information to lengthen the text. This is especially helpful when concise sentences do not effectively convey the intended message.

  • Shorten: This paraphrasing mode provides short, concise sentences that are clearer and more focused than the original text.

Several English dialects available

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

Quillbot recognises and supports four dialects of the English language, which are the British, American, Canadian, and Australian English. You can provide your text in any of these English variations, select the desired English dialect, and Quillbot will provide a paraphrased text using the selected version.

Diverse text input options

Quillbot Paraphrasing

On the Quillbot paraphrasing tool, you can insert your text in one out of three ways. You can either type in your text, paste content from your clipboard, or upload a document. If you do not have any content you intend to paraphrase but you wish to see how the tool works, you can click on “try sample text”.

Chrome and MS Word integration

You can get Quillbot as an add-on directly integrated with your Chrome browser and Microsoft Word. This lets you write better and faster, without the need of shuffling between tabs every time you have to rephrase a body of text.

Room for customization

With Quillbot, you can decide how customized you want your text to be, by controlling the vocabulary change. The Synonym Slider at the top right of the input box lets you do this. When you move the slide to the left, fewer changes are made and the rephrased content is more accurate. Moving the slide to the right, on the other hand, results in increased changes and a more creative outcome.

Other Quillbot features include:

  • UI that is easy to use

  • Web-based tool

  • API for developers

  • Recommended synonyms on its Word Flipper

  • Options to download or copy paraphrased text

Quillbot Pricing Plans

Quillbot Tool

Quillbot has three pricing plans under its premium package with a 3-day money back guarantee. The plans are:

  • an annual fee of $4.17 USD per month or $49.95 billed every 12 months

  • a semi-annual plan at $6.66 USD per month or $39.95 billed every 6 months

  • a monthly payment plan at $9.95 USD every month

The premium version of Quillbot affords you unlimited words on the paraphraser (as opposed to the 125 limit in the free paraphraser), all seven paraphrasing modes, 4 synonym options as against the 3 on the free version, unlimited freeze words and phrases rather than 1 under the free tool, faster processing speed, and tone detection.

Quillbot also has a team plan which offers all premium features, writer-management dashboards, and a centralised billing. The payment plans for teams are:

  • 5 - 10 writers: $7.50 per month/writer or $89.95 billed every 12 months

  • 10 - 50 writers: $6.66 per month/writer or $79.95 billed every 12 months

  • 51+ writers: $5.83 per month/writer or $69.95 billed every 12 months

Pros and Cons of Quillbot Paraphraser

Based on its usage, features, and user reviews, Quillbot has the following pros and cons.

Pros of Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

  • Compared to many other AI-based tools, Quilbot is rather affordable.

  • The flexibility of this tool eliminates the need for a separate tool for plagiarism checks and grammar checks as the tool offers these features.

  • Each of the seven available paraphrasing modes has its unique tone that you can introduce in your writing.

  • The summarizer saves the time it would take for you to thoroughly analyse an entire long-form content. This feature provides a more concise paraphrased result and generates the key points of the article that is supplied.

  • Quilbot provides various canvases that individuals can customize to fit a range of content forms.

  • The tool is available as an add-on for multiple platforms, making it easily accessible.

Cons of Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

  • Per paraphrase, Quilbot has a limit of 125 words on the free version.

  • Data from the Paraphrasing tool’s algorithm is not as detailed as most individuals would prefer.

  • Using a paid plan, users are limited to a maximum of 6000 words using the summarizer.

  • The accompanying plagiarism check service offered by Quilbot cannot function beyond 20 pages for those interested in checking their paraphrased text or other content for plagiarism.

  • The word limits on the tool, with or without an active paid plan, make it highly limiting to work with long-form content.

  • Users find that the Quillbot paraphrasing tool appears to be more efficient with more formal content than it is with fiction or stories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Quillbot

If you have reservations about the Quillbot paraphrasing tool, you might find the answers to these frequently-asked questions helpful.

What language(s) does Quillbot support?

At present, Quillbot is only available in the English language. It, however, supports four English dialects - American, Australian, British, and Canadian English.

Does Quillbot have a mobile app?

No, Quillbot does not have a mobile app, although one may be developed in the future. However, it has extensions for Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Also, the online tool has a mobile interface, making it easy to use on the go.

Can I use Quillbot for free?

Yes, you can. All Quillbot tools are available for free. To use the paraphrasing tool for free, all you have to do is visit the website and input your text. You only need to go premium if you wish to upgrade and have access to more features.

Do Quillbot’s results pass plagiarism?

According to Quillbot, the aim of the tool is to help users improve their writing, not assist them in passing off the work of others as their own. Thus, even if using the paraphraser can reduce the plagiarism score of a text, the best way to use Quillbot is to provide original content that you have copyright to. Alternatively, attribute even paraphrased text to the actual owners.

Is using Quillbot cheating?

It depends. Quillbot was not designed to aid plagiarism and cheating. While paraphrasing someone else’s content and passing it off as yours is cheating, citing the appropriate sources for the paraphrased material is not.

Quillbot Alternatives

If Quillbot does not appear to match your needs and budget, you may be on the lookout for some of its alternatives. Below are a few paraphrasing tools that you can try in place of Quillbot:

  1. Spinbot: This paraphraser has a limit of 10,000 characters but is free to use.

  2. Prepost SEO: You can use the PrepostSEO paraphraser with a 500-word limit for free or choose any of its three pricing plans ranging from $10 to $45 monthly ($50 to $350 annually) for increased features and word count.

  3. Duplichecker: Duplichecker has a free version with a 2,000-word limit. To increase your word limit and use their AI Rephraser, you can opt for any of their flexible pricing plans.

  4. Paraphrasing Tool: Like Spinbot, this is also a free tool with a 10,000 character limit.

  5. Spin Rewriter: For an unlimited number of articles, Spin Rewriter runs on a premium plan of $47 monthly, $197 annually, or a one-time payment of $497. There is, however, a 5-day free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Wrapping Up

What started as a solo product for the Quillbot company – the Quillbot paraphrasing tool – has now become one out of the several AI-powered services they offer. The paraphrasing tool, however, continues to be Quillbot’s dominant tool. With a variety of features and pros that outweigh its cons, this tool is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind. Yet, due to the limits of its free version and the varying needs of potential users, Quillbot may not be the best fit for everyone. Its alternatives will then come in handy. Whatever the case is, this review better equips you to decide whether to go premium with Quillbot. If you do, you can maximise the efficiency of its tools.


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