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List Of Paraphrasing Tools Online [2023]

Whether you are writing an academic project, a social media post, an essay or just expressing your thoughts, the need for paraphrasing would often arise. Paraphrasing can be done manually. All it really requires of you is looking up the meaning of words in your dictionary and translating them into new words.

When you paraphrase, you need to make sure that the substitute words are accurate in the context where they are used and when read together as a sentence. But this could take you hours; hours that could be spent doing something more productive.

Paraphrasing Tools Online

The truth is, paraphrasing does not have to be so tedious. Today, there are hundreds of paraphrasing tools in the internet’s arsenal, which can help you paraphrase texts in less than a minute. However, searching through the internet in search of paraphrasing tools may overwhelm you. So, this article would save you the stress and time by providing a list of paraphrasing tools online (2023).

Advantages of Using Paraphrasing Tools

In whatever writing fix you may find yourself, paraphrasing is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Paraphrasing shows that you understand the source of your writing well enough to communicate it in your own words.

  2. It is an effective alternative to using direct quotes. This would give your writing a more original feel compared to when it is littered with quotation marks.

  3. Paraphrasing also preserves the theme of the original writing.

  4. It helps to communicate an old or cliché idea in a new and refreshing way.

  5. Essentially, paraphrasing provides a safety net for plagiarism.

List of Paraphrasing Tools Online in 2023

Below is a list of online paraphrasing tools to choose from:

  1. Paraphrasing Tool

  2. QuillBot

  3. Paraphrase Online

  4. Spinner Chief 7

  5. Spinbot

  6. Duplichecker

  7. Prepost SEO

  8. CoderDuck

  9. Spin Rewriter

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tools Online 1

The Paraphrasing Tool website is best for paraphrasing short articles and messages. Students, researchers, script writers, content writers, copywriters, as well as digital marketers and bloggers can all benefit from using the tool. It boasts of providing unique, structured, and clear paraphrased text as though written without an AI tool.

To paraphrase a text, simply write or paste the text into the box provided for that purpose. Next, click the "paraphrase now" button. A paraphrased text would be provided in a matter of seconds.


  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI

  • Has basic and advanced paraphrasing modes

  • Fast and free paraphrasing

  • Simple UI

  • Character limit: 10,000


Paraphrasing Tool is completely free.



Paraphrasing Tools Online quillbot

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that helps rewrite and refine writings. It has both a paraphrasing tool and a summarising tool. However, it is more popular for its use as a paraphrasing tool.

QuillBot can paraphrase a paragraph at a time. It is ideal for larger bodies of text.


  • Has up to seven paraphrasing modes that produce different results with varying intuition and text length

  • A word flipper function that modifies the words in your writing that were replaced by a synonym

  • Character limit: the free version has 125 words paraphraser limit and a 1200-word summariser limit while the premium version has unlimited words for the paraphraser and a 6000-word summariser limit.


QuillBot is available for free. It also has premium packages for a fee. There are three premium plans – annual ($4.17USD per month or $49.95 billed every 12 months), semi-annual ($6.66USD per month or $39.95 billed every 6 months), and monthly ($9.95USD billed monthly).


Paraphrase Online

Paraphrasing Tools Online paraphrase online

Paraphrase online is a very simple and easy tool that can be used by virtually anyone. It is ideal for students, content creators and copywriters who are trying to create new content by rewording them in different ways. It can be used to reword or paraphrase blogs, websites, documents, sales copy and anything else.


  • Straightforward UI

  • Little to no plagiarism

  • Quick results

  • Provides synonyms


Paraphrase Online is free and does not require payment details or sign up before use.


Spinner Chief 7

Paraphrasing Tools Online spinner 7

This paraphrasing tool helps to create new writings that are unique and comprehensible. It uses the most accurate replacement for a word or phrase. The Spinner Chief 7 can generate new paragraphs and sentences with its paraphrasing capacities.


  • Auto-grammar fix: this feature allows you to spin phrases or sentences so that you can get the best reworded text. It also allows you spin sentences and paragraphs.

  • Cloud thesaurus: it supports more than 20 languages to provide you with the best synonyms possible.

  • Content bomb: helps you turn old content into brand new content.


Spinner Chief has two pricing packages – the ultimate version pricing and the team ultimate version pricing. The former goes for $57 monthly, $107 yearly or a one-time fee of $307; while the latter is subdivided into -

  • 3 users: $627 one-time fee, $277 per year or $7 for three days, then $647 one-time fee

  • 5 users: $947 one-time fee, $467 per year or $7 for three days, then $967 one-time fee

  • 10 users: $1507 one-time fee, $627 per year or $7 for three days, then $1597 one-time fee



Paraphrasing Tools Online spinbot

Spinbot is a paraphrasing tool that helps you paraphrase your content into a whole new text. This tool is great for formatting and spinning text, which can help you figure out new ways to discuss old topics. If you are a content marketer, this tool is great for you especially if you run out of marketing copies. Just paraphrase your best marketing copy using this tool. This would save you time used in brainstorming new marketing content.

Spinbot is free to use. This means that you don't need to sign up or register. However, there is also a paid subscription to use this tool. The premium version ensures you enjoy the use of this paraphrasing tool without the captcha feature or any advert to disturb you.


  • 10,000-character limit

  • Simple and straightforward UI

  • Three paraphrasing modes – standard, random, and longest

  • Paraphrases text based on context and meaning, rather than spinning word for word

  • Advanced paraphrase button redirects to Quillbot


Spinbot is free to use and does not require setting up an account to use.



Paraphrasing Tools Online duplichecker

More than just a paraphrasing tool, Duplichecker can serve for the purpose of plagiarism and reverse image checks. Having a plagiarism and paraphrasing tool in one hub makes it easy to check your content for plagiarism after using the paraphrasing tool.

Duplichecker paraphrases writings by expressing them in a new way that is different from the old writing. This paraphrasing tool has a high processing speed and can process content in batches.


  • Three modes for paraphrasing text; smart spin, ultra spin, and AI Rephraser (pro)

  • 2000-word limit on the free tool

  • 25,000-word limit for each search on the least basic plan

  • Supports multiple languages, including English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish

  • Flexible pricing. You can get a customised plan by adjusting the word count filter before subscribing to the paraphrasing tool


You can use the Duplichecker for free. However, the tool has three flexible pricing plans, as highlighted below:

  • Weekly - $12 per week

  • Monthly - $10 per month

  • Quarterly - $37.50 per quarter (90 days)


Prepost SEO

Paraphrasing Tools Online Prepost SEO

The Prepost SEO website is free from unnecessary complications and it is easy to navigate. This paraphrasing tool helps to rewrite text by replacing words with unique synonyms to deliver a new writing free of plagiarism.

An additional feature which you may find useful is the capacity of Prepost SEO to accept files, such as PDF, doc and docx for paraphrasing. It can also allow you copy and paste directly from a website without any restriction whatsoever.


  • Multiple paraphrasing modes - standard and fluency modes, which are free with a 500-word limit, as well as the creative and smarter modes that are available only for premium users

  • Supports multiple file formats - .pdf, .txt, .doc, and .docs

  • 17+ languages supported

  • Has sister SEO tools, including word counter, keyword density, plagiarism, grammar, and readability checkers.


While you can use PrepostSEO for free, it has the following pricing plans:

  • Basic: 5,000 words per search and 5,000 search queries for $10 monthly or $50 per year.

  • Standard: 15,000 words per search and 25,000 search queries for $20 monthly or $150 per year.

  • Company: 25,000 words per search and 75,000 search queries for $45 monthly or $350 per year.



Paraphrasing Tools Online coder duck

Like most of the tools on this list, CoderDuck has several SEO tools on its website. The paraphrasing tool can be used by anyone at all for rewording any type of writing. This tool gives a guarantee of at least ninety percent plagiarism-free content.


  • 90-100% plagiarism free

  • Works across multiple browsers and devices

  • Does not require registration or sign-up to use

  • Available in seven different languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian and Turkish.


CoderDuck is one hundred percent free.


Spin Rewriter

Paraphrasing Tools Online spinrewriter

This paraphrasing tool allows you to spin your writing to discover as many versions as possible. Spin Rewriter can produce as many as 1,000 versions of a single writing. This means that the same old text can be paraphrased in as many as 1,000 unique and exciting ways.

Additionally, Spin Rewriter can pick out the meaning of individual words and the context in which they are used. Thus, you can be assured of the message of your original writing being retained in all of the 1,000 new versions.


  • Allows mass export at once into your storage device

  • Integrates stock photos into articles

  • Compatible with multiple devices

  • Adds new paragraphs where appropriate


There is a 5-day free trial period on Spin Rewriter, after which you may continue using their premium services at $47 monthly, $197 annually, or a one-time payment of $497.

Wrapping Up

Writing original content is great. Refining old content is just as great, even easier. A good way to achieve this is through paraphrasing. Paraphrasing has already been highlighted as an effective way to show your grasp of a topic. And it does not have to be tedious. That is why making use of any of the paraphrasing tools online that are provided in this article would put you on the right track of improving your writing.

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